THANK YOU, YOU’RE AWESOME (War Thunder Gameplay)

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Real Life Stuff Part 2, Thank you for the Support Yesterday!

Thanks for watching!


  1. The Bucks Family

    2nd like ftw


  3. The Bucks Family


  4. baron baron play with phly

  5. GO BARON!

  6. Thanks for all the support and kind words yesterday. That was pretty
    amazing. It’s great to see how the community is there me, and us, when we
    need it. So yea…you kick ass.
    I’ll probably miss an upload tomorrow/Friday and I get back from the trip
    on Saturday, so I’m hoping to get a video done when I get home. I hope
    everybody is having a great day. What is everyone up to this weekend?

  7. nugget

  8. aw

  9. Baron keep the videos GOING!

  10. Baron your awesome, keep up the amazing work.

  11. I Don't Understand Math

    I played War Thunder…

    but when my grapichs card died 2007 one said no

  12. what i dont like at warthunder: tiger I H and panther against t44 and IS 2
    1944op, at every range youre gonna bounce at those things and you dont know
    where they are, they are invisible in bushes

  13. Well done baron. Keep up the good work your videos are amazing!!

  14. in picture we have polish tank . this tank played in Polish serial 4
    pancerni i pies and tank name is rudy 102 :)

  15. u wot

  16. keep it up all you need to do is make peoples day better sorry for your
    family baron

  17. We the Community will always support you

  18. Terry Nikolaidis

    np baron u da best

  19. Also your awesome I watch all your videos and always leave a like

  20. Hey Baron, what’re you hoping to catch? 😛
    I, for one, love fishing, and I hope it well give you much joy and
    hopefully dinner as well ^^ (if you’re not a catch/release idiot like me)

  21. Baron Baron! why don’t you open any snaps people send you?

  22. Shadowuser 0112

    Bastion is my weekend


  24. Don’t worry baron ur the inspiration to all of us we will support u no
    matter what happens we luv u always u just do what you think is right. You
    Touch us in sooooo many great ways -DellDogg and YouTube

  25. Shadowuser 0112

    Plus we always support, I understand, I’ve had three people die in around 4

  26. thats the thing you support the Community with all your videos and the
    Community will support you in all what you do

  27. Shadowuser 0112


  28. Shadowuser 0112

    Bastion sucks

  29. the offensive walrus


  30. sebastian Marszalek


  31. When I first started to play warthunder, I started watching your videos and
    learned alot from you. So thank you , and keep on grinding brother.

  32. Great vid

  33. C3goExtremeforsure

    u are awsome baron.

  34. FranKolej Gaming Channel

    Rudy!!!! :D

  35. Ludvig Juel Martens

    you´re welcome baron your vids are awesome

  36. FranKolej Gaming Channel

    Baron you must watch “Czterej pancerni i Pies” its Old polish serial but my
    favourite for ever :D

  37. Baron, you are a real Kamerad to me, keep on marching!

  38. Baron, go take the time. I’ve got the luck to survive a leukemia, and i
    understand what you are getting through. just go take the time you need.

  39. hey baron, i ve never write something in ur videos but man, this was the
    moment, dont be mad, all of us are here to support u if u need ?

  40. Your welcome baron u da best

  41. Ludvig Juel Martens

    you are completely right watching you and others is an escape from the
    beautifull but also hellish thing we call life

  42. I’m sorry about your family Baron. You are an amazing youtuber and you
    should not feel sorry if you want to be with your family. Family always
    comes first and nobody will judge you for it or have the right to do so.
    You are an inspiration to many, and me. Keep up the amazing work and god

  43. Keep up the great work ! :D


  45. Ryszawy?

  46. I love you Baron, we are all here for you! o7

  47. Baron play more with this skin.

  48. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    do a custom battle with gunners only, no front weaponry and no us heavy

  49. Dude take a break, we love what you do. We always sit on our asses watching
    your hard ass work. Now it’s your time to sit down on your ass.

  50. RUDY 102!! :33

  51. MartinWhatElse 2

    My class mates are Smoking weed sind theyre 12-13!! I swear

  52. Red Lion Airsoft

    Desce nie spokojne

  53. @Baronvongamez I feel so sorry for you and you’re family

  54. Stalin will save you in your times of need stronk tenk

  55. I love you Baron. You’re a great person and you can do anything and
    overcome anything! You’re a great commentator and I love your videos and I
    love you. Thank you for everything you do and thank you for providing us
    with incredible entertainment. We’re always here for yoy!

