Tanks that DON’T CARE in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today IÙm playing the T95 and Tortoise, two tanks that don’t care what’s in-front of them!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. What’s awesome about the tortoise and the badger is shooting HE with that DPM; perma-track your opponents that try to sidescrape you, lock them in a position that they can’t fire back, and have at it! I carry at least 20 HE rounds, and I trapped an Obj. 257 once; took out his whole HP bar by perma-tracking him, and at the end of the battle he was like, “Who tf carries that much HE in a tank?!”

  2. Everyone’s always like “wow tortoise and badger DPM op”

    Have you seen the SU-152 and SU-122-44?

    • Top tier their DPM is terrifying, but 175 pen at tier 7 + poor accuracy.Plus the SU-152 as a platform just… Eh…

      Also, ISU122S has higher DPM at the same tier than the 122-44. But again, the 122-44 is a great platform which can actually use the DPM.

    • @ManFred TheLast Yeah the gun handling and stats aren’t good, but the ratio of sheer DPM to the average health of a tank its tier is unmatched.

  3. You’ve been epic! Keep up the great work bro! ??

  4. I don’t always watch @Quickybaby anymore. But when I see a T95 battle. Well, I lube up that play button, sit back and enjoy a large amount of destruction.

  5. They will care when they go against tier 10s

  6. Somebody took their uppers today ?

  7. Question: How do you use the Tortoise Line in World of Tanks?

  8. The tanks so good it’s funny

  9. ts5 same monster :))

  10. IMO I wasnt to fond of the t95, only for the fact that I dont like really really slow tanks that dont got a turret….. Never played the tortoise before But Im considering going down the brit td line next

  11. I’am a simple man, I see T95 I click
    oh plus it’s QB’s vid even though I stopped playing WOT for over a year now

  12. Yo Quicky, you should totally play in the KV-13 and do a video on it

  13. Correct word is “Nominal” not Arbitrary…

  14. Show us some of your worst games 🙂

  15. I almost exclusively ground out 90% of the tanks just by doing daily doubles. Maybe e75 as an exception cause it wrecks everything

  16. 10:04 Mommy: Walk in my room
    Me and my friend playing a video game

    My friend Running out of the room

  17. Gaming with Pranzal

    once with my M6 tier VI american HT i fired 30 shells to AT8 tank destroyer{i think british} but still not penetrated.What should i do?

  18. When i in jgpze100 i saw a car with turret i load HEAT and let the world burn

  19. “..kinda like freaks in real life as well..”

    Well, seeing how happy-chipper you are, and the fact that you are saying NICE things about the T95, I’m gonna assume you’re in a good mood because of a particular “freak” in your life… No names said or fingers pointed… Lmao

  20. I remember when you said of the T95, “I hate this tank. This is a stupid bad tank. I don’t care, I’m gonna use gold and free xp to skip it” and you did!

    Edit: You were angry that stream lol

  21. Qb i think you must feature kranvang and t57 heavy as both of them has similar kind of game play

  22. you would never get into the fray and if you did halfway across the map you would end up alone and a light would start capping this thing was so painful and no you are right the E4 was not worth it not even close

  23. but it sucks in blitz

  24. On world of tanks console the T95 tier 9 TD has a nickname of “Doom turtle”

  25. xD i like when 3-4 tanks run from a tortoise niahaha

  26. Great video QB. Would love to see an E75 replay using its armor and awesome gun!

  27. First time I got into the game (2014) looking through the teh trees I saw this beast in that small image and fell in love. I immediately started to grind that line, and when I got it I loved it. Love it ever since. #doomturtle

  28. 咯他95

  29. Liking freaks in real life would explain why his name is Quickfingers.

  30. The tortoise is ridiculous after the buff. if you’re shooting at its front from far away, good luck trying to kill it lol

  31. Ville-Valtteri Leppiaho

    Someone is having a nice day 🙂

  32. I allways get sniped in the cupolas when playing the T95… Some games i have only bounced 0-1 shelles… Worst was when a conq sniped my cupolas twice in a row across the map…

  33. I’ve seen plenty of great replays from various tanks. But I’ve never seen anyone rush 3 tanks at once solo in a turretless tank detsroyer. Kudos to you Quicky,respect.

  34. Andrija Brankovic

    Thank you for the video QB. I have both of them, nearly unlocked E3, but I’m still far away from Badger since I really have no luck in Tortoise. I hope this video will help me to play better.

  35. Is anyone just not impressed when I see an epic game in a top tier vehicle?

    I want to see a video where the video creators do well as a bottom tier in the cancerous 3-5-7 matchmaker.

  36. With the advent of the “wheeled tanks” in WoT, WG needs to expand the battle maps, in order for the “slower tanks” are allowed to get set up for battles, instead of getting instantly gibbed by, of all things, Wheeled tanks that can cross from one side of a map, to the other side in mere moments in order to wreak havoc among the slowest TD’s and Arties in higher-tiered matches, torturing some players with such speed handicaps! I know that a T-95 might be able to survive such attacks from wheeled light tanks and probably even the Tortoise could, but you have to understand that for the average player, WG is screwing them over, and another reason why World of Tanks is slowly dying. BTW, love the two videos on these ultra-heavy TD’s!

  37. I want to see Churchill Game Carrier…. that one IS similar, yet different.

  38. 13km/h was an advantage for the T95 back in the day. Since it was so slow, you could literally drive to the enemy base and cap out or go all the way around a flank unnoticed.

  39. WoT is so trash, war thunder is like thousand time better

  40. Tanks that don’t care? Say hello to my premium rounds

  41. t-30 premium tank OK

  42. “…I kinda like freaks in real-life aswell…”

    Finally somebody who loves me

  43. That T 95 should be nicked The Snail.

  44. I have a T95 in Blitz, the tank is not for the game by any means, it is superior in every way. : P I can’t believe they improved the graphics so much from the existing engine :).

  45. lmao likke if you aren’t playing WoT anymore but still watches QB

  46. T95 is awesome after the buff. Speed is one, but traverse speed boost made this boi capable of self-defence. I won 1vs3 agaist tier IXs at the distance of 70-100m near the rock-hill thingy at Mines at the base near the island. All thanks to that better traverse speed, knowing when to shoot and when to wait plus T95s immortal fear factor. It does not matter what year it is or how many new OP tanks have appeared. Everyone backs off initially when they see a T95. Only after they assess the skill of the player driving it they will get their big boy pants back on 😀
    Plus, this TD is awesome for teaching decision making. Because your decision matters. Like really. In TOG and some other tanks it is more like making a decision so you can do some damage, get some results. In T95 it is waaay more often about carrying the game and doubling your dmg in the process.

  47. t95 tooned with tortoise, deadly combo

  48. Sometimes even T95 does care. Yesterday I had a retard clicker poke me until I died… but he was the only arty on his team and so wasting so many shots on me meant my team was arty safe, and while they made a comeback at the end we still won. 🙂

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