Teaching A Friend To Play WoT – Teaching Tanks EP1

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Source: LemmingRush

Apparently clicking on “Save As” causes Adobe Premiere to crash. Learnt the hard way.


  1. Imo most important tip would be “dont download this game”

  2. Peter wiggin ??? his charisma is intoxication

  3. I like the concept and it is very informative when you explain it live to a “less” experienced player.

  4. I like this. On top of you already speaking out about your thought process as the game developes, I do like to see how you deal with mentoring people who may or may not be asking the questions that I have.

  5. This was a good vid… we need more of these tutor vids which are played different when the game is critical. liked the first battle more then the second. Perhaps also some vids which are of mistakes you made and why you should not make them.

  6. Thanks. That was well worth watching.

  7. “Mentoring a student of mine”. This sounds more hardcore than me teaching someone flying (takes a ton more time and mechanical skill).

  8. More vids like this please…. very informative and your friend is asking the questions I would be asking

  9. please, more of these. i am trying to do the same thing in terms of teaching a few friends of my own, who has only played a few months now, and i would love the ability to study how you teach and what you point out. i will try out this walking through the what is going thru my head w/ my next session. please LR publish more of these, for i feel that it can benefit a lot of people out there who are attempting to teach and are having a hard time to make progress. thank you for your time.

  10. This was awesome! This also helps me explain to my friends how to play while platooning. Please do more!

    Any chance you’ll do the same for heavies?

  11. More of this. Also will show progression and improvement of your friend

  12. 7:01… What’s wrong with the Christmas Camo? Provided it’s the proper tank it looks good…

    9:30… Lots of times players will write off a safe route as something they can’t take due to the time… Yes that’s a safe route, but I feel Peter was concerned about the time it would take to get to the spot you wanted, and that’s something players have to learn is that if there is a better spot, and a safe way to get there, then go for it, even if it seems like a long route. Provided you are sure you are not going to get overrun in the time taken to get to that spot, or caught out and murdered…

  13. We want more!

  14. Friends don’t let friends play WOT or give Any money to WG.

    • No one should be playing this rigged pay2win garbage.

    • true dat. It’s almost like WG/WoT is a social experiment to see how much self torture the lab rats will pay for. They have open disdane for any sort of intelligent player base, and only cater to open wallet retards.

  15. Liked the video, should do more of these. Although I am not playing you are giving some pretty good play tips in situational awareness, odds of surviving a small engagement and using terrain to your advantage. Keep up the good work, cannot wait for the next one.

  16. Loved it listening to the interaction between you to and to listen to your thought process as the battle progressed. More like this please

  17. ?am i the only one who was like wtf you have same number of lights,meds,hevys,td and artys in the 1st game?!?!

  18. 6:14 – sounds like a sneaky bong hit 😉

  19. Very valuable, very helpful and interesting, thx!

  20. yeah, the video is pretty cool!

  21. Like the vid. Please do more. I learned from these games. Also, if he was learning why did he have all of those tier 10s? Is that your second account or something?

  22. What camo is this??? this shit dope?

  23. Gabriel Häggebrink

    Great stuff. More. 🙂

  24. Being a noob myself i find this interesting.

  25. Lemming we want more!! happy new Year bro!!!

  26. Leonardo Morandini

    Great content lemming. It is very useful as you explain your decisions in even more detail then usual (probably due to the questions of the player you are coaching). Give us more!

  27. Maybe with someone less good

  28. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Mate you care SO FUCKING MUCH about wn8.. I mean a care a lot too and i want others and myself to see that i am good at the game but man you are exaggerating way too much…I can understand that you maybe use it to keep improving, as a goal i suppose, but wn8 isnt everything bro chill a bit most players have like 600 wn8 or less anyway, it doesnt matter wether you have 3200 or 3500 it doesnt make ANY difference. Just my opinion tho because i care about stats a lot too.

    • Stathis Papadopoulos it is good to care that much about win8 cause you are not doing damage if you are in bad positions and or diying all the time at the beginning of the game

    • Stathis Papadopoulos

      Zack Zack thats what i said he maybe uses it as a means of improvement and thats what i do too but i think thats a bit tooooo much

  29. Alexander Dunsire

    This helps lots, im currently trying to get back into playing pc WoT after playing 3 years of WoT Blitz.

  30. If you don’t mind giving away free lessons, then more of this! 😀

  31. Happy new year. more of this. lots of more of this. pls

  32. nice idea this coaching vids. its relatively easy to learn how to shoot, brawl and sidescrape, but i think about 80% of your success in tanks comes from position and relocating in time and not a lot of people do that right. keep going!

  33. In before the mandatory “just load gold” comment


    Hey plz make more vids like this one

  35. I like this format.  keep em coming

  36. Loved this! Do more xD

  37. Do more!

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