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Please consider donating Cancer Research UK and SpecialEffect here:
12 Hour Charity Marathon LIVE NOW!


  1. Please stream too on YouTube and you get more donations 🙂

  2. I have been watching you for some time now. Great personality, fun, action, humbleness. Really one of my favourite streamer and youtuber. Keep going. Fingers crossed and greetings from CZ

  3. Pepiddy’s voice is like ASMR lol

  4. Muninn ́s Projects

    I have no work. But i was going to buy 3 boxes in wot. But i Will not this time . Get my 6 bucks

  5. I’ve never been this early

  6. When his dad play game for the first time but still plays better then most of my teamates

  7. Am I the only one who’s been watching QB for years but didn’t know he was called Will…?

  8. Valkyrie Musician Thirteen


    Quickbaby: No, you’re breathtaking * then drinks water *

    Peppy: *no u*

  9. Hes gonna do it sgain?

  10. “Yes Pops load the gold!!”

  11. Next time teach Dan tdm

  12. Pls share some money with me, I got index finger cancer from playing arty too much

  13. That’s epic

  14. Do somebody know what kind of xwm or mod did QB use in the opening minutes? I would appreciate your answer!

  15. Hey, Circon donated. Good guy.

  16. let rise some founds guys

  17. That’s baby Quicky Baby🤣🤣

  18. Quicky got the most damn British name ever tho!

  19. F in chat for Xbox wot

  20. Qb you should take alook at what they have done to wot console totally changed the game RIP wot console

  21. 9:13 Dont let the Comet hear you 🤫

  22. A tip of the hat from across the pond in Canada ….. o7 Also a big THANK YOU for your help in the fight against cancer ! Like your self I too have had a family member go thru it. Four years ago my then 6 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor and the next year was hell. To watch her go thru the chemo and radiation and surgeries and the whole time to do with a smile and a laugh …… she is my HERO ! She is 3 years clean now with the only effect being one less kidney and sadly she wont be able to have children of her own(she already wants to adopt) so again Quicky THANK YOU

  23. QB, you make your Dad play, what happen if he can’t stop play!! And become pro, and make own channel, better than you !!! Merry Christmas, man :3

  24. didnt we see this ages ago?

  25. u should show him warthunder vr

  26. QuickyDaddy

  27. Since you raised enough money for cancer research this year does that mean that finaly arty players will get their therapy?

  28. I’m sure he’d much prefer Elite Dangerous.

  29. Please do this later!

  30. Your pops is cool

  31. It’s very nice that you are doing this Charity this year too. Also i really like that you are playing with your dad and brother in World of Tanks. Great job!

  32. Congrats on your awesome fundraising!

  33. Me: Dad, I love World of Tanks.
    Dad: Sounds like a game which all the idiots play.

    Me thinking : (“Should I tell him its from Wargaming ?”)

  34. Are you winning, dad?

  35. Lol your dad was great!

  36. Omg the eye blinking noises.

    I’m dying!

  37. It’s quickydaddy!

  38. You’re a good man, QB. I lost my father to cancer back when I was 13. I’m not here for condolences, I just appreciate what you do so so much. I truly believe the money donated will help us find a cure some day. I’ll remember you when it happens.

  39. You truly have a good heart, QB. Wishing a merry Christmas to you and Mrs QB.

  40. when I was real young (like 10 years old) i introduced my dad to world of tanks 6 years later he’s still playing

  41. who tf disliked this video!!!!?????

  42. Mrs. QB is right, you don’t blink that much.

  43. Blinkybaby 😂😂👍

  44. Hey dad you do know I have a PhD but I rather prefer play WoT and teach you at the same time!!!!

  45. you’re a class act, sir…keep up the good work…

  46. The clip from last year where you dad shot the back of the teammate at the start of the game was hilarious.

  47. Some random guy posted this out. This is hilarious.

  48. I absolutely love what you do QB. thankfully I’ve never lost someone to cancer, yet I have tears in my eyes when I see what you do

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