Tanks Worth in Trade-In + IS-6 Giveaway! | World of Tanks Trade-In Premium Tanks

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World of Tanks Trading-In Tutorial, Which Tanks Are Worth Trading in For? World of Tanks Best Premium Tanks. World of Tanks 10th Anniversary Celebration Event Rewards, Free Rewards, Codes, Free Premium Tanks.
00:00 | Introduction
01:55 | How Trade-in Works
05:30 | Giveaway Announcement
08:10 | Giveaway Details
11:03 | Tradable Premium Tanks
22:42 | Conclusion


Today I am going to answer to one question I have been getting a lot lately, which tanks are good in the trade-in list, which tanks are not…

Hopefully it helps some of you!


    Well it is SU130PM well it was one of the hardest marathons and the tank is awsome i made some tier X tanks with it, but it is hard to play not so accurate…

  2. username: pikachu23
    server: EU
    tank: kv2r because it’s so much fun to play

  3. username: TechnoFormers [R-W-F]
    server: eu
    my favorite prem has to be Alpine tiger the 3d style he have is so beautiful ^^

  4. 50TP Prototyp – Really liked playing this game when I had it as a rental! Hope I can win, don’t have ability to buy these high level tanks. Thanks for all your videos, I learn so much from them.

    IGN: Videx
    Server: US

  5. Should i change skoda t27 + 6850 for Lowe? I really don’t play this skoda, is rly bad… i was thinking skoda is +/- like progetto but… it’s worse so much… and now i thinking about swap but it’s a lot of gold… my favourite tank is already su130pm because it have really nice damage per shot and good penetration 🙂 I don’t have many premium tanks but this one and is3a are my best premium tanks 🙂 I’ll be really happy to win new premium tank 🙂 my account nickname in game is Tiveria 🙂 gl for everyone!

  6. username firehundretyv server eu the amx 1357

  7. Lupu Carefacegheata

    user: lupucarefacegheata
    server: EU
    WZ111 was the first premium I worked my ass off to get, so it has a special place in my garage.

  8. My favourite premium tank is EMIL 1951 because it s very strong in battles with t10. ❤
    EU server

  9. Username: RoosterN
    Server: EU

    My favorite Prem tank has to be Progetto 46 or SU-130PM, both good moneymaking, but the spagetti is more fun.

  10. username: _Vjkiron_
    server: EU

    112 hands down, not too slow, i can make the armor work and its very consistent to have good rounds or get credits with for me.

  11. username: Zbeena
    server: EU
    Defender, cuz he is forgiving, he is super durable and he is not strugling as lowtier like others; and ofc he is training my 277 crew 🙂

  12. My favorite premium tank is the Progetto 46. I got it for 28 euro’s, pretty cheap for a tier 8 tank 😀
    Server: EU
    Name: gekkegekoo

  13. username: jacka2007
    Server: EU
    My favorite premium is t-54 mod.1 Is good for all thinks

  14. username bored001 server NA Lowe because my first prem

  15. My favorite premium right now is LT432.

    Name: LiteW8
    Server: NA

  16. Username: afonsoxdx
    Server: EU
    My favourit premium is my recently bond purchased patriot.

  17. I love your jokes and videos. I love couple of the premiums, but only one can be the favorite. 😉
    Skorpion G
    EU server

  18. Defender is my favorite prem tank

    Username: Hamlet3
    Server: EU

  19. username: jmbmtm9
    server: EU
    My favorite premium is strv s1 because I don’t have to ever fire premium ammo

  20. Username:
    server: na.
    fav prem is the t34 I love the damage

  21. C0FF33_M45T3R Gaming

    Ign: vesaott2
    Server: EU

    I absoLUTELY <3 the bretagne panther, because of its fast mobility and fast reload + it has some armor for a medium t6 its my absolute favorite.

    (Edit: i really dont have the best of luck so i dont think ill win but its worth the shot am i right? Or am i right?