  56. Ostfront “Ace” 00

    Baron what did you expect? Of course we support you. Like many other
    youtubers you make amazing content. If let’s say…minx for example
    (RPGMinx) she might say she’s struggling with her personal life or
    something else and she might say she needs a week or so…everyone supports
    her because of the content she makes. It’s the same for all youtubers who
    make great content for their subscribers. They also always say “thank you I
    don’t think I can do anything to show it” and then the majority of the
    people that watch those vids reply “you make great content and have no
    reason to try and prove how thankful you give us Great content and that’s
    all we need” which is very true.

  57. We love u

  58. You’re great baron

  59. Daniel Gonzagowski

    Keep on rocking dude!

  60. Baron i love yoouuuuuuu

  61. OMG Rudy 102 :D

  62. Have fun baron. And slow down take it easy and enjoy the little things and
    life will be just that much better.

  63. Felipe Velazquez

    baron, i wish you to be strong and have hope with your situation, you are a
    good person, and like me maybe you like fishing so good trip and good
    catches for you, enjoy it. Remember in God all will be ok. Regards bro.

  64. Am I the only one who thinks that War Thunder VR would be terrifying?

  65. Hey Baron! I have a quick question. Why don’t you record in 60fps? You’r PC
    makes you not able to or something else?

  66. Hey guys, what should I dedicate my time to, German tank tree, or Russian
    tank tree?

  67. Baron your awesome keep up the good work

  68. joker_is_not_ crazy

    Damn baron sounds like he about to tear up

    Sir I wish you the best of your life

  69. #83279 random guy

    Yer welcome, you handsome devil! Remember that we each have our ups and
    downs in life, and some are just lucky to have friends or a fanbase to help
    them through.

  70. Its so off sink tho kek
    also jews

  71. Baron are you crying or what but I know we all say about our personal life
    but keep the video up

  72. cheeseface mcgee

    Hey Baron, stay strong my friend- we shall stand by you even in the darkest
    of times. i can relate to this as just a couple of months ago, my cat was
    diagnosed with fibrosarcoma ( which is a very aggressive form of cancer).
    only a few days ago, we had to get her put down as she was in agony. its
    not the same but its relatable so stay strong my dear friend, chin up and
    we will always be here for you.

  73. Lol, I thought the thank you, you are awesome was referring to the T34
    85…. we all like you Baron, keep doing your stuff.

  74. About 3 months ago I lost my grandmother to cancer. I was distraught, for
    myself but also for everyone that knew her. I found it hard to study for my
    exams, to.hang out with friends, to play the occasional game because of how
    hurt I was. I decided to do some walking – not with my family, or my
    friends, but by myself. Walking really does just ease the pressure. I
    became more relaxed, I overcame the bad! I got amazing grades so I could go
    to a good uni, and I can hang out with my friends and family again. All in
    all, sometimes losing someone you really love can do you good man. Kepp up
    the great work, and if I were you, take a break, a big one. Spend the time
    with your family and yourself. Keep the good work man o7

  75. Baron what type of fishig do you like the most?? i love fly fishing

  76. not to be rude, because i missed the stream, what happened?

  77. its your life enjoy it your way dont worry so much about your fans like
    your main priority instead of your real life (family)but anyways just kepp
    up the good work! o7

  78. You got killed by a squadron mate of mine :)

  79. We’re here for you mate

  80. anyone hear about the Blue Angels crash? (sorry offtopic :P)

  81. You know baron, it’s great that you listen to your community as much as you
    do. And I love how you can confidently say and do all this stuff with your
    community and how we can help you with things, and I hope you can keep
    doing what your doing and that you appreciate this comment as much as a
    appreciate writing it

  82. As I’ve personally said yesterday, we are all here for you! You are the
    center of this community, we gather around you! If you need any thing’ any
    help, you can always rely on us! We are here for you, all of the three
    hundred thousand subs! And yeah, we all had our fair share of real life
    pain.. We are a community, and hey, if you don’t believe us, you need
    purgatory time in the gulag ;)

  83. we DO all go through stuff at some point. I lost my father 18 months ago
    and obviously you miss loved ones for ever but it does get easier(cliché I
    know,but true) to manage the loss. we all deal with it differently so if
    you took a month or a year it wouldn’t matter to us. we’d still be here

  84. you talking while having a facecam video in the background makes my brain

  85. ily baron

  86. Your no good to anyone, unless your good to yourself.
    Take a breath, take a break.
    You should put your heart first.
    We can wait.

  87. Joshua Craddock

    Baron, you are the most funniest, entertaining person on Youtube if you
    need to take a break we will support you no matter what! keep making great
    content. Your awesome!

