Tanks That Should Be Added To War Thunder III

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Source: Spookston

People sometimes ask me what vehicles should be added to War Thunder, so I decided to (yet again) out some of the tanks that I think would fit in the game. I took some from the last video and combined them with some of my own ideas. I don’t expect to see any of these in the next War Thunder update, but it’d be nice to see them in-game someday.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Halo: CE – Under Cover of Night
Halo 3 – Another Walk
Halo 3: ODST – More Than His Share
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

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  1. you forgot that the Chilean army used m-60 sharman and modified chaffee with that 60mm gun till 2003

  2. I would even see the Hungarian tech tree too. Because we had a lot of German, Slovak and Polish tanks. Plus we prototyped a super tank (like the panther 1) but it got destroued bu a bombing from the allies. Anyway I would see everyones suggestions in-game from here! 😀

  3. my dude just said radkampf w a g o n …

  4. Why do you WT players ALWAYS use Halo Soundtrack?!

  5. Id like to see the T-90 and the T-90 MS going from 10.3 to 11.0

  6. How about a paper tank event? Where the event vehicle is the FV215b 183 , the O-Ni/ Type 5 Heavy, Lowe, maybe even the Jagdpanzer e100 if we wanna push it. The grind for these vehicles would be easy, but you only would have them for a certain amount of time.

  7. Man I first saw that Zhalo tank when i was at kubinka and thought to myself what the fuck that thing is.

  8. The Chilean m4 super sherman is my favorite tank ever

  9. Jagdpanzer Kürassier for German Tech Tree.

  10. John Ezra C. Simbahan

    Well the Finnish BT-42 Ain’t comming

  11. chester james degracia

    I just want the skink to be added

  12. Yaay my suggestion of the AMX Elc Bis from the previous vid got chosen :pp

  13. a new tree for central europe or Yugoslavia would be interesting

  14. Usa Stryker
    German leo 2a6
    Russia the bmpt ramka

  15. I think gaijin should add Indonesian retrofit version of PT 76 and amx 13

  16. Make a tank in KSP.
    Any mods you want.
    Whatever design you want, then make it withstand an m1a1 turret from BDA from the sides, front, back, and a mine (or something else), from below, and maybe above.
    I have 1,000 hours in KSP, and I’d love that, and this way, you can use 3d modeling, and maybe upload to the internet.

  17. bOb sEmPlE tAnK

  18. for the gameplay in this video just uninstall dude

  19. All i want is MAUS. i started playing too late

  20. 2:22 object 279 killed by a little spaa fire

  21. Still waiting for that Sherman M-60

  22. Why is there no Pereh, the Australian wheeled tank destroyer or the Canadian chimera

  23. mate I just want a bt-42

  24. But also a new heli like the Algerian MI-24MK3 outfitted with a 20mm Canon

  25. I just want Gajin to not add even more HEATFS go-carts at 6.7

  26. Before I even watch it I want more!!!!!!!!!!

  27. A heavily modified t 55 named ramsis 2 (t 55E) would sound like a cool event tank

  28. They should add the other e projects

  29. SO-122 Sherman would be a good premium for Soviet tech tree.

  30. You’ve made three videos without mentioning a single german vehicle

  31. Μαριος Κωνσταντινου

    The TOMA Centaur, a Greek IFV by Elvo is a great addition to the German tree

  32. The should add the Israeli bf109. I think it’s called the Avia S-199 but from my research it used a Heinkel he 111 engine and says on Wikipedia that it had poor handling so idk how wt would balance this vehicle.

  33. I know it’s odd but hear me out. How about they add the T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage. Big gun make big boom 😂😂😂

  34. Add the Finnish BT-42. Instead of that, we got some crappy, Swedish premium this time around which is “your atypical” 700GE-style kinda tier II. Gib Gib Goobjan.

  35. I like free premiums in events. But some of the grind/events are tedious at best.

  36. You should do a chat about the french VEXTRA 105 and the whole CVR-T serie !

  37. FV 4401 or adder mk1

  38. Yes add another 30 shermans that’s the way forward

  39. the only part of this video i disagree with is that imo the amx elc should be in the normal tree due to the huge gap between the 3.3 amx 13 f11 and the 6.3 amx 13

  40. I’d like to see an AC130 with the 105 gun hanging out the side.

  41. Hey bro It may not be the greatest tank but I would appreciate if you did a video on the South African home built olifant mk2 tank as it is my country’s tank.

  42. SplatterBerry Studios

    One tank I always thought about was the Strv Krv. A lot of people have been talking about adding the Kranvagn, but that probably won’t happen since it wasn’t complete. But to does seem like a similar situation to the E-100, where it had a planned Turret which was never built. Instead the E-100 has the Maus Turret in game. Similarly, the Strv Krv was a plan to mount cenutrion mk10 turrets on the Kranvagn hull. This would give it an almost impenetrable hull, even if the turret is easy to pen. Even if the armor was crap, the turret mounted on the Kranvagn hull would be much faster than a regular centurion. And since it’s a similar situation to the E-100, the Strv Krv could probably be added into war thunder.

    Just a quick idea as well, the Swedes technically had armored cars, such as the l180 and the Pansarbil m/39 or “Lynx” Sweden technically used them and they made about 30 of each, so I don’t see an issue it’s having them.

  43. halo ODST music in the background. I like it, just not loud enough

  44. Some Random UsernameTM

    Hey Spookston can you do “If Chinese tanks was historically accurate”

  45. How about the Yugoslavia tank, M-84

  46. Id love to see the Sdfkz 222 cause they already have the body and the turret ingame. It would be a great fun machine maybe buffing up its battlerating to that of the puma with the 2cm

  47. AMX ELC: *gets into WT*
    WoT: *Laughs in first*

  48. American air defence is shitty. It has very few dedicated AD for gaining air superiority over ttheir mobile armoured groups and have to rely on their small jets to save the day.

  49. They should really add bob semple
    Maus has no match to it
    It will be balance

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