Tanks I want to see in Armored Warfare Ep. 10: KF-51 ”Panther”

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Source: Angry Grandpa

Hello commander and welcome! I've started a while ago a serial called, Tanks I would like to see in game in the near future.

*All rights of the content used goes towards the owners. This is just a promotional video.*


  1. I read the title and I was like: Yes.

  2. I came here because I was looking for videos on the tank and funnily enough, this video that is actually about a game is still one of the best videos about the tank too.
    Most of the videos you can find are just the usual garbage where a shitty computer voice reads some nonsense in broken English.

    This makes me feel like trying Armored Warfare again. I have played the game for a while many years ago, when it still was young, back when OBSIDIAN was still the developer. When MY, or whatever the name of the owning company is, decided that they didn’t like what OBSIDIAN was doing and they wanted the game to be more of a WoT clone, I lost interest.

    If I remember correctly, they already had a fictional tier 10 version of the Leopard 2A7 with a 130mm gun in the game, which basically was the KF-51 Panther, before the Panther existed, just minus the drones/loitering munitions.

    • Hello there & Thank you for this brilliant comment!
      Indeed the tank is a mirroring of the Leopard & yes, 2A7 is in the game with a good gun. However this tank, KF-51 comes with more advanced technology and with a main canon that proves anything is possible if is done in a proper ”Rheinmetall” way.

      I’m glad also that it brought you memories and I hope, I just hope it will be added in the game since in about a month, a new battle path will be added and a futuristic Chinese tank, will be added- known as ZTZ-20.

      See you in the game!

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