Textbook Scout Game

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Upload your replays here: http://circon.wot-record.com/ !


  1. What is the song in the beginning of the video? 🙂 Anyone know?

  2. Nice Viedo!

  3. That enemy team though.

  4. Great game !

  5. Great game. But, seriously, that team was full of window lickers.

  6. What ever happened to Snooze

  7. last time i was this early mm wasnt shitty

  8. Did you time to end the video right after some1 in chat said: bye youtube, or was that just hillarious coincidence? xD

  9. I abuse the he shells on this tank.

  10. So fences don’t affect HE shots anymore? I swear they used to.

    • theres certain”transparent” fences that you can shoot through, basically most stuff that still shows you the outline of the enemy tank. any concrete poles etc will ofc stop the shell.

    • They are also the heap or w.e the GF gets so that might be part of it.

    • Bikaz9

      Cheers. I could have been sure that anything used to stop the HE rounds.

      It’s extremely likely I was wrong. I usually am.

  11. t92 is true light tank for spotting, m41 90 is just medium which try to be light tank.

  12. I’d say “Nah”
    It was a good game, but not a textbook scouting. More of a typical medium play

  13. whats the name of song and band playing ?

  14. >scouting in m41 90

  15. The song is Restarter – Torche

  16. Are they going to be selling this tank again? I missed it in the advent.

  17. I’m DIZZY after watching that.

  18. Damn! “Noice”, BTW guys check this out: http://wotlabs.net/eu/player/Circonflexes

  19. You should up load the m103 John Cena circon that was the memes

  20. Circon, you are just special

  21. again amazing music Torche – Restarter

  22. This reminds me of the E50M scouting, 9.5k spotting..

  23. This music…
    I couldnt handle it sry.
    I will look the next vid again. 😉

  24. As usual, Circon put on a clinic! Always enjoy watching him play WoT! That BlackBulldog is quite a rush to play. I suck in scouts, but I played it twice this year and compleyed LT missions with honors both times!

  25. Not text book because the red team was doing…..something but it wasn’t playing world of tanks

  26. textbook scout would be lighting up the enemy team for almost the entire game like you did but your own team being to stupid to actually shoot anything

  27. Textbook scouting? Sounds like a book from a school that 99.995% of scouts must attend :V

  28. cheers to the “bye youtube” guy at the end. well done sir.

  29. The god damn song was fucking annoying as shit

  30. nice game! keep up the great work!

  31. German made sport tank

  32. 7:55 in the video, best moment. The moment the fucking noise stops.

  33. Isnt it weird that while you do get these congratulations messages you dont get anything, while other times at seemingly completely random you get vouchers for 20% off in the store. (I just bought the t92 with one)

  34. no kool legedary camo called creul twist…cheap

  35. Circ can you review Armored Warfare pls ?

  36. I can’t read

  37. I’m really digging that armor value mod that Circon has. Where can I find it?

  38. this game is shit being bottom tier in every game is NOT fun!!!!!!

  39. I suck at roll scouting. Overextend too often and get wrecked. Passive scouting is much easier for me. Great game.

  40. GG NICE GAME !!!!

  41. 4 days ago: “This tank is OP as shit and yes I recommend picking one up in the advent calendar”
    Today: “If my gun starts to work maybe we can have a good game”

    Nice meme…

  42. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    At 7:50 there are some color changing numbers under circon´s crosshair. is that a mod or something i missed this patch?

  43. Can I ask how to get that clean crosshair look?

  44. This is a cherry picked game. I have played hundreds of battles on this map and it’s very rare to be able to just take hill control so easily like that. The enemy team just gave you their flank for free…and 3/4 map control. A gift to you.

  45. A textbook game for me on THAT map, with that spawn, is driving into the middle of the field and sitting in the bushes at H3-G2, then going to make a sandwich, then come back to 4k+ spotting that I got on all the base campers. Assuming none of the base campers on MY team sat behind me and got spotted, that is 😉

  46. I always thought that this LT was an auto loader….It seems I was wrong all this time

  47. He makes 8 and a half thousand spotting damage look _so easy._

  48. What is he jamming?

  49. Super hard to get ace with this tank. Did 3.5k dmg and 2k spotting, 1345exp and only 1 class

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