Taugrim “Uncut”: WoT Platoon Shenanigans With Avalon304 and _Tsavo

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I platooned last night with fellow sub-Redditor Avalon304 and his friend _Tsavo.

Figured y’all might get a kick out of watching us play and listening to our rather entertaining Discord conversation.



  1. I platooned last night with fellow WoT sub-Redditor Avalon304 and his friend _Tsavo. Figured y’all might get a kick out of watching us play and listening to our rather entertaining Discord conversation.

    1:44 “We can totally zerg him, he looks like he’s alone, that poor bastard”
    3:19 “Those idiots haven’t killed the AT7 yet”
    4:53 _Tsavo: “No no no no nooooo noooo noooo”
    5:55 “He’s shooting HE…he’s a doofus” (dies to AP on the next shot)
    8:57 “You guys are gonna die”
    9:38 “Wow, the Victoria jumped in the ditch too. Oh my goodness, these guys are dumb as hell”
    10:45 “Did you guys see this T54? LOL he launched himself off the shelf to get the kill”
    11:10 _Tsavo: “Their lemming train was not conducted properly”
    13:10 “Oh my gosh these guys are crossing, I’m going to get side shots…ah nooo nooooooo”
    14:45 “That VK might as well have driven into the open, for all the good he’s done his team”
    16:23 “Oh that was glorious…the Strv was trying to hide behind the T32 and he still died”
    18:04 “Oh my gosh, this might be epicly bad for them”
    19:56 “Let’s keep splitting our fire, what do you guys say, we’ll each pick a tank and see who kills first”
    20:28 “You’re not even worth the shell to finish you”
    21:06 _Tsavo reading chat: “And yet they want to buff the Type 59″…see my response in chat 🙂
    22:45 “The thing that sucks for him is he can’t run anywhere, he has no option to drown. He’s just going to have to take it”

  2. Why wouldn’t you even try to circle a couple of the slowest traversing tanks in the game, ST-1 and KV-4?..

  3. Sasmitha Rathnaweera

    Lov ur vids but don’t hav enough time to watch them . Hope you give out more content like tank guides and map guides

  4. Avalon gets around, I’m used to seeing him in Uberdice’s videos.

  5. Taugrim, are there any games you are looking forward to playing?

  6. Thank you for sharing. I am a older generation where we actually used a brains to think. I fine the new generation need a computer, calculator, TV and or a device in general for them to think or make a decision. “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein.

  7. Didn’t realize the aim time on the 59 was so horrid….

  8. do more of thease

  9. “I don’t like this game” lol

  10. dude , we are in uni platton, and we in top tier…. enjoy yur sealclubbin

  11. Taugrim sometimes i wonder how some of these people with 47% wr and 800wn8 and these people in wow who has all the bis gear and 940ilvl gear do 300k dps/100k hps and die to fire get up and go to work or school without dying by carr accident or something i mean how do they cross the road safely ? I m no pro my self 52% wr and cutting edge guldan not yet KJ.

  12. So jealous. Such a nice platoon, with good games.

    Did you even notice the dimbo platoon?

    Also ” The STRV is … … … somewhere”.

  13. “We’re a unicum platoon… We’d win in jeeps’. LOL

    Such a troll Tau

  14. that point you made in the first seconds of the video… so freaking true about MMOs.

  15. I’m looking forward to the Jeep entry in the road to unicum series, lol.

  16. Next game you guys should go ahead and play in jeeps. Sounds legit.

  17. The third game… the brutality!

  18. Taugrim, I got heated to death by a wz 111 5a in my Obj 430, while I had sniper backup and excellent gameplay. Please make a video explaining how premium ammo takes away the fun. Thank you

  19. I wonder if any of those enemies had their eye on their little xvm mod…

  20. The most surprising thing is that the T-54 didn’t take any damage from that jump. XD

  21. I’m looking forward to the buff Type 59 will get next patch. Not that you guys need it. Like you said “we are unicum platoon, we can win in Jeeps”. For that reason alone, I hope WoT never introduces Jeeps to the game.

  22. Magnús Már Magnússon

    No APCR :0 respect = 99

  23. Nice games Taugrim. I must have entered that type 59 contest a few seconds after you did. The tank envy is real.

  24. That ST-1 bounce was pretty sexy.

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