Teaching an Average Player How to Position His Tank in WoT

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Source: LemmingRush

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  1. Positioning and map awareness is by far the most important skill in WoT.

  2. It's not what you think

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  3. Your mic is crackly

  4. Hey Lemming, I had the best game of my life yesterday. I know that you usually don’t do commentary on games posted by random people in your comments section, but could you at least take a look at the end scores screen in the link. Thanks for the consideration, and keep making high quality content!

  5. Wot sucks

  6. gianluca comellini

    On 8:41, I don’t think it was necessary to run away, you guys were the 2 top tier heavies of the team, you could very easily win that flank or hold long enough and get a lot of damage if you were outnumber

  7. Hey Lemming! I know you gave us the link to your wallpaper on imgur on-stream once, but could you post it once more because I reinsalled windows and lost it…

  8. Ευάγγελος Φώσκολος

    I quited WoT a month ago when my team lost 1-15 in 2 min 22 sec. YES IN FOCHING 2 MINUTES AND 22 SECONDS. WHAT ON HELL COULD I HAVE DONE TO CHANGE THIS you “I make money through WoT – I ‘ve got Streamers-CC MM” purple smart ass ?

  9. Lemming, till when is ur exams?

  10. Wheres the squeaky chair? DISLIKED

  11. Through all the WOT players and YouTubers you are definitely one of my favorite

  12. Joshua Alexander

    Lemming, is this kind of micro-differences in position (as it relates to gun depression/low profile) the reason why you consider the Russian mediums to have a huge learning curve (as well as being able to use the map effectively with such a quick reload)?

  13. RancidMarshmallow

    For you, what’s more important- suriving with hp or winning a flank? Hypothetically, say you and a teammate are alone on a flank. You could run away, taking maybe 1 shot, and leaving the teammate to die after not doing much, or you could stay, likely win the flank, but end up a one or twoshot and your teammate possibly dead.

    • RancidMarshmallow my money’s on leaving the teammate as a stall, falling back to a position to farm everything on the flank and keeping all hit points for later. That would be the play I’d be looking for anyway

    • Do you trust your teamates? If you believe you have teamates that can do the work then sacrifice for a flank is good idea. However if you have good reason to think that you are the only person that is aware of what happens then just run away

  14. Just play objects and type, easy cheesy.

  15. Lame!

  16. I really like your instructional videos for wot. As an “average player” and the sooooo friendly player base it’s hard to get pro tips to push your game forward.

  17. Love your work. Thank you for this upload.

  18. Another awesome video, I think its great that you help players one on one <3
    I have a question, why do people snap to third person before taking a shot? i always wondered.

  19. Ilmari Miettinen

    Most important skill in WoT

  20. good guy lemming, killing one tomato at a time. There’s a lack of good positioning resources like heatmaps that actually get you somewhere or map guides, I haven’t found any really good ones lately.

  21. LR teach us how to play arty as a unicum. Lol

  22. can you do a video on where to go in the battle depending on the team lineup and where the enemy team and your team have gone

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