Teleporting WT E-100 with a RAILGUN Coming Back – Waffentrager 2021 Event in World of Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Return of The Waffenträger Special 2021. World of Tanks Waffentrager Auf Returns, Comeback Special as Double-Barreled Waffenträger E-100. World of Tanks Halloween 2021. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous 10 Tank Destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100.

Once again something completely different was planned you today, but something what I simply can ot ignore popped up. Our next special featuring the legendary Waffentrager Auf is its comeback, again… But this time with some upgrades, such as teleporting and a double-barrel gun. 😀

What do you think?


  1. 🔴It seems to be a RAILGUN, not double-barreled one as I mentioned many times in the video… Autoloading Railgun IS SPOOKY! 😀
    What did you think about the last years event? Liked it? Hyped about this one?
    As always, stay awesome and stay tuned! Also, consider setting the *subscribe* button on fire!

    • xd you literally said “double-barreled” like gazillion times in video xdxd

    • From the looks of it, I’d say it is and isn’t a double barrel. It’s using 2 barrels to fire 2 shells at 1 time as they’re supercharged when fired. The middle of the gun assembly is where the energy is fired in sequence with the shells for maximum effect and to lower the overall weight of having just 1 big gun assembly that would need entirely new shells that would not be as efficient in combating multiple enemies due to having to use more energy than with 2 barrels next to each other to act as the bridge. So yes it’s a railgun using 2 barrels

    • Got bit anoyed because it sowd how the typical railgun works in the Notepad

    • Doesnt look double barrel. Rail guns use two massivesupermagnet rails on each side of the accelerator channel to hyper accelerate a projectile to incredible speeds. They have test models in use currently on some warships.

    • The music is weird

  2. I wonder if the Waffentrager will be player controlled or NPC.

  3. Back in the day…this tank are scary, now this tank hunt u xDD

  4. i just hope theres this event and Mirny 13 too…

  5. Kantemirovskaya1 Lightning Armor

    yes-sound is right!

  6. Not gonna lie if this is halloween event then its kinda boomer because mirny 13.was.just tooo good

  7. Bro its one gun on WT E-100 if I see good….

  8. This music gives me goosebumps

  9. They are not even trying hard. All they did was merge last wtf and meril event together.

  10. The funny thing is if they brought it back in game it wouldn’t even be meta in todays wot

  11. You can sing t.A.T.u. song “All the things she said” along with this music

  12. there are no two only a cannon with reilgun

  13. one gun

  14. Double barrel drinking game!

  15. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Mirny-13 meets Last Waffel.

  16. If your askin yourself whuch song you might here outta this its “Petrunko” thank me later

  17. – So, Villanelle was a villain?
    – Duh

  18. I dont know why not return WT E100 back to the game. Whit some modifications (nerf) it would be a nice option between Grille 15 and JPZ E100. Anyways, this one looks awsome, great job WG.

  19. Nice youtube premium you got there.

  20. I need me that soundtrack right now

  21. “Arcadey… ” This is WoT now.

  22. The Soundtrack reminds me of the Resident Evil Soundtrack 💪🏼

  23. New premium tank guys 😁

  24. When you said new maps i thought “new maps” for this event but that are just standard maps…. Sad reactions :/
    First map is Murovanka,second is Steppes and third is Siegfried Line..

  25. Good to see a lot of corrections in terms of how a railgun works(ie, its not a dbl barrel tank) – no mentioning of all the strategic teleportations? – edit;nvm, was some at the very end

  26. I just hope it not again a time gated s*** fest 🙁

  27. This was released on the Official NA channel….on the 21st

  28. 1 more crap mode

  29. wish they add cool stuff like smoke nades, wot is really boring now, too much hulldown cancer, impossible to push vs them

  30. It’s awesome!!! I think the other 2 tanks at the end are probably T-62A maybe? Since they could all be tier Xs…

  31. Not 2 barrels but magnetic rails to propel the round to an extreme speed

  32. LOL, I dont think DEZ said in any video so many times double barreled 🙂 Thanx for the content! as always!

  33. I don’t think it’s double barrel actually it looks single barrel to me and those two prongs are the accelerators for the railgun projectile

  34. The old legend that are over powered or ill say, a bit cheater tank will come to the game

  35. Why don’t they bring it back to the game? 279e is op but it is still in the game.

  36. hmm is it double-barreled or 1 railgun

  37. Yay new video

  38. Sounds nice. But don’t we already have the shields ingame? Seems like they just gave every tank ebr armor ….

  39. Fuck Halloween . I want WT back in tech tree.

  40. Bringing back something I already researched and purchased, stick it up your ass WG.

  41. I like how i never lost playing it because ive played the normal one they just deleted for 0 reason…


  42. It is not dubel barel gun u dumb

  43. such a tank woud fit well into the 40k universe, but isn’t WoT supposed to be about historical tanks?

  44. for the people that are intrested i found the lyrics The song is in a fictional German language.
    The vocal melody was based on the folk Bulgarian song “Bre Petrunko”
    Текст песни Возвращение Ваффентрагера текст:
    ergan wie bitojtung der keigen
    es grunte falfige zue noch
    nur petre da fawentragen
    shted funden zakor is egal
    zu leufen wiede von weisen
    von getten shtako entahlen
    behennen framdo die einfahl
    wir sonnen wafentragen nach

  45. Hey dez, i think the wot express is the audio for the event is is on wot yt eu.

  46. The quality of your news videos is decresing.

  47. If they put that much energy into this it will probably be at least moderately P2W but hope I’m wrong…

  48. Day 65 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  49. Hell yeah! Boom boom boom EBRs

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