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Source: QuickyBaby

Judgment Day is to of Tanks on the 12th of January as the Terminator Battlepass travels into the game! ALL WE KNOW!



  1. Hasta la vista… Baby!

  2. Never clicked on a notification so fast

  3. hey qb love the content!

  4. You’d think they would have used hiring him during the holiday ops, but looks like the T-800 doesn’t have Arnie’s voice or likeness at all. Lame.

  5. Fun fact: Did you know that by reading this fun fact youre going to have a great day?

  6. Seeing a black 3D Style for the Super Conquerer and MVY… but they had styles already recently? 🤨

  7. QB is a Chad Beethoven enjoyer judging by his youtube recommendations

  8. Best battle pass yet

  9. how can on QB video, of the “wotclue” the dislikes numbers are visible?

  10. Flojoair Flojoair

    your wallet is what wargaming wuld say 😉

  11. Wow, first mission marathon where you can’t get the premium vehicle for free, SWEET!!!

  12. WG are in 2023 like the 13yr old boys they were when they first saw Terminator. Naff.

  13. T2 was the greatest film ever made at the time. The fact that it’s 30 years old is mental to me.

  14. Concur. Well done WG.

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