Tested to the Limit in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

The LT-432 is a powerhouse of a light in World of Tanks but even that might not be enough to win this as it's pushed to the LIMIT!



  1. First I love you

  2. wargaming needs to either make maps bigger with less grindy choke points for light tanks to be more effective imo

    • I 100% agree with you, but then they also should change the battle time to be longer, team size to be larger and change the credit and xp gain for a win and a loss to compensate for the changes as well. Closest we have to that is grand battles wich nobody plays, since WG removed the option to earn battle pass points in them.

    • Warcrimes Incorporated

      They have steadily moved away from the open maps where vision control was crucial for the game’s entire lifespan.

    • My problem with lights is that they are really bad if you dont have a proprer crew and equipment

  3. QB can u make video on jagtiger it’s been soo long

  4. su85i plz

  5. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    I love you more budd!!!

  6. Thank you for great content. I enjoy your videos very much. The production quality, your knowledge of the game and your humor make for a great video.

  7. I don’t like this tank, I bought it and I just really don’t like i dont feel its that good or maybe im just bad…

  8. good video again like always 🙂

  9. Got mine in the same event you got

  10. Don’t you just hate that a former tier 7 light tank is moved up to tier 8, AND is far worse than the premium tank representing the whole tech tree?

    The low tier soviet light tanks needed some buffs

  11. Qb l want you oppinion in this. What do you think about an idea of WG giving us a vhoice to turn ANY tech tree tank as a premium tank, like during any event we each get a token that turns any tank into a premium, meaning it can farm gold and have more exp for crew but the tank stats are all the same. What do you think?

  12. Almost a Kolebanovs medal in my jagdtiger 1v5 situation but the last tank got me . (forget to upload the replay on WOTreplays……..)

  13. OMG I actually thought you were gonna show us a win against 8 players. That would have been some kind of world record.

  14. These lighter tank videos are always a joy to watch. You had excellent map control here, but somehow your team still managed a loss.

  15. Abdulraheem Adil

    Everyone who sees quickybaby with amazing prems on his f2p acc start thinking: how did u get it?

  16. Had a game in my KV-3, was nearly a kolobanov’s but the enemy who killed my final teammate rammed themselves to death as well so 1v4 in a 7,8,9 game, only won cuz I got lucky and ammo racked the E75 from like 1500hp or so and the rest were lower tiers

  17. You forgot tank lay out with crew set up again QB so crew is top at start

  18. BigFist OSmashem

    Got my ts-5 from the trade caravan. I have criminally went on to under play it.

  19. stranded_mariner

    floatng tank decals in replays is a new bug, noticed it in some other replays too, love the WoT bugs that keep popping up!

  20. happens to me once or twice a day games like these

  21. 122 TM Is extremely bad tank

  22. I have this tank and also have the tier 10, T-100lt ,but, i can’t manage to make this to work ,instead,the tier 10 is working for me as a charm….same tank (game play)different tiers….at tier 8 i play better with the ELC….

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