  22. Username: RockSmith
    Server: EU
    I was keeping my t26e5 for months, which I got from referral program, ( I already have t26e5p ) to trade it with another premium tank. When trading became available I ‘ve traded it with Kanonenjpanzer105, and the day after wargaming announced that , the next referral season players can get Kanonen for free. How lucky I am…

  23. Username : guillspace
    Server : EU
    Fan of the type 59 from day one , when it was released it was OP with a special MM , I was able to do incredible games being a noob , now it is balanced and I still enjoy it !

  24. Username: protoman222
    Server: NA

    My favourite tank is the elc even 90.. that sneaky bugger even though seemingly underpowered.. it’s so fun to play and it requires a bit of skill to play too!.. i just love the little tank so much!..

  25. username the0bet
    server EU
    love to Lowe….

  26. i like my AC 4

  27. Username: VolksPanzerSchreck
    Server: NA

    My favorite premium tank, that I own, would have to be the T-34-85M. It’s such a solid tank for it’s tier and can compete decently well against 7s.

  28. My favorite premium thank is the IS 6 played it on ps4 now playing on pc and need a tier 8 premium tank

    Username DasGamer2004
    Sever US central

  29. Name: Andor96
    Server: EU

    It is easier to pick what I hate. I like most of my premium tanks. But if I need to pick, the double penetrator, and the LT-432 are my favourites.

  30. Username: Str0ngAss
    Server: EU
    IS 6 😛

  31. Caracal_caracal @ EU :
    Panther/M10 – Like Tiger 131 or HT No.IV it is a real tank, no blue-print only.
    It is sad, that “historical battles” were removed from the game.
    Btw, since I don`t need 3 IS-6, one is really enough, may trade the other 2 in for a camo? 😉

  32. username: Th3_L1onh3ar7
    server: EU
    My favorite premium tank is the T34, the first premium tank I got

  33. Username: Dj_Nerko_Steel
    Server : Eu

    My favorite thank Objekt 430U it’s funn white his mobility and blocked damages , as medium tank.

  34. Server: EU
    Player: _sas_552_
    Pz4H masterpiece

  35. Username: Chinmay27
    Server: North America (Us central)
    My favourite premium tank would be the skorpion g because it is a great tank and I had fun when I had it for rental

  36. username: ss_Sponge_
    server: EU
    i love the kv-5, because of the very epic armor that totally works very well :))) and of course the ramming oh the ramming

  37. Well on WoTB my fav was is6 and rudy for 5 years 🙂
    Ign: BrinSigr

  38. Username : Cababba
    Server: EU

  39. Username:_Aya_
    Server: Asia
    my favorite tank is type 59

  40. Username: ancien_antonio7
    Server: EU

    My favourite premium tank is T34-85M, got it on a marathon in 2018 I believe and it is simply the best tier 6 medium tank and amazing seal clubber.

  41. marcos valdez-cruz

    dont know why he says ladies and gentleman we know there aint no ladies watching…

  42. Comet995 euro
    I really like fv4002

  43. Username : N_i_h_i_l_u_s
    Server: Eu

    My fav premium is caernarvon ax

  44. username: cujman
    server: EU

    Defender, because to me it is unpenetrateble overpowered monster

  45. Username: AlexanderKarelin
    Server: EU

    Chrysler GF is a fun tank especially in tier 8 matchmaking

  46. IGN: Lemang95
    Server: Asia
    dont think trade worth for free to play like me

  47. Username: ikarus55
    Server: EU

    My favourite premium tank is the good old Löwe:D I love the german heavys, and the Löwe is a true monster in good hands.

  48. Hello Dez,
    I love playing the god, old T34.
    username: Doem_27
    server: Eu

  49. Username: _ SoEvil _
    Server EU
    My favorite premium tank was STA 2 , i just simply loved playing with it, but now i dont have it on this account :))

  50. Username: mortezamartin74

    I bought gurad from bond shop and i think that all tanks that are for gold are shit.
    My favorite so far i think is stg for the gun

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