^^| Tankfest 2016 + Youtube Update

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  1. @SirCircon i am currently grinding through tier 7 at the moment and i think
    that t7 really needs some attention, because more often than not the tanks
    are so mediocre that they just can’t compete tier for tier in the same way
    the t6 and t8 tanks can. do you agree and what would you change/ do to
    improve the different tiers in would of tanks?

  2. Jingles answering questions in Mingles… Wow Circon since when you got
    such good humor :P

  3. chatting with circon? questions with circon?
    I feel we should find a good name let’s see if anybody can think of one
    because obviously I can’t

  4. why is there no spot for xbox one

  5. Q/A: Hey Circon, What do you do on a daily when you are not streaming, is
    wot your full time job or do you do something on the side to make money?
    Also, do you have any siblings?

  6. Is there a stream of this interview and gameplay? If so where would you
    find it?

  7. hey Circon, what kind of music do you listen to?

  8. what’s a tank

  9. would u ever consider making vlog about your daily life, fx tankfest film
    the trip and your point of view. thanks for great content

  10. Q&A: Do you have a drivers licence, if yes what car do you have?

  11. Question, what’s that badass song at the end of the video?

  12. Your opinion on the 13 90? Does it need buffed/nerfed and how do you think
    WG will possibly balance t10 light tanks as talked about in sandbox Q&A

  13. It’s going to be my first time at tank fest

  14. Say squirrel.

  15. Q&A: What do you think is going to happen to NA World of Tanks and Armored
    Warfare servers? Do you think they’re going to be dead soon? I personally
    feel that they will be, getting games on World of Tanks is taking longer
    and longer and you can’t even play Armored Warfare PvP due to lack of

  16. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Hey, watch your favorite Dutch food? And what Belgian beers do you like? 😛
    greetz from Belgium!

  17. wtf they spelled his damn name wrong on the schedule shit as “circonfletxes”

    how blasphemous!

  18. wtf they spelled his damn name wrong on the schedule shit as “circonfletxes”

    how blasphemous!

  19. I have a question, how to I grow an awesome beard like yours?

  20. So snooker on Thursday Circon?

  21. will you go back to your roots and platoon with viewers/subscribers on
    twitch? thats how you met snooze right?
    best regards Rick

  22. Brace yourselves, Circ gonna be makin some dank memes at the tenkfest

  23. Q&A: Will you be at GamesCom this year?

  24. Q&A: in which city do you live?

  25. dżordż dżordżson

    Q: 1. What do you think about Leopard 1 when it comes to tier X meds and
    current “corridor” meta?
    Do you consider it OP/UP/on par with other meds? Especially having in mind
    russian clone meds.
    2. LT questions:
    Do you think that VK 28.01 and 59-16 should be buffed?
    Do you think T-54ltwt should be nerfed?

  26. Q&A: Do you think that livestreamers and youtubers, like yourself, have
    more of an impact in the sandbox servers because they already have a lot of
    people who are following them and are agreeing with what they say?

    And if so, do you think that community contributers, that have a large
    following (if you can call it that), will have to work together so that
    they can accomplish more?

  27. When are going to do some other AW videos because there weren`t many ones
    for longer than 5 months ? Did you stop doing AW videos and if yes, why ?
    You could do these replay casts/reviews with game play for AW too :-)

  28. Circ, did you play any other games competitively before WOT? Like CS or
    Broodwar or smth?
    Also, what’s your favorite oldschool game from your childhood?

  29. games you want to play after e3?

  30. #AskCirconflexes do you remember your first video game and what was the
    first tank you fell in love with in WoT. Im not asking for your fave tank
    atm, just for the first tank you loved and why.

  31. Is Sn00ze, Aimless or Irelandman, or any other of ur stream guests going???

  32. All Hail Mafakas

    Q&A: Could you start designing or get someone design your video thumbnails?
    It would definitely bring more subscribers and views!

  33. Q&A: Have you played world of tanks blitz? Great vids been a subscriber
    since 6k subs.

  34. Great_Southern_Trendkill

    Pity you’re not in UK earlier. Tankfest is 45 minutes drive from me but
    tomorrow night is Solstice festival at Stonehenge, I live 20 minute walk
    from the stones. Could’ve taken you up there and stood on the stones to
    drink tequilla lol. Have a good Tankfest Circon may see you there man.

  35. when are you gonna play payday 2 again?

  36. Q&A: Do you like the changes on the Sandbox server, or would you handle
    WoT’s balancing issues differently?

  37. Q&A–Hey circ 🙂 I mostly watch you play world of tanks and the odd random
    game when streaming, but what’s your favourite game type? mines grand
    strategy like hearts of iron 4/ total war…keep the good streams and
    videos! love from the uk

  38. Q&A–Hey circ 🙂 I mostly watch you play world of tanks and the odd random
    game when streaming, but what’s your favourite game type? mines grand
    strategy like hearts of iron 4/ total war…keep the good streams and
    videos! love from the uk

  39. QNA question : when was your first time streaming and how did you come up
    with the idea of starting streaming and making YouTube Videos ?

  40. Would you rather fight 100 t1 cunningham-sized mauses or maus-sized t-1?
    And ofcourse, nice meme

  41. where does the name circonflexes came from?

  42. is there gonna be any stream about the tankfest interviews and such?
    because i cant get to tankfest but im dying to see it live.

  43. Hey Circon! Been watching/subbed for a while and being more active on your
    twitch. Anyways…
    Question: Why did you start growing your beard? Not sure if you answered it
    already but I’m genuinely curious. Did you just let it grow one day and
    like the look or was there something that influenced you to do it?

  44. Q&A: Have you ever thought about playing WoT competitively? Why
    would/wouldn’t you want to?

  45. Any video from this Tankfest?
    And by that I mean, do we get to see you, Jedi or Jingles etc. on the stage
    in a vid regarding the interview part?
    Remember to slap Jedi if he aren’t wearing a circHoodie. :-)

  46. mojimax multigamer

    Circon how do I talk to u without cumming when I do

  47. have fun at tankfest
    “Insert filthy casual meme here”

  48. Enjoyed Tankfest last year but cannot go this year. Hope it all goes well!

  49. What got you into world of tanks?

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