Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks often mercilessly makes you the bottom tier heavy, especially in the Churchill VII! Today I’ll need some teamwork to get through!


of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. “And that is a 3400 damage game on the churchill and 5 kids”…. erm??

  2. WG needs to and a Tankette event where everyone has a Mia”s.

  3. nah…more like team work=Dream

  4. The Churchill and Black Prince don’t need a turbo, they need an afterburner!!

  5. Jonathan Vieira França

    I’m brazilian, and I have a Churchill VII, a AT 7, a Bishop(and is the only arty I like), a Cromwell, a Crusader and the mighty TOG II. So I like the British Tech Tree. But my only 3 ME is a german tank, a Jagdpanther.

  6. Fake: teamwork in wot?

  7. Quicky went grom quick to Turbo <.<

  8. Interesting. The AT’s line is not armored. Not one bit. The front has several weak points and all it takes is a little aim to take them down. With premium ammo you can almost literally autoaim on them. That’s how well-armored those tanks are. That’s terrible line. Slow tanks with paper armor. Makes no sense at all. Sometimes you can do well in them against bots, but as soon as someone who knows how to play just a tiny little bit. You’re done.

  9. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Unpopular opinion: Black prince> Caernarvon

  10. QB: “Slap a turbo on it.”
    Me: Free XP it.

  11. “I know to play this gun from the Comet”
    *spams Premium rounds non-stop*

  12. tevfik louis akbasli

    I`m a open mind fella but i think this map is the worst map in WOT..Because it`s just corridors and doesn`t allows you to much cross fires.. What you guys thinking about it?

  13. I wish I could play World of Tanks PC but I have no PC to play it on. I’ll just have to make due with World of Tanks Blitz on Mobile and watching QuickyBaby videos.

  14. The Churchill vii was my original favourite/best tank next to the tiger. But the new meta has destroyed that. Too fast and too much gold.

  15. Communications:
    Uh, didn’t they get rid of all the function key messaging ?

  16. Man I wish these games happened more often because it is fun when they do. Being stuck on the losing end of 15-3 games over and over kinda sucks.

  17. Requesting that 3 obj 277 video

  18. I would gladly share with anyone my replays not given the authority on discord or acknowledged but need clarifications on what you want interesting fights lol never ceases to amaze me

  19. In War thunder germans have Churchill VII and i can tell you that bastard tanks 88mm AP shells like nothing

  20. Probably this has done before but QB is now Turbobaby!

  21. The Bavarian Barbarian

    When Quickybaby picks off low health tanks: less guns shooting at you
    When enemy tanks pick off low health tanks: they’re S A L T Y

  22. team work … that’s still a thing in britain ?

  23. Dude QB the new coms system is dumb . They had a plan of leaving the wheel the way it was and just adding another wheel and they then they add this crap that no one uses anymore bc its only got 4 responses and its just useless. Its so annoying we have to highlight a tank to say something to them when all we use to have to do was use the wheel in a split sec.

  24. *New British tank destroyer : At-At*

  25. I like an other tier 6 brittish tank AT8 with turbo. Need to go up more techtrees. 🙂
    I am born with shakinghands, so all tanks is not so easy, I am one of the few who has sold my T29 and will not buy it anyway. Do not like close combats.

  26. Teamwork is Premium consumable!!

  27. Churchill should have historical maneuverability. Climb hills no other tank can and excellent over boggy ground as wargaming has ignored these

  28. Do more of these teamwork vids if u can

  29. I have gone for british heavy tanks as my first ever line and i had to give up. For a poor player I am, they are impossible to play.

  30. Tank: Exists
    QB: Turbo charger is good on this

  31. Nice video, turbo salesman.

  32. I skipped 2 churchill tanks completely 😉

  33. AT-5? QB starting get old making Jingles mistakes. It’s AT-2 -> AT-8 -> AT-7 -> AT-15

  34. 3:57 steady on KinkyBaby

  35. yeah, well done, unicum sealclubbing on lower tiers. WG, need more proofs that matchmaking by tank tiers is just rubbish?

  36. Hi QB – really apreciate this sort of replay, yes you used alot of gold but it was necessary and got the job done but very refreshing to see one of the big streamers playing a tank that is not OP and doing well in it still. It’s not the same when you see all the +2 replays, they get very boring. They still warrant a well done for doing well but this is much more impressive.

  37. I use turbo on S.Conq. big different. But yesterday QB rejected me when i asked him on twitch to use turbo. Told me that was bad choice.
    Now im confused…

  38. Great teamwork all around !

  39. Churchills need a massive buff, or to be canned
    Maybe even reduced in tier?
    The speed I can deal with, but the mosquito gun and the flat-faced unusable armor made me curse the very conception of such trundling scrap heaps
    That said, I’m past them now;
    Caernavon was great (had a blast playing it in Frontline), and now I’m getting a feel for the Conqueror.

  40. M44 aimbot.

  41. Tomáš Petr Chromec

    Teamwork doesn’t exist in WoT blitz

  42. this tank is literally unplayble if your free to play player

  43. 5:36 you mean AT 2

  44. I’ve just started getting back into wot and what a time to come back as a console player I’ve earned so much sliver I could just start to work on loads of tank trees but the Churchill 7 is taking for ages this videos great hopefully I can get black prince quicker now thanks dude

  45. Ask QB: which equipment to use on my XXX vehicle.
    QB:”in true QB fashion, let’s put a turbo.”

  46. QB, doom turtle zoom zoom with turbo?

  47. the best teamwork i can do are holding my fire when i see an enemy tank and let any team fire 1st then i follow up so enemy tank dont try to hide immediately(if i shoot first)

  48. 430U with no camo camping on hill with TD, says he saw you doing so he is doing…., you are the one that makes this game trash…

  49. For QB teamwork means listening to him.

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