  88. Abdou Djalil Boulkroun

    Man YOU’RE AWESOME that s why we love you :)

  89. imagine using the Vive with war thunder.. holding the trigger to drive
    forward, steering /aiming with the headset and shooting by tapping the
    button! (one trigger cannon one trigger mg)

  90. Baron you got a lot of support on your back .My mom ant is sick .you need
    to stop for like 1-6 days of youtube please do that and spent some time
    with your family.My ant only hase 3 weeks so do stop videos

  91. 4 Tankers and Dog 102 i dont belive

  92. Love you baron <3 :)

  93. Hey baron, we all support you and your channel luv u. if u can plz
    make a video where you take out either the leopard, chieftain or is4m when
    u come back from ur trip if not Gulag! up to

  94. Baron we all love and care for you bro and good luck with the fishing bro

  95. Red Lion Airsoft

    Gdzie sa moje polacy dawaj lika jak ogladnołes 4 pancernych i pies

  96. ___________________________________ memes are gr8

    😀 you make good videos mate never things something else:D

  97. BARONBROS FOR LIFE. Seriously we got you, you got us.

  98. Thumbs up for comrade Baron :D

  99. play star wars

  100. #Overwatch 4 life

  101. CrocodileTearsbro

    Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle – Plato

  102. Baron I’m really curious. What other YouTubers of similar content to yours
    do you watch? Do you watch Jingles? Have you talked to Phly since he left?

  103. +BaronVonGamez What kind of chair is that you use? And where can I get one?

  104. #soulsearching ^^ all love and support Baron !! But on a lighter note I
    really miss the good old days of Phly and Baron playing together 😉 What
    happened to that ? Did you guys went your separate ways ?

  105. don’t worry we got your back ?

  106. Fishing hell yeah!

  107. Take all the time you need Baron, we’ll always be here but your family may
    not <3

  108. SIlentXHunter gaming

    this is what a community does baron we come together in times of need tho
    we have weird ways of showing it

  109. Armand Potgieter

    оставайся сильным

  110. As always mate, if you have some important issues to resolve, we as a
    community will always be there 😀 take a month off if you need to, im sure
    together we can band together and throw a dollar in your direction 🙂 keep
    doing what you do best my friend, huge big ups from the UK, keep safe, your
    family also 🙂 x

  111. Guys anyone else interested making a huge community squadron?

  112. Baron we all love you and what you do go have fun with your family also how
    many fish did get ????

  113. Nicholas Martinez

    love what you do Baron!keep up the amazing work!

  114. Take as much time as you need Baron. We love you and we’re all here for
    you! :)

  115. 14 shitviets and fashits disliked this video…


  117. war thunder is like infinite warfare i have 10 k battles and i delete this

  118. theAmberbridgetroll

    Baron out of all the youtube channels that i have watched, your community
    is very friendly. The others dont bring their viewers together like you.

  119. Life and family are very important to everyone i think and hope, thank you
    for sharing this with us Baron and i hope you have a good te with youre

  120. I think baron is most famous for saying tits all the time lol

  121. just noticed baron has 30 k more subs that phly!

  122. Family first Baron.We are always here to watch your videos <3 <3 <3

  123. United we stand Baron, have one awesome weekend!

  124. never give up, never surrender Baron

  125. Be polite- North Dakota billboard.
    F*** u, you don’t tell me what to do! Go F*** urself, Be polite! F*** you!
    Be polite!- John Oliver.

  126. andre1mollosovich


  127. jonathan rydbjer

    You deserve to take a break, for a week or four. Spend time with the family
    and take care of yourself, we will manage without you for a while (maybe).
    Family allways come first!
    And I hope to see more men of war battles with slick in the future, it’s
    weird to say, but monday is one of my favorite days thanks to you two!

  128. william redmond

    No warring Baron about yesterday take your time. have fun with your family,
    take your time. Remember about the little thing and have fun with family. I
    said yesterday I understand. #BaronVonGamez

  129. Take your time. Love your content. I’m the same as you in regards to gaming
    as your main hobby and how you use it to relax and have fun. A lot of
    people don’t get gaming as a hobby or how the interaction with friends
    online provides a lot of the same social fun that others think you can only
    get at a bar drinking.

  130. Michael Thompson

    the upside down thumb nail should be the in channel code that Baron is
    about to get personal.

