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Source: OddBawZ

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The T1E1 is the tank I never thought 'd need… but I was WRONG! The T1E1 in Thunder is a pretty much identical tank to the with one VERY important upgrade… it has an ELECTRIC transmission.

What does that mean? Well… you can go in reverse as fast as the tank can go forwards making this the jiggle peak champion of WW2! With two cannons, a 75mm and a 37mm this is an AMAZING platform worthy of 5.0 USA!


  1. MarchuxProductions

    Please make a T-34 plush and call it Teehee34 Tonk

  2. bought one for my sons birthsday, his 9 in 3 weeks and I showed this to him and he was like, I want that as my Bday present!

  3. Just noticed the 8.3 hell xD

  4. “A quick reverse gear is underrated” cries in British tech-tree tears…

  5. Great intro

  6. Does he not know that in that last game he is with bo Time gaming bo was in the yistavark at the beginning

  7. I really want for gaijin to add the M36B1 on the US tech tree

  8. I was thinking about getting this to use the 37mm as bait

  9. My friend hates the M6A1 because of the way it was in early WT from what I can tell. I joined WT way later than he did and I’ve loved it since I got it. Can’t wait to go get this one now too!

  10. It would be really cool to see you play the american m-13 GMC at 1.7 not as an aa, but as a TD, its surprisingly good

  11. Егор Куксенко

    Why briiish accent is so annoying, just can t watch because of it

  12. Something Pointless

    how heavy is the tigor??

  13. Hey odd, what do you think of the larger lobbies?

  14. If there is a AMX 13 plushy, I would have to pick one up.

  15. I wish they would have added the version with the 50 cal that is sticking out the corner of the roof that aims always toward the sky, not that the 50 cal doesn’t do that but there was an enclosed 50 cal on the roof pointing at like a 30-degree to 45 angle that they made on one of these prototypes. But them 50 cals in the front of the tank they placed into the back upper corner of the roof just like they are placed in the front of this thing but made to shoot planes out the sky. But hey this thing is kool and stomps for sure.

  16. what music did Odd use for his Tigor tonk plushee?

  17. So the only thing that’s different compared to the M6 is the reverse speed? It should be in a folder…

  18. At 28:00 is Not spawn camping with not all zones taken by friendlies?
    Or is it okay because its featured on youtube, or what’s the deal here? We get kicked from clan for doing just that!

  19. Why is the m6/t1e1 good? Same reason for the maus, twin guns

  20. This thing is 4.7 in AB. I’ve seen it in action against full downtiers, and one tank can shred through an entire enemy with 10+ kills in the hands of skilled player. Crazy tough.

    • I hate this thing in my battles, they sit back and disappear after every kill. Even if the guy charges in, if you don’t one shot they just turn and you’re g o n e

  21. You gotta do a chocky chally 2 TES plushy with Britain suffers on the bottom

  22. Fury movies had so many good moments, actually mostly good moments, the worste moment was when the actuall fury tank and the actual Tiger faced of and the tiger left both cover and closed in, more and more lowring his armor’s worth and completely ignoring realism.

  23. I think the T1e1 should stay at 5.0, but the m6a1 should go back down to 4.7

  24. My third game in this tank I found some poor Chi-Ha that took cover behind a hill with bushes on it..
    I took my T1E1 backwards over it it, bursting through the brush with the tanks ass end towards him.
    He seemed very surprised & missed his shot and I proceeded to take him out.

    Was dirty, But I got ’em good.

  25. Can you please do a video on the Ratel 90 pretty please <3

  26. Odd can you play the unloved derp plane pbj-h

  27. 19:03
    guest appearance from Bo Time Gaming and Sturmling lol

  28. The 37mm M51B1 shell can pen/kill early tigers, I’ve done it in an M22

  29. Can you use the AH-1Z viper please

  30. ImARobot beep boop

    why do 90% of American tanks have no chill when it comes to mg’s, at this point im starting to think they made too many had just started throwing them on everything

  31. Oddbizzle, please play the copy noodle object 120 the PTZ89 attempts number #3

  32. Corsairs of Nar Shaddaa

    The Italian 90mm APHE on the M36 cannot frontally pen this. I’ve given up trying.

  33. The truck 8:20 was me XD

  34. 21:12 HOLY CRAP Bo Time Gaming used the lancaster here!!

  35. One thing I did notice is that the hull-mounted twin .50cal loses its traverse in the T1E1 vs the M6. Fortunately I didn’t discover that the hard way, I was just dicking around with it in test drive mode.

    EDIT: I JUST noticed Bo and Sturmling were in the same game as Odd in the 3rd match xD

  36. Nice vid tnxs. At 16:40 they were annoyed that you got the kill they were lined up and waiting for. So they shot you once.

  37. I’m definitely getting a plush.

  38. I’m glad you made a video of it. It’s literally a Porche Tiger but American.

  39. @OddBawZ can i buy them one as a german?

  40. At this point im convinced that youtubers are put against the least performing players, never ever would I be able to roam around like he does without being deleted in the 1st 20 seconds of doing so.

  41. worst bomber pilot and rubish tanker

    so is it only for thirty days or What?

  42. worst bomber pilot and rubish tanker

    also what currency is the price in

  43. Your PC IS_ALL_WELL

    Bro them side skirts can be used for something better than my finger

  44. Oddbawz vs BoTime in last game. Obviously Oddz crushed it.

  45. juan carlos sanchez

    As a t34 85 enjoyer i like to say that the t1 struggles againt the t34

  46. Anton Stjernström

    Day 1: asking to get a nuke in the bt5 at toptier

  47. Funny how T1E1 aka T1 Heavy is higher BR than M6 in War Thunder, but in World of Tanks it is the opposite T1 Heavy is a tier 5 tank and M6 is a tier 6 tank…

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