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Sherman Story Link – https://taskandpurpose.com/popular/texas-man-buys-sherman-tank-parks-front-house-upsetting-hoa


    • Phly answer this . .. Why the hell has war thunder gave the a4 an afterburners in the loading screen. And why the hell does war thunder sound like a doom sound track . shouldnt it sound more like ww11

    • Hey phly, I got a phun challenge phor you! take out the phrench Jaguar A with the TBA Muti-dart or the TBA ECC rockets into ground RB and wreck some tanks!
      ps: I won’t quit
      attempt# 46

    • Do you also play on console . someone has the same name as you. Xphldailyx

    • good link man, watched the whole entire video 💪🙂 god bless america, god bless your country phly, much love from the philippines ♥️

    • That HOA needs to chill out, they are clearly jealous that it’s not there’s 😆

  1. Challange : Use the FlaRakRad solely as the worlds largest, bulkiest scout tank.

  2. have you noticed that pushing a wheeled vehicule without wiring it the tires are blocked but if you wire it its moving…

  3. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    I’m a simple man

    I see tesla, I click

  4. Phynaly!!!

  5. Imagine blocking a road with the maus

  6. When you are not sure if you want to play War Thunder or Euro Truck Simulator 😀

  7. The Royal Australian

    LeClerc: *exists*

    FlakRad: *hull break*


    Teammates: _Remember, teammates = enemies_

  9. Can we make a clan in war thunder ? because I new at war thunder !

  10. The hacker problem is out of control at top tier in air rb

  11. TOG ll’s long lost relative.

  12. Pls play the Japan G8N1 big bomber in Air RB? If u can…

  13. FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! FLAIRS! DED …oh it was manually guided

  14. Intro music anyone?

  15. Please_Change_Username

    Nooo Vickers. Go back to… fish and chips.

  16. Mig 21 bis tomorrow?

  17. Eurotruck simulator 2025

  18. That’s really good car,not like yours.

  19. Philydaily 3:28: this is too big to be in war thunder
    P5000 rattle: Excuse me?

  20. The maps are too fcking small for modern vehicles.

  21. “We’ve got to be serious!”

    Said Phly, never.


    *radar is off*

    “Not on radar”

    good one phly

  23. Bom, muito bom!! hahaha

  24. Supply and repair trucks will be a super nice addition to the game…

  25. Feuerwehr or THW MAN kat

  26. Could be a THW meme truck

  27. Du bist international bekannt 😀👍🙏

  28. I think you should do a all bomber battle

  29. Didn’t enjoy this one – silly and confusing video.

  30. Некто Никто

    German firetruck cosplaying as a SPAA watch now no SMS no registration

  31. 12:40 WT at its best! But a AA gunner turned orange when gets Headshot from 50cal

  32. 3:16
    Nani? FlaRakRad kieta?
    *Crashes into guardrail

  33. Hull break shouldn’t be a feature on a vehicle supported by a chassis.
    Just a thought.

    A ‘Chassis Break’ feature would be good though.

  34. This is just the modern equivalent of the gaz as milk truck civilian vehicle with weapons.

  35. The Flakrad is literally the van from The Incredibles

  36. “Phriendly needs help!”

  37. Do you like it

  38. imagine playing 10,7 and you are a Tunguska and you see a peashooter (p26~ i think)


  39. I am wondering if people are having the same issue as me. In test mode mission editor I cannot see my tracer rounds. I can’t get any mod on the forum to look at my issue.

  40. the new german PARTY BUS 😀

  41. “I’m alive! and we’re moving!” (lol)

    I would have already been killed from clear across the map, with one of those wt.. moments.

  42. Got to love that THC free weed that doesn’t get you high.

  43. What I don’t understand is how this is able to shoot tanks, but the Type 93 can’t.

  44. War Thunder’s answer to the Mobile Operations Center in GTA 5

  45. at least u enjoy this tincan. i tried to like it but i broke up with top tier

  46. Ah yes the VT-1 Missile, a French Korean and somewhat american missile That was never used by Germany and that is xompatible with the Roland system because France made it so for its launchers

  47. 12:39 when you sit on the toilet after eating taco bell

  48. MiG-21 is actually not nearly as expensive as you would think. A non flight worthy one will run you about $15 000. Actual flightworthy ones are quite a bit more, some $50 000+

  49. 2:52 ‘i need a horn’ yea gaijin should totally add that and also incandescent lightbulbs as headlights so we can have night battles at low BR.. just imagine war thunder with ray tracing lighting effects~ lol

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