TARGET RICH | M3 Bradley 25mm Chaingun VS Chef Boyardee Boys (War Thunder)

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TARGET RICH | M3 Bradley 25mm Chaingun VS Chef Boyardee Boys (War Thunder)


  1. *He’s live now go check him out!*
    Benny’s Discord –
    Benny’s Twitch –

  2. next Russian milktruck vs premium Aubl???

  3. As we can see a wild Maus that has not been decommissioned


  4. Bmp 2 would probably rip into those fast bois a lil better

  5. Kill em old school with Flakpanzer I…

  6. Wow that camouflage is really good on the second map

  7. 5:40 ye, a type 89.

  8. Do you have an idea how much you talkative?

  9. Charlie McAwesome

    Ok… I don’t get it. Phly is a good player. But this third person “Realistic” garbage is for newbs. Full Sim. In the hatch. This is just PUBG third person corner peeking crap. It’s just weak.

  10. Attempt #36
    Pls play the British Conway at 7.0, u haven’t played it in yrs bring the amazing tank back to battle and destroy anything in its path. 🙂

  11. Can u make a full review about the Xbox One Exclusive XM-1 Chrysler there are no videos about this tank at all. thanks

  12. Play the leopard 1(any model) please IT was very long since you made a video about one and you said you would do it when you streamed last time and me and some others wanted Leo 1: Attempt 17

  13. “Is Germany Russia now. ” challenge(slaughter):
    Play the KV1B and German t 34 and German il2 and maybe KV 2 and the German yak 1 and German la 5. Attempt 13(I got 553 likes on this in the p59 (the first one)video so please play it)

  14. Phly play the Cromwell I please before the queen dies. Attempt 03

  15. Phly. Play the jagdpanzer IV/70 and the fw 190 f8 cause it was long since and you have never used the fw 190 f8 as an attacker
    :attempt 19

  16. Hey Phly, probably zero chance that you’ll see this, but what model north face jacket is that @1:00?

  17. Phly its your phucking phault I started playing war thunder

  18. play the T-44-122!

  19. The Sheridan and T54E1 are also pretty effective counters

  20. That was a pretty bullshit ammo rack on that T20

  21. Is it a boy or a girl, you confuse me Phuckhead

  22. U got it all wrong… what scares the AUBL is… The BMP 2

  23. Hey phly I got one of those creepy x-ray apps on your pre vid ad

  24. Phly looks smarter when wearing glasses.

  25. Warrior, Bradley, BMPs and the Obj. 906 are more survivable than any MBT. Granted, Bradley is at least known for it’s IRL situations in which the vehicle got damaged, but the crew (or some of it) escaped. But man, do they survive so much better than anything else to punishment….

  26. *removes Maus, puts fasty boi with Sabot*

  27. Looks like the Maus is fresh out of mercy.

  28. Rip me the tournament is on the only day of the week I work full time.

  29. play the Bescheisspanzer which is for no reason at 8.3

  30. i was doin the same thing with the bmp2

  31. Boyders oftheshire

    Jesus man stop being such a dork and kill the Maus….in not killing them you let your team down…

  32. Standartenführer Fegelein - Hitler parodies

    Who leave top-tier after aubl 74 hvg plauge?

  33. This is clever, making the best of a shitty situation by choosing a vehicle that eats light armored rushers.

  34. aubl should not be at this br because he has apfsds –‘

  35. I cant kill this i cant kill that dude come on we came to watch how good can you play

  36. Hey mr. Phly! I really like that in one video you show a new vehicle meta, and in the next one completely ruin it with a counter. ) Been addicted to your videos since this spring, even though I don’t play War Thunder at all. Good job, very interesting to watch and listen to your explanations. Keep up the good work, thank you!

  37. Phuckboy: I’m going to use the Bradley to kill the new AUBL and end the spam

    BMP 2: am I a joke to you

  38. Alexis Bierque de Birka de Fauville

    *laughs in ZSU-23-4*

  39. Hey phlydaily I know you don’t do world warships anymore I just want to know what your thoughts are on them adding submarines to the game

  40. This is what those generals who wanted it to be a troop carrier/scout/AFV intended for the Bradley: anti armoured car duty

  41. I played against Benny in a jet match the other day, such a cool dude the only YouTube I haven’t seen in game is you phly 😉

  42. Use Type 89 next time :3

  43. Κωνσταντίνος Γ.

    *Maus. I’m not shooting!*

  44. Can other nationality players join the tournament? Or just americans?

  45. Francesco Boselli

    11:08 PhlyDaily’s sound pack new entrance ?

  46. 15:52 the ohh that’s a bomb had me dying ahaha

  47. Anything:
    My mind:

  48. So Phly loves having a nice Bushmaster? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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