Tankenstein’s Top 5 Most Disliked Tanks In War Thunder

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– don't hate me for my selections. Tell me what you'd do differently! I'll be doing some other things as part this celebration, but this is definitely the first. Let me know what else you'd like for me to do!

Thank you!

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  1. (Me getting ready to rant about how much I hate the r3 with its speed fast 20mm at 4.7)

  2. Tankeisten: top 5 disliked tanks
    Me: FRANCE

  3. in my opinion only problem with IS2 is its reload , depression is problem with entirety of Russian tanks so i dont really count that one and speed isnt very bad for a that heavy tank

    PT76 was rubbish with its slow reload , now gaijin nerfed its reload even more a few months ago making it a really useless shit by now…

  4. I absolutely disagree with the m60a2, it is in fact one of my favorite tanks at 8.0. The armour essentially gives you immunity to normal aphe shells frontally, which whrn downtiered is pretty much all soviet enemies. When hull down, it is also very difficult to kill the crew (minus the commander) as they are below the turret and their roof hatches are very well angled. About the shells, i would just use the heat round with the laser rangefinder.

  5. archer: i have seen enough im going home.

  6. I find that the SAU40 kinda slaps because of its mediocre armor. In the panic of a close range brawl the average player isn’t going to waste time aiming at the cupola when the hull armor is easily penetrated. But those French curves make it just slippery enough to stay in the fight. It’s hot garbage at range though.

  7. I love the PvKv II. The thing has amazing depression and an awesome gun, so I thought it was a highlight of the Swedish tree. I had like 245 kills and 68 deaths in the thing.

  8. Number 1# = PT-76-57, the tank for braindead players

  9. gonna be honest, the PT-76B is a joy to play alongside the PT-76-57 and BMP-2M as a backup, it can reliably 1-shot most MBT’s to the side, but I agree that at its BR it struggles

  10. Noah’s awesome vids

    i luv t95 and m56 for the m56 u just mostly have to hide in a trench or dug out and ur gun will just mostly get bonked and not a lot of damage will even happen lol since no armor best armor

  11. The poor archer, it was built off plentiful valentine chassis at the time, it was designed as an ambush tank.

  12. If you think the pt 76b is bad try the Chinese pt76 same shit plus no stab.

  13. the sau 40 sucks so bad its super slow an alright gun but like when your trying to aim with the sights it just starts shaking on the ground

  14. How can you put the M60A2 when you have the ACRA at the very same BR, yet with no stab and no laser rangefinder?

  15. what’s your editing software, if you don’t mind me asking

  16. OH MY GOD how do you not like the is2? It’s my favorite tank in the game bar none, and I’m a German main! The gun is amazing, it can kill anything at that br spread! Probably the best panther killer out there. I get the reload is bad but STILL. Plus the armor is really good if you wiggle.

  17. Superfamily Allosauridae

    Starship is not that bad since HE got buffed with overpressure.
    Laser rangefinder+HE. IT’s great! give it another shot!
    The HEAT sucks, the Missile is slow. The HE round actually has more velocity than the HEAT

  18. he no like these tanks

  19. I totally understand your reasoning behind these choices, and they are valid. I personally love the IS-2, especially the 1944 model, I also really like the PT-76B (Not the Chinese version though), and the Archer, if used right, is great. The Archer was designed to be able to use its forward speed to escape return fire when hidden in a sniping position, which it does well, but for someone who prefers tanks akin to the T-44, that really doesn’t work. The SAu 40 is just… meh. I prefer to use the 37mm or 25mm TDs. As for the Pvkv, I didn’t use it much, so I don’t really have an opinion. It’s ok, but the bouncy suspension really kills it.

  20. PT 76 can (or could, when overpressure was introduced) 1-shot a jumbo from the front with its HEAT-FS explosion bugging through the roof. Hit the mantlet and bam.

  21. Chinese PT-76, it’s like the regular PT-76 but you don’t have an stabilizer, the regular PT is trash, but the chinese is a complete new level.

