TEA BIAS CONFIRMED – Challenger 1 MBT | Leopard 2K & MORE (War Thunder 1.77)

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War Thunder 1.77
Challenger 1 – https://warthunder.com/en/news/5323-development-challenger-1-a-worthy-heir-en
Leopard 2K – https://warthunder.com/en/news/5309-development-leopard-2k-a-legend-in-the-making-en
La-200 – https://warthunder.com/en/news/5319-development-la-200-the-high-speed-kite-en

Skin Download- https://live.warthunder.com/post/366963/en/


  1. Cringe intro

  2. cant wait for israel merkava !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glory to the Queen

  4. The challenger will still get kicked ass by the kpz 70

  5. In honour of the challenger Mk 1 play the cruiser challenger with the 40mm crusader AA as support

  6. Can someone explain what the point is in adding tanks into the game when the armour is classified? The developers can basically do what they want, we will never know if it’s realistic or working like it should. Seems like a really foolish idea.

  7. phly pls read this comment
    take M6A1 with 37mm only
    good luck


  9. T26-4 vs top teir and the mig 17

  10. Okay, so now the US needs at least the vanilla M1 with the 105mm.

  11. So it was in service in 1983? If I am not mistaken the last A 10s were made in 1982. We had a couple of 82 models in our squadron. So when will the aircraft catch up to the tanks? A10 armed with fire and forget agm65s, gau8 30mm gat depleted uranium penetrators in a combat mix. Any tank is butter. Then when does ground get SAM? Will 73 Easting be in the map rotation soon? Yes I am a Vet and bet I’m not alone in this game. Try the SMK in tandom you both get a gun. The wife and I have done the B1ter I drive and shoot the 75 she gets the turret. Keep up the good work.

  12. I smell bias !!!!

  13. Fuck the Leopard 2, GIB CHALLENGER

  14. Anyone else hear the rumors that the F-4C and the Mig-21 are also being added next patch?

  15. I’m still grinding rank 3 tanks. Give me 5 more years, I’ll get there.

  16. I’m calling it that they use the proto-chief armor and mobility. However, I could be wrong.

  17. T-72B, T-80U reeeee Russian bias shall reign all

  18. Cognitive list additional fewobhv gentle wonderful evaluate soul bow chamber whereas.

  19. I just jizzed in my pants >.<

  20. My Obj 268 is ready!


  22. They could add some new air power to go along with the steel beasts, like the F-100 Super Sabre, A-4 Skyhawk, Etendard IV and the MiG-19. With tanks that are now late 70’s tech, we still have early 50’s jets… It is time for the transsonic age.


  24. wtf KPZ are allready a cancer and they gonna have somthing stronger and faster ?? i’m gonna stop top tear with my AMX

  25. Евгений Мусин

    We wait T72

  26. Speaking of challengers… i challenge you to play the churchill mk VII + firebrand
    Attempt number… i don’t know

  27. Great video!
    So i have a new british challenge for you!

    try to play as squad with german and british tank!
    I bet my fucking home, that you cannot play together! WHATTHEFUQQ?!

    greetings o7

  28. Oh yeah, abrams is coming, along with leclerc and t-72/t-80, bias will be real!!

  29. so excited 😀

  30. Aaaaaand my Japanese get nothing… again

  31. Amazing Blyatman [Tim R.]

    Well sung ??

  32. Time to research 10 year

  33. And when T 72 come out ?

  34. M1 Abrams has to come now that the Challenger is confirmed since it had the 105mm L7 and chobham

  35. RBT-5 will nuke it 🙂

  36. Валентин Шульгин


  37. Next patch: “We have decided to be one step ahead of everyone and designed what we believe tanks will be in 30 years”

  38. Bonesaw0 Death Lord


  39. What i dont get is why they are giving us the Leo2K instead of the regular Leo2? The Challenger is a 83 tank and the Leo2A1 is a 82/83 tank? Makes no sence to me tbh

  40. Forget T72, T80 might be coming! It entered service in 1976, also T64 could get better shells with more pen. Also soviet E.R.A. could be added… oh God those secret documents… rasha bias komrade…

  41. glad i only grinding the british tech tree this whole time

  42. /nudes/ lmaooo

  43. I’m British, and I can comfirm I too started my morning exactly like this

  44. Time to get T-80BV.

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