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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Coming in December is a brand new series of tutorials and guides to help you #TankBetter.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game is available as a free download. It is one of the video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


Music: Ronald Jenkees – Alpha Numeric – Synergetics


  1. i dont know why WG sell so expensive.usually a tier 8 vehicle can let you
    buy other game.
    also i dont know why Asis have so many noob. Don’t tell me is Vietnam
    server shut down result in that happen…..

  2. This. Will. Be. Awesome!

  3. Explain this QB – it can happen with any tank, but for example; I decide to
    play my Caernarvon, just to get the daily win & x2 exp. But WoT has decided
    that no matter what I do, for the rest of the day when I play that tank, I
    lose. It’s like there’s a heavily accented Russian voice coming from my PC
    saying, “Screw you! You don’t play World of Tanks, World of Tanks plays
    you. Ho ho ho.”

  4. QuidkyBaby, I love this idea. You are the kindest youtuber out there <3.

  5. “Oh What the F***?!?!” -Peppity 2k16

  6. We Want Tanks :D

  7. haha epic video !

  8. I would like to see someting on ridgeline fighting in close quarters ie
    where we are both sharing the same ridgeline. I sometimes get penned in the
    gunmantlet by enemies on the other side of the ridgeline, eventhough I can
    only see a sliver of the top of their turrets. Cannot even see the gun
    muzzle. Why is that and how to avoid it, or do it….;-)

  9. Hi! Well, i think of a tutorial about tank choices. What line to grind
    mostly to gain proficiency and game mechanics. Heavy, med. Russian, USA and
    so on.
    It’s more strategic aiming in concept and less battle/tank focus, but in
    the long-term it would help, IMO.

  10. Not a bad idea, to make this series, specially for those who relatively new
    in the game, but in my opinion, if someone follows QB’s channal for a
    while, probably get the knowledge of those mechancs. For me, QB’s helped,
    and explained a lot during his replays or techtree videos. Its pritty
    usefull and informative. I’ve learnd a lot from it, so i’d like to give a
    big thanks for doing that, that way u do it. Just keep it up! :)

  11. So far as I can remember, the whole game is a big RNG. But that’s just my
    own point of view. However I look forward to any tips you might give in
    your vids, and please include Peppy, she’s hilarious! :)

  12. How about a detailed video about maximizing your minimap size, and using
    your eyes to actually see what’s going on in the game ? I believe ALOT of
    people would benefit from that, and quit turning off their map because
    “enemies can hide behin it”

  13. Francesc Ribes Segura

    Hello Quickybaby

    I am chafatanques in WoT, player of the Spanish Community and subscriber of
    yours. In Spain we have some players who are doing what you are going to
    install on your channel. I do not know if they will sound names like
    Sabran, Arkangel_Vros, j0ak that perform tutorials on tanks (positions,
    physics, movements, etc.). But I think it’s great that you get into this
    new idea.

    See you on the battlefields, Commander

  14. Intro *Cringe*

  15. omg when peppy swor I lost it

  16. Some advices about how to make efficient hp trading would be very helpful.

  17. HaveBeardWillTravel

    Yes please, and maybe I’ll realise my dream of going from perfectly average
    to kinda good! What I’d like to know is where the good positions are on the
    maps. I find I just sorta trundle out to where I always do, and then I see
    one of your videos and I’m like, oooh so I can go there as well. But not
    just a headsup like, oh just go here, also why that position is good and
    how you move up the line n such. would be good to know!

    Anyhow, thanks QB!

  18. the music name in your video is?

  19. how to get kolobanov medal

  20. You should make a video that explains why players team is always full of
    noobs and hacks and people who don’t generally play well and that’s why
    player usually loses battles…

  21. I literally watched this 3 times! wow I can’t wait for your tutorials QB
    I’m so excited !

  22. This was cool QB looking forward to it

  23. Well its about dang time.

  24. The bucket murderer

    im rather looking forward to some guides as ive only played 5000 battles
    and im still shit :/

  25. Thought we were going to get a ‘How did the wife bounce’ video.

  26. Yay!

  27. FUCK YEAH!

  28. lame unboxing videos for easy money.. lol shots and jingles

  29. You are going to get so many subs by doing this! I’m so glad you finally
    decided to do this. because if there’s anyone’s advice I’d be willing to
    trust and test it’s yours.

  30. Ronald Jenkees <3

  31. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    The videos will be appreciated. Most people still don’t have the
    intellectual capacity to learn, they watch the videos and think they
    learned something, well they did, but when they go into the battle they
    forget everything. It’s better this way, we can sealclub them easier.

  32. A for acting, Peppy. Was awesome!

  33. LOVE IT!

  34. Am I the only one who at first thought his idea was to post videos of Pep
    raging :’)

  35. Glad to see you listen to the people’s ideas, last video i saw a post about
    introducing tutorials for classes and tanks etc and voila here it is! (Or
    it’s a really big coincidence lol)

  36. i would be interested in the good use of auto aim

  37. This is hardly new as sirHavoc has done something very similar, I ‘d very
    much prefer tutorials from QB though so, yay!

  38. I need a guide on how to bypass the idiotic RNG of the game, missing a Maus
    from 30 meters away from him with a FV4005 fully aimed, no lag no ping

  39. I thought it was gonna be making Pepperdy your channel mascot
    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, and unboxing aint that bad of an ideaXD

  40. what’s that song in the backround?

  41. FUCK YEAH!!!

  42. looking forward to this

  43. You remind me a bit of IGN, QuickyBaby. As soon as you upload a video, no
    matter how good it is, you immediately get a certain number of dislikes.
    There’s a German proverb that says “Mit dem Erfolg kommen die Neider”,
    which in English means something like “As soon as you’re successful,
    there’ll be begrudgers.”.

  44. Now this is something I am looking forward to seeing :)

  45. North Atlantic Terror Organization der kommunist


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