Target Acquired – T44

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  1. Nikola Nikolovski

    Да товарищ !

  2. Spici memes Circon

  3. Ayyyyeeee, commented at 420 views B)

  4. Try the T-44 with the 122mm, it has such good gun handling for a med with such a huge caliber

    • Yea 122 with a good amount of gold is the way to go imo. You surprise so many people when you snap shot them for 400…

    • I remember playing it before all the buffs. I fired the gun on Prokhorovka, pretty sure it landed somewhere in Himmelsdorf.

    • Chandler Kristoff

      Lol that sounds like something Circon would do, it’d be very entertaining to watch, oh btw in the video MarkGFL made about the T-44 he showed some 122mm gameplay, pretty fun, but for me that sweet dpm is so good with the 100mm and the reload is great, even when bottom tier you can just perma-track alot of tanks

    • I market this tank with standard 100mm gun with is rly good, 122mm is dogshit, never ever use it guys. With 100mm you have milion times better gun handling, you can snap shoot like a boss and dpm is fine. I played without Food and my setup was Stabilizer, rammer, optics + 3perk crew: BiA + repairs + gunhandling and view range perks.

  5. It’s nice to see a youtuber NOT using food…. *cough*pay to win*cough**cough*

    • He uses food almost always and why not? Stock up when 50% off and use food!

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      A cord Circon does run food quite often actually. However if you are looking for someone who pretty much runs food, check out SirFoch

    • Chandler Kristoff

      allan kay yeah i stocked up on consumables the other day, 10k instead of 20k is a great deal.

    • I know he uses food in almost every tank he plays but it’s nice to see ATLEAST 1 tank without it. Food is the most blatant pay to win aspect of this game. There’s plenty of other examples but they can be argued… food is inarguable it’s just pay to win

    • Frédéric Guignabaudet

      A Cord While I entirely agree on food being pay to win, I think OP premiums like the Defender, Patriot, Skorp G, E25, Chrysler, and also gold ammo, are way more pay to win than food. But you definitely have a point in the sense that people mention food as being pay to win than the OP premiums and gold ammo

  6. That overlay above the ammunition in game – what does it show?

  7. Circon, how do you fight off boredom in the game? Same tanks, same locations.

  8. Where are the highlight videos :,(

  9. dude why do you even play randoms anymore? it seems like every other game you play, you are kicking puppies.
    (GG as always!)

  10. yes, a new upload from my favorite barbarian 🙂

  11. …a food free replay…?

  12. T-44 my current favorite tier 8, don’t know why but it just plays good in all matchmakings.

  13. You shot ap at the cupola tho, with apcr it wouldve penned since you hit it right in the middle

  14. 4:13 did he just shoot thru a dead tank?

    • allan kay nah the engine deck is slightly lower than the gun but the visuals make it look like he shot through, its quite common to pull off shots with the help of wrecked tanks

  15. Almost 100k subs.
    Keep it up Circon

  16. Matthew Sinclair


  17. Chandler Kristoff

    I don’t even have the top engine on this tank yet and i’m enjoying it already, love that 250 alpha while my Pershing and Cent 1 only have 240/230 alpha, the other day i high rolled in the T-44 doing 299 dmg, feels good man.

  18. Chandler Kristoff

    Russian tanks are so biased that they even have better stock guns lmao, stock gun for me on T-44 had 180 alpha, stock gun i used on Cent 1 had 150 alpha, why do British tanks have to be so bad.

  19. this guy makes this game look so easy ….great game circon

  20. NitroHead Gaming

    Circon is the only person I know to make a garbage tank seem good lol

    • NitroHead Gaming

      I say it’s a somewhat decent tier 8. There are tanks like the T26E4 (with better hull armor and gun handling), T54 Mod 1 (my favorite), FCM 50T (better all rounder). T44 is still trash imo

    • The T-54 mod 1 only has a better hull armor but worse DPM, so I guess it’s up to the player’s gameplay style 🙂
      Also the 50t doesn’t have the turret armor, and the T26E4 has awful maneuverability

    • NitroHead Gaming

      Cluster with the amount of 1v1s I’ve had against the T44 and I either came out in top or lost because T44 players tend to hide behind everything is astounding. Every match someone gets hit by a t44 and says “where the hell is he” while his entire team is lit

    • NitroHead Gaming

      Cluster even tho the T26 has worse maneuverability it can still pound the T44

    • NitroHead Gaming The T-44 needs to hide its hull cause it can easily be penetrated, but I think it’s all about players’ skills… Almost every tank can be powerful in good hands, but it depends on the situation you are facing

  21. Miodrag Mijatović

    *Cyka acquired blyat

  22. @3:25, anyone else notice the timer skip a second?

  23. Is this the best tier 8 medium non premium?

  24. Would you look at that?! Another tier 8 that’s far superior than the panther 8.8. Heh

  25. An update came out today for wot and your mod pack wasn’t working when I played. Will I have to reinstall or?

  26. if only MM works like this most of the time

  27. mr_matthew_brewer

    You have this med tank in the middle of all these heavies and yet you are out front getting shit done.

  28. Lol, that train of heavies behind you (Anyone?)
    Even after you broke through for them:
    – “So you wanna do something?”.
    – “Nah, we’re good back here, you take it home.”
    In the end the Centurion 5/1 had to be the one to actually flank and kill the VK.

  29. Playwme Surname

    No Confederate medal for damaging 12 enemy?

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