Taugrim “Uncut”: Platooning with 13Disciple (June 23rd)

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Source: Taugrim

Two battles platooned with 13Disciple during his stream on June 23rd. I played T-0 LT our battles were on Steppes.

13Disciple has been publishing a most excellent educational video series on WoT.


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  1. Two battles platooned with 13Disciple during his stream on June 23rd. I played the T-100 LT and our battles were on Prokhorovka and Steppes.

    13Disciple has been publishing a most excellent educational video series on WoT. Please subscribe to his channel to help him ding 1k subscribers so that he qualifies for YouTube partnership:

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  3. Love whenever ya upload Taugrim, Have you considered doing a review on the T69? It’s a pretty underpowered tank in my opinion and you said you would be doing some hated vehicles/underpowered in the game. Just wondering, keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Differnt microphone ? Your voice has changed haha

    • Stop looking idiot

      Going through puberty

    • I recently tried out 3 new mics: SteelSeries Arctis 1 (Wired), HyperX Cloud II, and Razer Kraken X (Wired).

      The Arctis 1 is the one I kept, because I was able to get the headset to “widen”. I really hate clamping force, it gives me a headache, and I wear my gaming headset for work calls.

      All 3 headsets have good audio, with the Cloud II having the best bass (and Arctis 1 being 2nd best).

      The only issue with Arctis 1 is that the mic picks up some of the earbud sound. But overall it’s a very comfortable headset and the sound quality is good.

    • Not at my age 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Stop looking idiot

    Road to Unicum: yawn edition

  6. Nice

  7. Finally got this guy to relax!!
    Thanks for featuring me on your channel <3

  8. Thoroughly enjoy watching this stream live. 13Disciple is a highly underrated streamer and WoT coach much in the same style as Taurim.

  9. Great Stuff as usual

  10. WingedParasite0 Gaming

    Thanks for this gameplay! 🙂

  11. Logged in specially to say Thanks! for this opportunity to discover a bit of the real Ed in real time! Hope to see more soon. (Don’t upset Mrs. P though, she’s more important than us plebs… than anything!)

  12. 5:18 Your EBR begins his run up the road at this point (follow him on the mini-map). It shows how incredibly difficult an EBR is to hit, even when surrounded by reds. This is why WarGaming is currently studying how the EBR 90 and 105 will be nerfed.

  13. (That moment when you see Taugrims platoon on the other team)
    Me: My time has come

    • Hey, I lose ~40% of my battles.

      I had one person tell me after a match that his team gave up when they saw my name on the other side ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

      Then again, I had another player tell me his team agreed to focus me hard – and they did.

    • @Taugrim Lol I remember when I saw your plt as well as a MAHOU plt on our team on Kharkov along with a TRY player. Think that game ended in 3 minutes.

  14. Cool to see u both tanking together

  15. What a great video and to get to hear TWO unicums talking strategy out loud is awesome. The calmness you two display is awe-inspiring to be honest. Really a great watch Taugrim!

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      13Disciple is super chill and has a great sense of humor. It’s fun playing with people like that. Avalon304 and _Tsavo are the same way.

  16. No swearing or raging even playing live. What’s the matter with you 😉

    • I swear occasionally, moreso for emphasis than because of raging. Wife tells me I do that too much 🤣🤣🤣

  17. ggames

  18. Yes! Was waiting for another “uncut.” Super valuable to simply be a “fly on the wall” and listen/watch the thought process. Great content; please consider posting these more often if possible.

    • I will. I set up OBS to get the volume/mic levels reasonably balanced.

      This is the closest I’ll get to streaming, unless I stream again.

  19. Hey Taugrim, this video is huge! Love seeing you and 13Disciple both strategizing as a platoon in real time. Also, watching you spot. I feel I learned a lot! Also, it’s great to hear you guys balancing the gameplay with some jokes and not taking it as life/death serious.

  20. Proxy spotting that EBR in the 2nd game made me LMAO!!!

  21. Alexandre Jeunot

    I really enjoy this platoon gameplay, you should do more of these on your channel

  22. I love these “uncut” videos of yours. The standard showcase on “Road to Unicum” was great for techniques, but I feel that an edited format sometimes removes the necessary context for many decisions. These are great for seeing how you deal with different situations on the fly.

  23. Oh wow… this seems like it would have been a fun platoon to be a part of…

    • It was, good times. Do you know each other?

    • @Taugrim I know of him and he seems like good people. Does a great job with the recent math videos hes put out (along with explaining the math behind MoEs on his website) I would love to platoon with him one day.

  24. Hey Taugrim, I’m having trouble 3 marking the Type 4 heavy with the 140mm using only standard ammunition. It seems so complicated to play it, the whole pressing [W] or [S] it’s so confusing. It would really help me if you played it about 1000 games straight and give me your tips on ₛᵤᵢ𝒸ᵢ𝒹ₑ ,playing it at a 3 mark level.

  25. Hey taugrim how did u learn to play who taught you? Because i just created my own account and I want to be in the clan u r in one day!

  26. Best comment of the video was 13Disciple: “Hey my armor worked.” Nice to know it isn’t just my ‘armored’ tanks that can be unreliable. Another strong video.

  27. Great players. More of this, The live commentary is golden.

  28. Please do more. 10 out of 10!

  29. if that was me in the light soon as spot i would be fuced over in secs

  30. Harris Nitikoesoema

    that a Good Game

  31. Enjoyed fellas 2 of my favorites 👍👍👍👍😎

  32. Awesome, my two fav wot mentors together. Great job

  33. Bounce…”Can I refundy shell?” hahaha

  34. Nota Rokescientist

    Couple of my favorite WOT players. Chilled skill while sitting at the feet of the masters. Thanks Taugrim for hosting this you guys make a great platoon. The commentary and cool under fire stands in sharp contrast to so many other carnival barking showmen. You elevate the game and redeem it from those who do it shame.

  35. At 13:42 “Oh good, that EBR’s almost dead”. Activate Captain America Shield……..(brought to you by Firestone).

  36. You know those guys who feel the need to explain every scene for you in movies so you really understand?

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