Tank With The THICC Forehead (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

Finally I got to try the new M6A2E1 (Battle Pass Season 3 to reward).
You all know how I like tanks gameplay, and this one is not exception.
Strong turret decent hull armour , amazing cannon it’s all what you need(or I need). And some t30 gameplay. Enjoy!

Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en



Intro/Background: MX 7000 – Lupus Nocte

Background: Harpoon – The New Fools
Mission Superstition – Glove Box
Still Smokin – Duke Herrington

Outro: Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. Also like out of 200 battles at 6.7,8.0 and 11.0 combined , this is the only time I got to try new map lol I don’t know why to add new map when you don’t allow players to try it. Well I even liked it in the map filter, maybe I should dislike it ?

    • I got up teired onto this map as soon as i started a research booster😭

    • @DOLLARplays Make a video on swedish sniper at 6.7 with heatfs 400mm pen, laser rangefinder, amphibius ability, speed and power (ikv 91)

    • Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

      @Dipro Sla Have you played the Ikv 91?
      Don’t answeart that, I already know the answear.

      The LRF is nice, but becouse of the insainly low velocity it is inpossible to hit anything thats moving at ranges over 1000 meters.
      If the tank didn’t have a LRF it would be one of, if not the worst tank in the game for its Br.

      Since when was amphibious ability a relevant thing? It just increases the chance of getting hit by arty.

      Please say one time you used amphibious ability for something ohter than a good laugh roleplaying as naval support.

      The pen is really good. But the post pen damage is so bad that I lack words to describe it. It feels like you have a 20 mm cannon with APCR.
      You’re lucky if you manage to kill more than one crewmember.

      Speed? What speed?
      This… thing accelerates like a rock. And you lose 90% of your momentum when you just tap A or D. Most of the time you will never reach speeds over 30 kph.

      The Ikv 91 should be nicknamed “The sufferwagon” becouse thats how bad it is

    • I literally got it on the first battle after the update, And since then its been dropping around like 3 or 4 times out of 10 at 7.7 , Maybe just a matter of bad luck ?
      I remember back when they added cargo port i didnt got it for around 25 battles until i started seeing it more

    • Had that map once from update around 200 as well

  2. Red S0vietArtilery

    The forehead is so big it can be used as a airfield

  3. pro tip: shoot where there is a bush

  4. “He was still alive, what a snekay bastard”

    xD!!!!!!!! You fucked me up hahaha

  5. OAZO.おむりあん

    Hello, I always enjoy watching videos. I’m Japanese so I’m learning English with your videos. Please keep doing a good job. (Sometimes it’s strange English because it uses Google Translate.)

  6. All I need to live on is a Dollar 💵 a Day 🙂

  7. I wach your video and i see Adds for WOT how sick is that………. anyway GG man! keep it up

  8. I hope your fan decal will be free not as a phly daily decal that is for real moneys. Btw love your content ❤️👍. Keep going like that you can make some event like racing with r3 t 20 or all vs all battle.

  9. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    the intro, a good movie that! John Carter! LOVE that movie!!

  10. I wanted to watch this video about ninja and the first thought where I could find the title of this movie was your channel <3 bdw : Kung Pow Enter The Fist

  11. I know it. U are killed me at 12:20 xD

  12. Where’s from that meme ‘round two’ is? Help guys

  13. Your WT edits are unlike anyone else’s. You deserve way more subs

  14. 11:22 that’s why I don’t play the game anymore

  15. Tonk gets bullied by other tanks on playground

  16. i didnt know that Mars had clouds.

  17. Poul Henrik Christensen

    A bit late to the party, but I approve your message.
    Big, odd and a fist full of explosives , this is the way.
    Awesome upload as always, brilliant 👍

  18. Константин Кашуба

    Всё делают видио про этот танк.

  19. A dollar video a day keeps the depression away

  20. Pls play world of tanks too :d

  21. u should try the otomatic, the italian AA

  22. I really liked the Princess of Mars reference 😉

  23. SD Wukong Impulse Gundam

    I Like snow runner, wish you can make more snow runner videos.
    [reason why]: Cause of your content.

  24. Okhey boi you got me again: 3:46 😂😂😂😂
    and agaiiin4:54 😂😂😂😂
    7:14 😂
    11:01 😂😂

  25. M.R Cabrintsan Dragão-Mao

    Try use Chi ha Lg asking for trailer
    then 2 Ka-Mi (light tanks amphibious) , one in front on chi Ha LG other in back use trailer of Chi ha Lg
    then transport a team of tree tanks into river
    try this : )

  26. RoBy T. Jaramillo

    Las mejores Intros de todo YouTube teteeeeee

  27. yeah game sucks badly after last patch, im off until they fix it, and will watch your good vids 🙂

  28. 9:39 dollar just swear in italian lol

  29. Whats a shit Game

  30. Приветствую!

  31. we want more memebois plays in Enlisted

  32. the gaimer nabbo

    Do you like the italian?

  33. Love the John Carter intro

  34. Anonymaus Fighter

    First second ,I thought:why does jagdpanther have HEATFS?:)))

  35. Every time I see a kill with a bomb it reminds me just how much bombs and planes in general need nerfed.

  36. What movie is betty from?


    5:00 Kv-2 had a nice sticker

  38. (pop noise) noiyce

  39. What is a bia?

  40. they day they take planes out of GROUND battles is the day war thunder pussies collapse and die

  41. Those intros … Masterpiece <3

  42. noooo othe video is ending!


  44. That buster scruggs meme hit perfectly xD

  45. I really enjoy your Star Wars references

  46. in WOT comunity this Tank called Goose.

  47. Good old pay2win.

    Classic snail balance

  48. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    I think I need to call a priest to exorcise the snail accountants out of my life, because a full season of the x-files plays whenever I use a booster. All the hamsters have strokes and gaijin staff is unavailable for non pre-recorded comment, besides oblivious PR guy seeding the bottom feeders in the Koi pond below his jerkthrone. My income gets paranormal blacktivity’d away.

    I swear there is nothing but CBT maps in rotation like European province, ALL DAY, while I liked the new map more wishing they would add larger IRL maps with more objectives.

  49. AUBL? Easer is to say Abdul

  50. Ahh yes .. American kv2

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