Textbook Ace – Lorraine 40T

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  1. Holy hell am I early.

  2. Aron Vanhaeverbeke

    Early ^^

  3. Great stuff circon.

  4. Stefaan Van Gansbeke

    actually don’t play WoT any more… still love to look at these vids ^_^ i admire your loyalty to this game.. so I can still have a look at the nice moments this game has to offer

  5. Have to ask HOW is that zoomout “mod” even legit and why is it in use by such a highly skilled player

    • is not illegal..

    • Complaining!! NO! just asking why its even in use, certainly agree with xvm bieng bad, probably causes more toxicity in the game than any other mod

    • It gives him an edge and isnt illegal he would just be gimping himself to not use it.

    • Aron Vanhaeverbeke

      He uses it because he thinks it should be standard in the game. I argee on that tbh. Now ofc this gives him an edge, but he said himself that he would happily give up his mods if xvm got stopped. Hope this answers your question. Just to be clear, I do not 100% support him using this but, well, the explenation is legit enough to me.

    • Pro tip of the week against toxicity issues, turn chat off, problem solved

  6. Gold spam DansGame. Helping that youtube algorithm 🙂

  7. “10-5 matchmaking is just such a joy”
    If only WG understood that.. I’d come back to WoT.

  8. Excellent Performance!!!

  9. circon what do you think of the overall map design? isn’t it too cunicular?

  10. Hello sir? I would like to register a complaint regarding your use of APCR.

  11. circonflexes ,plz don’t say it that no one is watching Your vids, You also have fans at Youtube 😉

    • I’m watching him, so I don’t have to play this sh*tty game anymore 😀 Thank you Circ!

    • almost 100k subs, while jingles/qb have “only” 500k (biggest wot youtuber). That’s really not such a big difference lol.

      oh and btw GOLD NOOB STOP FIRING GOLD LIKE A NOOB … ehm… NOOB? you are welcome circon 😛

  12. circon not streaming today is a bumer, but you gota have some days off

  13. What a beautiful game! Textbook indeed.

  14. Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam Gold Spam… there you go mate..my effort in assisting you in getting your YouTube algorithms pumping. 🙂

  15. When smbdy talk about the pilot i am kiking myself for not joining earlier into wot again…

  16. Did you know that there are tanks above tier 8? It also took me quite a while to figure it out.

    • Henri Liimatainen don’t worry buddy, he knows, he has got almost every tank in the game, except some of the extremely rare premiums and the clan tanks. He’s playing the tier 8s to grind gun marks and grind money for the new tanks coming some time soon

  17. Do I ever love that 5-10 matchmaking

  18. 100% victories in Super Conqueror ???

  19. Dirty gold spammer! Hope this helps 😉

  20. Ovidiu Alexandru Hubert

    Very realistic play, food and premium ammo 😉

  21. Can’t wait for the ELC I can’t EVEN memes

  22. Perfect 0 damage taken ace. Sub hype sound is sick. Never change it! <3

  23. Love your gameplay and I almost always “Like” your videos as will I do with this one but this game kind of depicts you as a hypocrite considering your complaining on unnecessary Gold use in this very recent video “Blood and Thunder – WZ 111-1G FT – Replay Cast” Keep the good work up!

  24. Who gives a fuck if you needed APCR to pen anything in this game… Fact is, if you’re driving a VK 100.01 P, you deserve to get “gold spammed”.

  25. The use of premium is fine, because you know when to load it and you clearly don’t fill the entire ammo stock with it. I’ve watched enough games to know that you aren’t a shameless gold spammer….most of the time ;D.

  26. Yeah, Algorithm!

  27. Man you make it look so EZ

  28. Why did the VK not go to the beach? Was his ‘A’ key missing or something?

  29. the gold spam 😉

  30. Wasn’t complaining about gold ammo a meme from 2014

  31. Omg the gold spam! “Helping circons Youtube algorithm” 😉

  32. Circon is one of the best WOT players, gj again

  33. Can’t wait for the customizations. That’s the way games should be monetized. Just let me get some fancy skins and skulls and such.

  34. you bloody dutchman, you make it looks so damn easy… 🙂

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