  131. That shot from the sky has happened to me but I got one hit and blew up
    from m aa half track strange

  132. My grandma has cancer over a year now and it’s really afecting my dad, a
    friend of mine dad died to ALS as well. He has tot deal with me not liking
    his new girlfriend so its pretty fukedup for my dad

  133. What is that theme tune that Baron and the guys keep singing! I’ve been
    going nutz trying to remember it!

  134. we’re here for you bud and you’re an awesome guy. take care and have fun

  135. Wait, what happened? What did I miss?

  136. you can give us your torpedus any day baron.

  137. Christopher Merola

    Baron, I was an idiot earlier and didn’t actually watch yesterday’s video
    before asking my question in it’s comments. It wasn’t until today, when I
    watched this, that I realized my mistake. Doing so when you had just posted
    such a heartfelt message was rude and callous, and I’d like to apologize. I
    hope your family’s illness and situation improves, and I personally would
    rather see you happy and enjoying yourself, than slaving to produce
    material you aren’t satisfied with.

    Good luck Baron, and to your family as well.

  138. In relation to what’s going on with your family, my grandfather passed on
    the morning of the 26th. The first thing I did was hop on youtubes and
    watch you and Phly. You guys are always positive, and that helped me for
    the rest of that day. You sir are one amazing dude Baron. Stay positive m8.

  139. It is fun to get away from real life for like 20 mins or how ever long your
    videos are, my mom thinks I’m a lazy gamer And it’s funny bc she doesn’t
    understand that it’s an escape, and that it is just a time to relax and
    have fun.

  140. you have bill cosbeys’s support.

  141. Hey dude, take some time off spend time with your family you know the old
    saying lifes too short I know I;m going through something with my dad who
    has got dementia. Taking time out now for them will be good for you as well
    come back when your ready .

  142. fins

  143. Keep up the good work and we are all here for you m8

  144. Love you baron, keep doing what you’re doing :)

  145. Keep up the videos Baron! Everyone goes through tough times but you just
    need to power through! Love the vids keep it up! ;)

  146. Notascarymonster The king of gnome,s

    You were at 330’300 like ten mins ago….spooky

  147. Baron I respect your courage to post that video for your fans to listen to.
    All well wishes from Canada.

  148. kevin themoderator

    fukin feggat, who dafuq care abuots reel life. give us som comentery.

    (faggot.exe has crashed, booting up real_meaning.fsbax)

    No worries! If you stop making videos for a few days, we will wait
    patiently till you come back. family is life, not the unknown places of the

  149. Baron baron play X COM 2 now pls im missing it 🙁
    btw get a haircut

  150. Feel free to open up at any time. We will always be here :). Enjoy your

  151. set up a team speak

  152. TBH: I love watching your videos and for you to give thanks to us
    constantly is just amazing. You make me smile!

  153. my dad died of one of the rarest brain cancers in his bloody spine last
    year and he was the healthiest man I know so I know how much of a bitch the
    universe is. point is your not alone.

  154. why dont you just try somthing new? try some parkour XD

  155. Crusade Gaming TBOG

    Baron, you do what you need to do. Take a break. A big one. You look after
    yourself and your family. THAT is what’s important. We’ll all be right here
    waiting for you and wishing you and your family all the best in these hard
    times. Please Baron, look after youself and if you need to talk, or just
    chill to take a step back, you know where to find us!!

  156. Nothing Wrong here

    He’s dieing

  157. Black Metal Daz 666 (Cyberdeath666)

    it happen to a lot of family’s bro and knowing youre not alone and that
    people understand and if there’s no video’s its all good ill just steal all
    youre sub’s :P

  158. Your more then welcomed Baron!

  159. No thank you for getting me into war thunder i look up to you man thank

  160. I support you Baron ^-^ …been here since around 120 thousand subs & not
    going anywhere.

    …As a gift for you Baron, I give you a British Aircraft carrier that you
    can use as a bigger ‘boat” on your next fishing trip.

  161. You take all the time you need. Family is more important than us.

  162. hi baron idk if you’ll read this but I just wanted to say you have a great
    amount of courage for doing what you did yesterday and I think that’s
    amazing. I play war thunder a ton and also the total war franchise I love
    history. my mom recently had heart failure she was gone for a short time
    but she came back and it’s great to see someone who is on YouTube to come
    out and say stuff like that with all the people of the Internet watching
    and some being really cruel and some nice and I am proud to be in a
    community with people who respected you and didn’t say rude things about
    your situation so Thank you Baron and Thank you everyone who is supporting

  163. Baron you could take a whole moth for all I care FAMILY FIRST. AND EVERYONE

  164. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Gooday Baron!

  165. no MR.baron thank you for creating for us

  166. I honestly hadn’t ever “liked” one of your vids before until the one
    yesterday. I’ve watched quite a few, but just know you’ve got my support
    whatever you do. You’ve got a loyal fan base, we’ll all be here regardless
    of any issues, and just wish you the best with the family and any real life
    issues you have that come up!

