Terrible. – CDC

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  1. Nice game. Great stuff.

  2. I just can’t play those butt-ugly tanks. 😛

  3. Am i supposed to read the title french or what? :]

  4. I envy you .. my CDC is still broken .. I missed fully aimed T49 from 200m twice and he hit me on move “in return” for ~800 …

  5. I don’t care what people might say, but i love my CDC!

  6. never have i seen the cdc perform that!! and i have a 5 skill female crew… wow id play it more often if the gun wasnt so bad

  7. Lol came back after 2 months without YouTube and here comes circon!

  8. Helllo Cricon!

  9. 50% to pen scorpion if arty would have 1mm pen XD

  10. No pen, no gain.

  11. Arty is a “support” class? ALL tanks are a “support” class. This game is not balanced in any way lol. There are no classes in regard to “support”. Just fucking get rid of arty altogether – that’s what you really want.

  12. I have said this before but hey who listens give players the choice of entering a battle with or without artillery a bit like the choice about doing an assault – if we could do that I suspect artillery would just wither away

    • No. Will never happen.
      If players choose to opt out of arty, then those who didn’t will see nothing but arty parties. And I guarantee you, no matter how much you like arty, you will get sick of it that way.
      And very soon no-one will play arty anymore.
      So, this would be utterly pointless. Might as well just delete arty and save everyone the grief. And that won’t happen, as players have invested a lot into grinding out their SPGs. Removing arty now would cause an epic shitstorm.
      I realy don’t see WG poking this particular hornets’ nest.

  13. I spent a decade in the artillery. I’ve seen what a 155 mm shell does to an M1 Abrams tank. The old arty damage is way more accurate to what actually happens to a tank hit by 50 kilos of metal and explosives falling out of the sky than the new mechanic. That said, the accuracy of the arty in WoT is ridiculous. Real arty, especially WW2 arty, can’t hit a tank in one out of a hundred shots. I know, I’ve hit (derelict) tanks in the impact area, but only a handful of times over the course of 10 years. The biggest problem with arty in WoT is that it is not arty. It is an indirect fire TD, and that isn’t even a thing. The entire class needs removed because it is (big word warning!) antithetical to the nature of the game. There is no way to fix arty without making it a class that no one will play, so WG needs to make it a class no one CAN play. Oh, and nice game Circon!

  14. Whoa whoa whoa.. I *don’t* have to turn up the sound volume to maximum on a Circon video?! Nooooice!!

  15. what’s funny is they super-buffed the t-44-100 in the test server and left this pos alone…

    then there’s the jagdtiger 88 and my goodness the black prince. both untouched

  16. Shittalking a gun with .31m dispersion on an open map as top tier. TRAAAAASHHH

  17. Cdc is not a bad tank, unless you don’t know how to use it.

  18. One pen, pistol can pen that, i am not arty player but jezz you guys are pussies leave arty alone, its good now. Good playeras hate arty because arty fuckd theirs plan

  19. yay mcdonalds cdc

  20. Radioactive Turtle

    What if instead of doing damage or stunning tanks, artillery just fired into an area of tanks an obstructed one team’s tanks from seeing the other by like kicking up a massive cloud of dirt, snow, or other terrain? It would be giving one team the advantage but not to an overpowered extent.

  21. Marthijn van Oorschot

    I am fucking curious how an arty can splash me for no dmg, but my crew gets stunned for 10 second…

  22. AMX CDC: 30mm front armor at Tier 8
    Renault H35: 40mm front armor at Tier 2
    GG Wargaming

  23. You know there is something wrong with that tank when there is a showcase battle played by Circon and doing only 3.7K damage. And it’s tier 8! This tank is a real shit right now. Remember the good old days when this tank was sooo good.

  24. CDC is a bad tank? How? Because of thin armour? Everything else about it seems pretty ok to me.

  25. Is circons mod pack available ?

  26. 3-5-7 matchmaking is literally aids. Wait, no complaints about matchmaking in the year 2018 ? ? Are we actually doing this? Legimately? Feels good feel bad man. Oh well.

  27. Luckshots.com, May I Take Your order

  28. He never dabbed the 2 key.
    Never took a hit.
    Tank Sniper.
    Top Gun.


  29. Cameron Rotten Lemon

    This is one of the few good maps for this tank

  30. Serial killer!

  31. CDC is one of my Favourite tanks. Apart from armour it’s got some overall decent stats. The engine especially is a huge part of the tank.

  32. does circon have max wievrange on all his tanks?

  33. I put the name L’invulnerable on my CDC because no one can pen it.

  34. To be honest I think MM would be better if single tier the most common and then 2 tier and finally 3 tier least common. However I do think they would need to look at limited MM tanks if they did that.

  35. Got hit by arty 5 times in my batchat in one match, I wish they never changed arty and I got one shot so I could quickly move to the next battle.

  36. do you have something against EVERY map in WOT? wtf is wrong with this one?

  37. …or just remove arty 😀

  38. therandomnessisreal

    They should really buff the gun handling (or the dpm)…

  39. CDC gun hits things. What the heck? Hacks. ;P

  40. Circon probably has the highest amount of Credits I ve ever seen haha. Hilarious really

  41. Stun What to long. Ive noticed it has no effect at all players they continue driving alike nothing happened and shoot and kill tanks as usual. It doesn’t do anything ,but use up graphics, LOL Semper Fi

  42. How I see the CDC gun, it reminds me of the Cromwell gun but then in tier 8… Seems decent, but a little bit troll

  43. How is Red Shire the best map? South can rape heavies going into position in the east while the north has to wait for them to push all the way around the rocks.

  44. Why don’t you like redshire? I always do well on that map

  45. *M 4 R E V O L V E R*

  46. Jeez, shut up about arty already chat monkeys. It’s part of the game, and they’re on both sides. Learn how to hide from them, or keep moving. Otherwise, fuck off to Facebook and play FarmVille or something. This is a mans game, and men don’t whine like little babies every time something doesn’t go their way. This game doesn’t go your way, you have to know the way.

  47. Just uploaded an obj 268 v4 replay where i just kinda sorta dinked around and got 10000 blocked damage. Nice meme.

    here is the title so its easy to find “New Td balans comrade 10000 blocked damage comrad nice meme”

  48. tier 8 game, 10 out of 15 tanks are premium in 1 team… awesome

  49. I once got a tank sniper in the KV-2 with the derp, the game ended ans i had about 3.6k damage

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