Taugrim “Uncut”: Executing the Pull-Pinch Counter

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One of my RL friends recently picked up World of Tanks (WoT), and we’ve been platooning so I can show him the ropes.

In this Empire’s Border battle, we execute a perfect pull-pinch counter. . The idea is you want to draw your enemy into a crossfire and shred them while staying safe. As Mr. Miyagi said, “When do right, can defense.”

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  1. One of my RL friends recently picked up World of Tanks (WoT), and we’ve been platooning so I can show him the ropes.

    In this Empire’s Border battle, we execute a perfect pull-pinch counter. . The idea is you want to draw your enemy into a crossfire and shred them while staying safe. As Mr. Miyagi said, “When do right, no can defense.”

    This is one of my favorite techniques in martial arts too. Bait your opponent in, then smack ’em with a hard counter.

    • Can you please do some recommendations on 1×1 tournaments, tier 4, 6, 8, 10… I am quite new, and would like to start grinding tanks that can play does… I searched all over and there is no any relevant info on this one!

  2. Always love your videos mate!
    Edit: is it possible that some day you could platoon with me at a set time and teach me a few things? Or point out flaws? I platooned with you once but then my internet went down IGN is Plays_For_Free1. If not I get it but if so thanks!

    • Been getting asked this a lot, so I added a FAQ:

      It’s not that I don’t want to help, but it doesn’t scale (lots of you, one of me), it’s work for me and I already have a full-time job, and most people aren’t willing to pay any kind of meaningful rate to compensate me for my time.

    • Jonn Vander Heul

      @Taugrim No problem mate! Makes total sense, you have a great day!

    • Thanks for understanding 😀

  3. 2nd? Not good enough

  4. Taugrim playing aganist tier 5s is like an adult playing rugby aganist 6 year olds

  5. Hey Taugrim, was also just playing the same tank last night and also teaching my RL friend WOT. I’ve asked him to watch your videos to help with the learning curve. He’s opted to start with the swedish TD line though and I feel it’s a tough place to be early into his gaming experience with WOT. I’m an average player with 17K games but it’s my first time supporting a new player, we do try to use discord as much as possible. Do you have any nuggets to share?

    • If possible, try to encourage your friend to try at least 2 tank lines to start. The more lines they play the more they’ll learn.

  6. Awesome video as usual. Generally speaking, what are your thoughts on the M10 RBFM? I rarely play mine.

  7. The value of team work. Great low tier game to show us the value of positioning. What a seal clubber!

  8. Well played.
    My opinion, the enemy team, especially the T1 Heavy, badly misplayed that. They had the numbers, but choose to move one by one. If the T1 Heavy uses the W key and pulls his team along with him, they have a good chance of winning by strength of numbers (even if they are in a cross-fire). Not detracting from your play, but trying to analyze the other side, as well. (wrote this before end of video, where you mention this 🙂

  9. Cool! Thanks for picking a video where I managed to get in a few hits and kills… instead of the numerous where I get 0 and 0. 😛

    • Dude you did great and it looks like you even saved Taugrim at the end there. I’ll bet he’s proud of seeing you grow in WOT. Also, many of us would kill to get personal coaching from Taugrim.

    • @Lawson Mok thanks for the encouragement. yeah, i’m lucky indeed — as Taugrim is an incredibly good guy to begin with and i also get to play with him from time to time. i’m slowly getting better, but still suck pretty bad. 🙂

    • U did great. And u will do even better with that formidable sensei.

  10. The easiest counter against a full-pinch low-tank count is still to yolo quickly with the number advantage. The enemies going in between your platoon one by one spelled their demise.

  11. #RadioOperatorLivesMatter

  12. It takes unicum level precision shooting to bounce off a M8A1 @3:55

  13. I always enjoy your gameplay and commentary. Would love the opportunity to platoon with you one day, unfortunately I’m a console player. I’ve invested to much time & money to switch to PC now. GG mate

  14. OK I need to get a Taugrim in my head keeping me right 🙂

  15. This type of mentor video is exactly what I need. Especially, in the beginning, you told your friend the pros and cons of certain spots, and then you followed up that technical explanation with an interpretation of the battle progress, culminating in a read and a decision to fall back. This is a very valuable lesson for a beginner.

  16. The m8a1 you bounce is actually not a paper tank, but yes you are a little unlucky to bounce is side.

  17. Folks if you watch this man work, you can learn and become much better!! Thank you Taugrim!!

  18. Great vid, would be hard to coordinate a cross fire without being in a toon in pubs, so really nice to see this.

  19. Brilliant strategy to arrange the crossfire. Seeing it begin to transpire is the key. That takes some experience.

    • Yea it’s super important to make a read quickly. Once I saw they had a lot of tanks on the plateau and we had only 2 lights plus our platoon, I knew we’d get bullied if we stayed up there.

      So we pulled back immediately to a position of strength.

  20. Nice vid, Tau. I like such mentor vids.

    Btw, not only did u two guys deploy a solid pincer ambush, u actually put 4 or 5 enemy tanks out of the game by stopping their advance move which in turn bought ur southern flank time to deal with their opponents.

    • You pointed out a terrific subtlety, which is not only winning an area, but stalling a higher number of opponents while you do so.

      We were able to win the flanks of the map, partly thanks to our stalling effectively.

  21. That explains why I saw in T6 on the red team platooned. NGL you were effective at being where ever I thought I should be. 🙁 That said nice points and teach your early and right!

  22. Indignant Beaver

    Well played!

  23. It’d be nice if they have a platoon-only map pinging feature so that other teammates don’t think you’re a total jerk when you try to communicate with your own platoon.

  24. Also forcing them to focus on one of you because turrets dont spin that fast.
    And slowing them down to give the rest of the team likelihood of winning their respective flanks.
    It just sucks when you use this tactic against a stronger force, but the rest of the team dies anyway so you get flanked.

  25. Sound quality wasn’t the best this video. Anyways good guide for noobs.

  26. thnx Taugrim. Nice to have found someone who can explain the game in understandable examples without cursing every two
    sentences. Also nice to see lower tear tanks. Do you also stream on Twitch?

  27. Very nicely done good work. Cheers

  28. Ty T enjoyed video 👍👍👍👍😎

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