Teaching The Frontline Game Mode – World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush

So, the context of this one is:
I was mentoring someone, he pays me to teach him to play. (A bit like piano lessons). for this session, he asked me to play Front lines with as he wanted to see how I approach something that I’m terrible at.

I asked him if I could record the result is this!

I hope you enjoy my video 🙂



  1. So this is what your mentoring sessions look like

  2. I don’t know why but in this game mode the attackers seem to win more, but that is just my experience.

    • Winner Gaming it depends on the teams really.

    • A good platoon can win a game for a team. I think the defenders have a huge advantage at C/F, with it being the hardest to cap (from the games I’ve seen), attackers get a pretty ez cap on D with how the castle is setup, but unless the attackers push really hard for the Guns, then the defenders usually win. Personally I thing killing a Gun should add an extra minute or 2, but since it doesn’t, the defenders (if team isn’t garbage), can hold off the assault long enough for time to run out.

  3. Okey, I’ve never played this game mode. So I’ve a question for you, i can see a rank in the top left corner, is that a rank you keep, or is that a rank you only have in game?


    *Every new tier 8 player asks the same thing lmao*

  5. Kylo Ren's Rage

    Takin on anymore mentorin sessions yet?… 🙂

  6. lemming rush the personal reserves are not active u noob XDD

  7. Debate question, is3 or 110

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Kamasuk W IS-3 buttf*cks 110

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo you got something more contextual ? than it buttfucking ?

    • Savage Adidas Tracksuit Slavaboo

      Kamasuk W ? well IS-3 has better armor, better gun, more mobility so I think you should go for IS-3 it’s better overall

    • The is3 is better in more situations than the 110. However, I prefer the 110 for its higher viewrange and higher rof despite the lower alpha. It also can’t side scrape as well but I find that the 110’s frontal armor is much more reliable.

    • Americanlife7022

      I’m about to get the 110, it looks like the coarse ugly cousin of the IS-3. Which it is..

  8. It’s quite impressive, artys have literally 30 targets but still they choose to focus u.. 😐

  9. tbh I dont really like Frontline, but I like Lemming so I’ll watch it anyway. *shrugs*

  10. YoungHittaTrappin [MOMS]

    Nice content man. More Frontlines pls

  11. I had the problem not being able to shoot the objectives dt add-ons it seems.
    I also have the impression that a tank with good penetration needs less Gold ammo.

  12. It's not what you think

    You mean I can pay you hourly to ask me how I think we should play?

    What a deal

  13. flank in is-3 it takes ages…

  14. wow u are did worst then me … and im new in this game (4 days of game playing )

  15. Americanlife7022

    Love the Tiger ll on this!

  16. omg i have seen tomatoes play better

    • madalaskann

      I’ve had teams so bad that I actually make an impact from time to time, and then there’s times where I get spawncamped for 10 minutes by fucking autoloaders because fuck what anybody says in chat right.

  17. Americanlife7022

    This new game mode is absolutely Great!

  18. Richard Wroblewski

    Lemming. Im here to call you out. Arty may not have a lot of use or as much relivence in FL as it would be in pubs, but I actually Like it in FL cause its more dynamic on both ends. You can fight and move out of enemy arty range, they have to move and shift as the battle goes on. Arty is now more active and forces them to go for kills and cappers and not just xvm snipe. Arty isnt useless in this game mode.

  19. Lemming I think you Played to passiv. Dont drive from B to C or from A to C only you are thinking that you can do more DMG There. The Mode brings you the same Credits and Levelpoints even if its been a lost. So I dont care about wining and losing. Sure, sometimes you have to yolo in the cap for a reset on defendingside. Frontline is a long mode for videos and you are driving around in the IS3;) I hope we can See more Frontlinegameplay With you as a General. 🙂

  20. What a waste of money

  21. on attack u have to push the bases or you lose on time. fed up of those camping in 46 and skorps losing games who have no hope of holding a base. Also arty can be a game winner as you can hit more than one sector/cap if you have to. Everyone i seen make general and lose game have done it in skorps/46

  22. How much do you charge for a lesson?

  23. Lemming should stop camping in FL

  24. Lemming,

    > Aim jumping up

    The back of the map(behind the defenders – attacking side is fine), is bugged. And if you aim at it(e.g. if a tank goes unspotted and now you’re looking at the mountains in the back), then your reticle will jump up.

  25. They sell Alpine Tigers on NA?

  26. “My biggest concern is how are we gonna take Alpha when we are up here?”
    “Oh well, we have got teammates doing that.”

    Best joke I heard so far about the Frontlike gamemode xD

  27. hey there , Arabic is my 1st language

  28. start using battle consumbles cause they make life a lot easyer and you get the action when you go fight for cap. You played this wayy too passive. next vid about frontile pls do explain how to play as med as heavy and as light.

  29. Tactically rather average…
    I had the impression that your teammate had more awareness then you at times.
    On the other hand FL is new to all of us and it’s a lot going on there, so go for it. Enjoy.
    You’re authentic. Thank you

  30. Frontline attacking need to be aggressive if you want to have any chance of winning. Attacking main goal is to cap the target as fast as possible so you can have ample time at the end with the objectives.

  31. You can’t rely on teammates to cap.. IF your objective is to win. If you just want to farm damage then sure

  32. I love how it is the “pubbies” job to cap and it is your “job” to farm damaaaz because you are you. Nice attitude. This is why I get fucking sniping heavies because its beneath them to go and cap and push the line.

  33. Domagoj Lovosevic

    look,you are a very skilled player indeed,no doubt,but IMO you were to passive at the first few minutes of this video,for like 6 minutes,or either this was like one of your first 2-3 games playing frontline,and i certainly did not expect u to be playing is3 here,but still gg

  34. I think taking aggressive locations in that game mode works the best. For example rush the cap before the enemies can get to your flanks, take the hill location on C, take the church flank on A, push cap on B. Same locations work for defending team, too. Losing a tank or two doesn’t matter, sometimes it’s a positive thing since you can move fast to an area that might have some advantageous position open.

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