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  1. is this an aviation youtube channel as well?

  2. I A M T H E P A I N

    Yay! Missing you my Phly

  3. Day 272: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  4. Day 2? Bring out P-51 at 3.7 Phly, please!!

    PS, hope you and the fam is doing good, speedy recovery yall!

  5. 3:28 none of your crew is exposed.
    Tigor riding on top of the turret. Wearing helmet. Apparently not exposed.

  6. This vehicle makes me feel like I’m playing the Scorp from Halo

  7. Wallet worior vs wallet warrior who’s gona win

    No body becouse those level 10 they will leave after 1 death with no back up

  8. Whats up with the toilet paper on the top of the gun?

  9. Yo phly where my GE at

  10. 14:15 entered another dimension there

  11. Iirc, you can get a touch more depression to the sides of the stryker. Up to -8.

  12. 25:00 total Dad sneeze right there.

  13. Get well soon

  14. Why are the Russian tanks impossible to kill in this game, other than the obvious, the game is made in Russia? It’s almost unbearable to play top tier anymore.

  15. Loving the edits, simple but present and enjoyable. Great job Kowalowe!

  16. Kharn The Betrayer

    I do enjoy seeing the hit on the top corner.

  17. yo gonna do a video on the m41D? 😉

  18. what button do you use that when you use a range finder, it automatically sets the distance of you to their tank which makes sniping easier?

  19. Life & Times of JCM

    12:57 made me giggle for the rest of the video! i love the jokes this guy makes!

  20. Day 258: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  21. yes i love me a turret-less crew

  22. y’all be alright, strong family

  23. Why was i facing this AGC with my 6.3 Italians ?!

  24. they just copied that straight out of WoT

  25. Halo Scorpion tank in Warthunder, confirmed? =^x^=

  26. Day 1 ah 64 peten with hellfire

  27. Can’t wait to play russia 9.3 with he

  28. FL Studio Remakes

    TAMs are really decreased in the game, don’t have any NVD except driver.

  29. Finally a video

  30. 17:55 Ahhhh yes, the turretless crew

  31. Palika The Gopnik

    Poor TURMS-Ts they sure scream at the screen HACKER!

  32. No armor best armor!!!

  33. Phly… When are we going to get our long awaited demo ranch colab. You are part of the bunker branding fam now.

  34. So basically, it’s the gun version of the wall-e?

  35. im pretty sure you had a nuke at the last game… xD

  36. Day 18 of asking Phly to play M551 Sheridan air dropped meme machine yeeting HE shells like a god

  37. This game sucks you have to pay to play with good vehicles in order to make the game fun but it isn’t game sucks waste of money don’t bother downloading it.

  38. Lovely episode <3

  39. this thing plays like a Maus in a full downtier

  40. It’s same like concept 1b from Wotb it’s too hard to penetrate that tank on it’s turret, what a beast tank, and i hate it’s too much. But it’s great tank to play with.

  41. You got 21:35

  42. @PhlyDaily could you make a video on the Hampden? With its MGs it really feels like a British version of the 88-A4 and it has quite a good loadout. Give it some love.

  43. What is the music playing at 1.06 to 1.12?

  44. yep, I noticed ish load of GE, just under 200k in real money its around $1000. maxed out 150lvl crews make a huge difference too. to get one crew up to that level u would literally have to live in this game.

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