  22. Tip:Enter biocular mode, sight and hold let mouse, press shift to fire

  23. the only thing i dont like about the pvkv2 is that the canon shakes a lot and it takes ages to aim after braking

  24. *Angry IS-2 fanboy noise*

    Just kidding, I dislike the just above average armor of the iS-2 and its reload time don’t do well in close-combat. I like its raw power but I only use it in specific situations

  25. The pt actually over pressured almost everything it pennetrated when I played it a bit ago

  26. HEY i like the pt-76 (Cries in Corner)

  27. vid looks like world of tanks

  28. 𝐅𝐥𝐲𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝟒𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞

    Im not really a tanker lol but great video! left a like, Some tanks are just really weird xd

  29. Not a Zombie... Not at all!

    The worst tanks in war thunder:

    The entire French, Japanese and Italian reserve tier

  30. Nice vid Tankenstein, also I was 900th like lul. Much respect to your choices.

  31. I recently got the PT-76B and i’m not doing the best with it(I’m not the best with no armor) but I love the tank
    because I like russian post-WWII tanks

  32. hard to swallow pill: all IS-series tanks (except IS-1) are overtiered by 0.3 BR. They just don’t fit in their tier’s meta. Lowering them all by 0.3 which will limit them to fighting the german cats will make them a lot more useful: the 122 was installed on them exclusively to fight german tanks

    • none of the IS tanks are overtiered. people use them very wrong. heavy tanks naturally are just like any other tank, where the most ideal situation is to not be seen in the first place. the IS2 has a massive gun for its br at the cost of needing to be used strategically. if anything its the panthers and tiger going down a tier making the is 2 feel worse. its a great tank, you just need to have more passive play. i recommend hanging out with allies or use the tried and tested strat of showing your rear armor to the enemy.

  33. Congratulations on sub count! Been with your channel when I was rank 45. Now thanks to your videos am at rank 100. In all honesty am still a below average player relative to other rank 100 players I have encountered in ground forces AB. Some of them have such sharp skills in across map shell drop hits that it makes me shake my head in amazement.

  34. 3:43 and heres the point i burst out laughing

  35. I actually dont mind the st emil cos it is the easiest way to delete kvs

  36. Could’ve done the Chinese PT because it has no stabiliser

  37. The landing of the mothership

  38. I personally love the archer.I would like to disagree that its bad. It’s an amazing tank destroyer and I like it so much that I main the archer. Its loads of fun at low and high brs. Hell even if you feel like it you can bring it to 7.3 and above and be comedic . For the reverse speed issue what I tend to do is gain a fair bit of speed and then quickly swing around the hull when I see something. Using thr archer for brawling is also pretty comedic.It does do somewhat worse the lower it gets in terms of br but then again that makes god mode easier to get and throws extra salt in the wounds of mbts.

  39. Area51UFOGynaecology

    your supposed to just sit in cover with is-2 while it reloads and come out to shoot and quickly go back, never go into close combat unless teammates are with you

  40. Russian PT is bad? Go see the Chinese, same shit, no stab

  41. I had problems with the Chinese PT-76 until I stopped using it as a light tank. The round does very limited damage even on side shots. Finally figured out that if you arc the rounds down you get decent amount of one shot kills. So am using as a medium range mortar on large maps.

  42. i had a lot of fun while playing SAu40, yes it is slow as f*** and yes it has terrible aiming, but hey u can oneshot almost any tank, and it bounces a lot of enemy shots (i got 10kills in a row in it)

  43. The tactic is basically shoot get behind cover reload and repeat the problem is if you have a crap team and no support u will die quickly or loose while getting frags

  44. i feel you. i despise the russian 122mm, i always feel like it gets gaijined constantly and you are almost always dead when you cant oneshot your target.
    i think it definitely needs a 10 second or so reload buff to not feel awful

  45. I quite like the PVKV II. Sure, the specs are not amazing, but the gun is. The tactics i use is basically “don’t get spotted”. If the enemy doesn’t see you before you destroy them, you are fine. However be aware of your surroundings, as you really don’t want to be flanked and be careful with your reload speed.

  46. The IS-2 is probably my favorite heavy tank in the game. You absolutely can’t be pushing on the front line with it. You need to sit back slightly behind cover and watch for enemies pushing your front line. If your front line get’s destroyed, you use the good reverse speed to get the hell out of dodge and rejoin your team. The reload isn’t as much of an issue if you play it like this and enemies who are aware of you tend to forget about you or get distracted by your front line by the time you reload a shell. I use the IS-2 and the IS-2 (1944) in the same line up and haven’t really had any issues dealing with uptiers. If you play China 5.7 a lot you’ll notice it’s playing against 6.3 germany nearly every single game, and that doesn’t really change when you add the 6.3 tanks to your lineup.

  47. La Guia del Cazador

    Gotta love the “If it get on fully downtiera is a good vehicle” argument

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