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  1. kom je ook naar army show in Enschede ? Wargaming komt dan ook… van 1 tot en met 3 september !!

  2. 4 mins in and 125 views noice

  3. A beer! please

  4. 4th :3

  5. Cant wait to meet you!

  6. Greetings from Latvia, m8 🙂

  7. So happy that you are able to go to TankFest 2017!

  8. Sunday SirFoch will be there (Circon w/ Friends) or what was that?

  9. Hope I get to meet you outside of fangirling over Jingles. See you there!

  10. 1:30 mutter Foch probably cough cough. I have an image of Foch just wandering around all day shouting “Fuck You Wargaming!” 🙂

  11. Are you gonna be chillin with Viktor’s son? Don’t forget to bring napkins!

  12. Plz vlog it circ

  13. HyperionGamer100

    hope you will still be able to hang out with Jingles even tho he left the WG CC program

  14. One day I hope to make it over to Tankfest and meet all the contributors, its a long way from Oz though so I will content myself with online footage for now 🙂

  15. Geniet en maak veel video’s voor ons!!

  16. Bring back Vacumer Max!!!!

    Like if you know the legend

  17. Won’t be able to come this year, hope I can do next year Circon!

  18. Hope you chaps are ready for some Dank Tankfest memes

  19. Cromwell, if you are reading this, there is you on the thumbnail xD (Anyone who doesnt understand this, dont type me, I know that 99% of you wont understand this)

  20. Saw you last year but can’t go this year! 😀

  21. Oh fuck me. I came from Germany and was at the Tankfest in April and searched for you and Jingles etc.. #sadlife

  22. You are gonna record it and make videos on it aren’t you? Of course who am i kidding

  23. #neverforgetfoch

  24. Wiebren Brandsma

    Sooooo……. PUBG stream on tankfest 😛 😉

  25. Going to my first tankfest. Hope to shake your hand. It looks like you’re getting your wish for rain.

  26. oceanis ultimatesolution

    have many many funs!

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