TB-3 COCKPIT ONLY – Bomber Cockpit Mission (War Thunder Plane Gameplay)

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TB-3 COCKPIT ONLY – Bomber Cockpit Mission ()

Joined by Classypax! Check him out…



  2. what’s the intro song phly

  3. mission in IL-2 where you fly an I-16 off a TU-3

  4. Challenge: Stop using trashy TAS and switch to IAS like a true aviator

  5. @PhlyDaily do you have any remarks on who you’re gonna choose for next

  6. Does anyone else think the squad guy sounds like Barry the bee? Maybe Ive
    been watching too many bee movie memes

  7. Yo plz do another one of these

  8. Think about this air refueling in war thunder

  9. You should’ve sang the Christian soldiers song that they sang in flyboys XD

  10. how do you get the TB-3?
    I’ve never seen it either

  11. Please do more of these videos ??

  12. 11 thousand planes??? wth

  13. Phly you should play sim in other bombers too, this was a fun video to

  14. Classy sounds drunk

  15. I really enjoyed this gameplay… you should do simulator more often Phly!

  16. Do more cockpit only videos.

  17. What are those guns on the tb3

  18. God I love Classypax! You both together is a great combo. Stay classy phly!

  19. nice some sb

  20. This plane was not flown by the night witch that was a old trainer biplane

  21. War Thunder is so cringe.. and the “placeholder” cockpits look gay AF

  22. I shte TB-3 Russian?

  23. That is a slow ass bomber.

  24. Phly do m18 and p51 mustang!


  26. Phly, take out the German David and Goliath combo; Panzer 35(t) and BV238.

    Attempt No.13

  27. kill a tank with the GAZ 4M.I have done it with an m2a2. Having a friend
    back you up and A.I. allowed.

    2nd attemt.

  28. Attempt #13 “the Iron Maiden” Follow the lyrics of their song “Aces High”
    and take out the Spitfire, as 10 ME-109 appear right out of the sun, ascend
    and turn your Spitfire to face them!

  29. Emil “Empi” Johansson

    that was some nice shit man :)

  30. dude is this in sim

  31. You should play with this guy more often

  32. phly next take the b29 cockpit only

  33. that was a fun video! good communication, and a good pal. I wish you do
    more of these phly!

  34. asu 57 again please ….!!!!

  35. next, we need VR

  36. More sim, I don’t know if that was sim but it was good

  37. Awesome video more like this please.

  38. Go with the Bias(ZIS)-30 and the IL-2??

  39. “Way way wha way wha wha wait.”

  40. Phly what flight stick are you using

  41. hey mate that was hilarious. . more videos with that fella..

  42. phly use red baron tips

  43. The war is going on and we, the Soviets are losing troops and
    vehicles.Luckely for us we have 2 powerful allies to support us, supplying
    us with vehicles.
    Play the Hawker Chariton and the Su-57 #5

  44. fly the new russian jet bomber TU 14T and the T 26 show them capitalist
    pricks our bias attempt 10

  45. hit the dick

  46. 3:37 the tank shaped cloud on the left -_-

  47. What joystick does Phly use for simulator battles?

  48. 18 russians disliked

  49. I love that intro song!

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