Teaching a Friend How to Play WoT – Teaching Tanks EP2

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. How to play Tier 6 Tanks:
    Buy Type-64
    Do 8 shots of damage
    Get 1 kill
    Be super-unicum
    Play 1,000 battles
    Rub in the face of 45% winrate players that you are super unicum
    Go to sleep knowing that you are literally a god

    • Bruh Bruh BRUH he will destroy you if you 1v1 (as bottom tier) this was a very bad game for him like everyone does man also look at stats and you will find he is very good

    • Sadly doing 8 shots of damage on average in this thing isn’t gonna make you Unicum :p

  2. Kristupas Gudžiauskas

    Good morning

  3. 3 marking type64 on the redline. Confirmed

  4. nice spotting lol!

  5. That A0 position was great

  6. You are super chill and I would love to platoon with you. I feel there is much I could learn still.

  7. 50 fps? That’s a thing?

  8. Dang, I wished we had the Centurion 5/1 in the EU too….

  9. Lemming great work keep it up

  10. 12:30 freakin show-off

  11. More Teaching a Friend like this plz

  12. Type 64 is the most balanced vehicle on tier 6 after a kv2.

  13. Rastislav Chynoransky

    I think Lemming should shout more on his pupils when they play it wrong and introduce other punishments too (sarcasm). Great session – if you can’t appreciates Lemming’s sense for strategic and tactical positioning feel free to add *noob* to your nickname.

  14. Hans_von_Twitchy

    Excellent tooning/mentoring. I particularly liked the way you cleverly added comedy by driving-while-map-pinging.

  15. On this map and spawn, I go F3 for early damage. There is always a heavy coming this way or TDs sitting foolishly in the open.
    Personally I disguise the hill. Always people blocking your shot for one shot and getting 3 in return.
    Many don’t know what to do after they won the hill. Even if it is a strong position.
    Yeah fool, try to defend your cap from that strong position.
    I started to avoid this rock humping areas, if possible. Not really worthy areas to fight for.

  16. More video like this please!

  17. do you mind if i delete your line

  18. Please do more teaching tanks vids. I’ve learnt a lot

  19. I enjoyed this video and it will help improve my game. Cheers

  20. Alphaketti Santonil

    superb mentor… i like it. he knows well the map and enemy movements.

  21. The lesson here is to platoon. I think that’s what I got out of this.

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