Tank’s barely played..

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  1. Marko Radivojevic


  2. Buffen McSchinken

    69th like :^)

  3. what is that corsshair you use circon?

    i mean
    its funnier.
    ( got all 3 marks with the derp while being a green player only, it means its playable, right ? )

  5. I didn’t realise circon was in that match. I was in the 59-patton in the enemy team. I finally made it to popular streamer’s youtube video. Now i can die happy. Towards the end game i made a mistake, trying to take on 3 enemies at ones. I thought my remaining team mates will come in time to support me. They didn’t. Oh well. GG circon.

  6. 3k damage nice

  7. No derp gun? That’s the real memes

  8. I managed to get 2 marks on that thing with the deep gun

  9. He should play the T28 Prototype completely stock. I want to see him get hemorrhoids…

  10. “I’m feeling rusty” does 3.2k dmg in T7 and had ace on first game.. Your rusty is my good game 😀

  11. Cause it not only is not good but also it’s soo fucking ugly in HD

  12. 6:43 MEST SHOT PERPL

  13. also play T-44 with 122mm. once, maybe twice. for entertainment

  14. is this actually your first game in teh KV-13? i hope you enjoyed 🙂

  15. mooi gg. waar komt die zoomout mod weg ????

  16. KV-13 was my first tier 7

  17. 6:40 that t28 proto: ooh 2 one shot kill targets, better shoot circon cause xvm says so.

  18. kv13 was my first 3 moe tank

  19. Bartosz Woźniak

    I really, really like KW – 13. It is pretty damn good tank. It is mobile, it is fast, it has very good armour (as a medium tank) aaaand decent fun. For me, personally it’s fun-tank. Too bad people have actually forgotten about this vehicle. :

  20. I love this tank… You can bounce a lot of shots and deal good damage. I don’t known why people won’t play it as much. Maybe because of the tanks following?

  21. My favorite tank in the game. Extremely underrated and one of the best t7 meds.

  22. @Circonflexes. why do you only have the standard voice when you could have multiple nationalities voices?

  23. That KV4’s frustration oozed through my screen O_o

  24. Watching circon fucks with your head coz I play my light tanks and get 3500 wn8 but he gets an ace every 2nd game and 5-6k wn8 and makes it look effortless. So I get super unicum stats and still depressed

  25. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    I really liked the Kv-13 when I was playing it 😀

  26. tanks is without a comma circ

  27. We need to report you for KV abuse for what you did to the KV-2 and KV-4!

  28. Underrated tank IMO. And extreme fun with the pointless-at-tier-7 derp gun

  29. Tell me that T28 Prot. wasn’t xvm sniping the purple unicorn ?

  30. sometimes i have to check if the game is paused, with Sircircon :).

  31. ya use more gold ammo and make it eazy 4 ut self

  32. Circon official meme God

  33. Why all the hate for this tank in chat? i loved mine when i was grinding it: T-43 with IS armor.

  34. wooo! kv-13 is my favorite tank in the game, 2 marked it with the derp gun, 5% from 3 marking it, and had so much fun doing it.
    and now i get to see circin playing it, is good day

  35. Is it wrong that I want to See Circon Saying “Dive My Hawkmen, Dive!!!!”

  36. The KV-13 is one of my favorite tanks. It’s a slightly shrunk IS basically. the 85 does some work and it has workable armor. Or it can fit the 122 derp (which I prefer)

  37. dumb KV4

  38. Thanks for showing some love for the KV-13. That thing has the armor of an IS and great mobility. The gun is decent and I play this tank a lot; it’s super fun just running up to someone, ramming them and watching them helplessly ding off your armor.

  39. I Love the kv13
    But ya,,, never see it used…. Better armor than a tiger…. But the gun sucks

  40. I use 122mm howitzer on the T-43 and the 85mm on the KV-13, mostly because of gun depression is less flexible in KV-13. What.

  41. Circon, what are the specs of your PC?

  42. Harry Ampatzides

    what I like in this dude is that he plays medium tier tanks too and not only the same t10 b/s OP -boring shit. Keep on going dude 😉

  43. 5:36 LOL why did you say why like that

  44. I got this tank for lols, but I love it. This and T34-85 are/were just so much fun to play.

  45. MajesticRaithier

    I love my KV-13. So close to 3 marks! at about 92% as of writing this comment

  46. Sebastian Halo Ahlo Eldo

    your tanks have epilepsy?

  47. leave alone maus and type 5 , WG need to nerf circon XD beard game too stronk!

  48. does all PC streamers do the whole zooming in zooming out thing or is that just you cuz everytime I watch your stream and your YouTube videos while you’re driving your tank the camera zooming in and zooming out and people with seizures can’t handle that whole zooming in zooming out type thing so if you can please limit that to a certain amount thank you

  49. Vaul the Creator

    Who’s voice is that in the ‘resubbed’ announcement> I feel that I know it but I just can’t put a face to it.

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