Taugrim “Uncut”: Platooning with 13Disciple So I Can Blame Him

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Source: Taugrim

Another battle platooned with 13Disciple so I can blame him when things go badly. I’m playing the STB-1 and 13Disciple is working on his 3rd Mark of Excellence in the M4 Patton.


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  1. Playing mid ridge with 3 arties was a ballsy move dude😂

    • Only doable since their EBR 105 went along the 4 lane (west ridge). A *big* mistake IMO since spotting mid/east is far more valuable at the start of the battle.

      I always try to spot near the E7 area in a light tank since you can catch tanks going east in the open and nail them.

  2. Taugrim, has anyone ever told you that your voice sounds like a young Duncan Trussel?

    • I’m going to have to Google that name, I don’t know who that is.

      In this video, 13Disciple said I sound like Bob Ross the scenery painter 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Nota Rokescientist

    I love watching two unicums like you are both playing together. the on going analysis is very helpful.

  4. Not as ‘instructive’ but I like the feel of watching two really skilled players talk their way through a game. Keep it up.

  5. German Rodriguez SAP Tips

    Hi bro, why cant i choose 720p in res? Kind regards

    • You can choose 720p60.

      The video was uploaded in 1080p60.

    • German Rodriguez SAP Tips

      @Taugrim i wish i could send you my screenshot, my res options only go up to 480p 🙁 i cheked other youtube videos and i can set 1080p but in this one i cant :/ dont know if anhone else has the same issue

    • Did you try recently? It takes time for YouTube to process a video at higher resolutions.

  6. I’m really enjoying these “Uncut” videos. Keep em’ coming.

  7. I like these!

  8. mabye its just me, but could you please go back to the older video style, im not liking these uncut videos

    • I like both.

    • These “Uncut” videos are in addition to my “Road to Unicum” series.

      As I described in the poll I posted last week, these “Uncut” videos are super easy to make and won’t impact my ability to product “Road to Unicum” videos.

      Link to poll:

    • @Taugrim if they dont impact other video frequency, then sure, go for it, more is better

  9. Anthony Franklin

    @taugrim Any thoughts on platooning with Skill4ltu? That would be EPIC IMO.

  10. Hey Taugrim, thanks for the videos. I play on console but all the advice you give for tanks easily crosses over, especially when it comes to camo and spotting. I remembered one of your videos near the beginning of a match in my T49 on Malinovka, and was able to get over 4k spotting damage because of playing carefully through bushes. Your videos are really instructive and I appreciate it, thanks!

  11. I get the same lag spikes, where my tank will just keep driving the direction I was last going for a few seconds. I’m positive its not a network issue, I had a LAN platoon with a few friends and I was the only one getting the spike. I’ve reported it to WG multiple times and everytime they respond with it being on my end -_-

    • So I was getting it several times a session, and I ran WGCheck. That seemed to fix it.

      Now these lag spikes / rubber-banding is uncommon. What you’ll notice is that the voice comms worked fine, so it wasn’t my Internet connection as far as I can tell. It’s something between my game client and the game server.

  12. Harris Nitikoesoema

    good one sir, love the uncut, i lost my platoon buddy, he broke his pototo pc, still grinding to have new one lol

  13. Jonn Vander Heul

    Attempt 3 of asking for a review on the tier 8 medium, T69 especially with on track to the T57 heavy coming up. 🙂

  14. MichaelLightning

    I was in this game with you

  15. TheBaldParakeet

    Keep it up

  16. Just discovered 13Disciple a couple of days ago… I really like his coaching videos he has done so far!

  17. Clinton Huffaker

    why does it cost to talk

  18. I don’t know who this platoon-mate is, but I’m starting to like him.
    I Like it!
    *slams coffee mug on ground like Thor*

    • He’s a jerk IMO, but I platoon with him so he gets a fair share of the attention from arty.


    • Folks, please help 13Disciple get to 1k subscribers:

      With 160 more subscribers, he’ll ding 1k, get a custom URL, and qualify for YouTube partnership.

  19. Definitely the Bob Ross of tanks.

  20. Christian Moore

    So you know Bob Ross was a marine drill Sargent. I believed he retired from the marines after 20 plus years. He was so calm because he knew he was a badass.

  21. Too short! Need more longer uncut videos!

  22. What might be an idea is if you select 1 or 2 pivotal moments from each of these and explain your actions in them at the end of the vid. I know it would add to the production time, and cheese the uncut part. But it would add an interesting and educational element.

  23. I’m enjoying the uncut videos as much as your Road To Unicom series. How long have you two been playing together? You seem very comfortable, and you sound like when I play with my friends. Thanks for the video.

    • We just started platooning with voice chat in June, after we had some lengthy Discord conversations about game mechanics. 13Disciple has a great sense of humor and is an excellent player too.

  24. Hi Taugrim, try to dust your computer. I did that when I had laggs and it made a huge difference actually! Thanks for the upload btw!

    • I did dust it recently!

      My rig is a new Sager NP8957-S, and it’s great.

      The fan does tend to run quite a bit, and the sound drives the wife nuts.

  25. I always feel that your reticle movement looks a little hinky in your videos. Do you use Server Reticle? As, I find the delay way too offputting when I play

  26. Matthew Williams

    EBRs have fucked this game.

  27. Over the past couple of days I have seen the lag spikes where the tank does not respond to commands or suddenly does a small teleport. I ran pingplotter and these spikes show up as packet loss and the events vary in length. The IPs for the packet loss are on the wg end. And thanks for another great video.

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