  167. baron hang in there bud we are here for you!

  168. Baron, you allways make my day, i like seeing good gameplays and you
    allways have something intresting to say, we will allways be here with you
    mate!!! You Are The Best!!!

  169. Baron, we all love you and want the best for you. Feel free to vent
    anytime. All we want is for you to be happy.

  170. Don’t sweat it BvG. We’ve all had some hard knocks and talking it out is

  171. you know baron, after a stressing day out there, I get home and keep
    stressing my self out until 10 when I’m in bed, and the first thing I do is
    open up YouTube and watch your newest video. It is my time to chill out and
    enjoy watching a great game with a great YouTuber. Its ok that you opened
    up and that you took the decision to stick to what you love…it is hard to
    deal with a situation like that and I know how it feels, I almost lost a
    family member and it was just the worst experience ever. Keep your head up
    and spend time with your family, I think I can live without a few of your
    videos. your the best man

  172. what happened ?

  173. What happend exactly? sorry i didnt see the dev thing yesterday…anyways,
    we got your back baron

  174. drfrenchfrythe3rd

    Baron-talk -Thursday’s

  175. Family first, take care and thank you for the video.

  176. thanks!

  177. BlueRosse Gaming

    it is nice to make this tipe of vid were u speack about yourself from time
    to time we are all like friends we like ur vids and no sometime some time
    off is needet.sry for my RIP ENG.

  178. We are here for you. Much respect for having this much faith in the
    BaronVonGamez community.

  179. It okay bro you are very welcome

  180. Cleveland Bradley

    You could have a cookout for all of us and BBQ 😀 ^^

  181. Baron, just take a break man if you need it! Your a human not a fucking

  182. Baron, this year has sucked hard for me lol. My grandfather passed along
    with my uncle and a close friend, another friend is fighting cancer and was
    given 3 months and my girlfriend of 9 months and I broke up. Your videos
    have always made me forget about everything and let me have just a few
    minutes of enjoyment. Keep up the great channel m8

  183. The First tank he killed when he started just showing the game play I
    unlock the same day love you Baron o7

  184. Bacon Gamer805 (Daniel Rangel)

    Waiting is fine, like waiting for WT ships(;

  185. Mr. Grenade (Pan Granat)

    why is Rudy on the thumbnail?

  186. I think it was either you or Phydaly who put out a custom battle video
    where it was biplanes going up against B-29 bombers and it was really cool.
    I wonder what it would be like to be in a custom battle with Russian
    biplanes that carry rockets against TU-4 bombers.

  187. it’s really great when a community can gather for support. the support I
    got was very comforting when my mom passed away from cancer and the fact
    that I live with my dad who’s an alcoholic and abusive. I hope you and your
    family have the best of fortune in this unfortunate time.

  188. that was very awesome baron take your time as we will wait

  189. This is the stuff I love about small communities. We have less idiots and
    more great people but a great community needs a great person to lead it. No
    matter what you do you have 330,389 people behind you.

  190. ‘rudy 102’ yay!

  191. <3


  193. No prob baron, we’ve got your back, so don’t worry bout us.

  194. Baron are you gonna be playing dreadnought?

  195. Baron do what u wish it will be understood if u have a terminal illness in
    ur family as family is more important

  196. Oh and my dad has had cancer twice so I understand

  197. thanks for opening up, and if anybody sends hate your way, be sure to tell
    them where to go and how to get there

  198. keep your head up Baron! love your videos mate! stay strong ❤

  199. Tomasz Wieczorek

    wow rudy 102 is a icon in my country…come from movie “Czterej pancerni”

  200. Gramma always said…
    Chin up, don’t let the bastards keep you down.

  201. enter.the.void.II

    Go travel drop the games you dumbass. I just don’t get it why would someone
    sacrifice real life and real experience for virtual video game nonsense.
    What’s new that you could experience playing video games? Best time of my
    life I had while htichiking across Europe

  202. We will always support you Baron. True fans and those who have been there
    and understand that your just as normal as the rest of use. Nothing but
    love and support man, we are here with you. #BaronStrong

  203. yeah and just relax always baron

  204. hey BARON PRO play red orchestra 2 or H&G.

  205. Bro, I completely understand. My dog just passed away, while I was out of
    town.. If you need time, take it.

  206. Hey Baron man, Keep up the amazing work and we are all here for you buddy!

  207. Baron, hope you have a good and fun Summer!

  208. As we all stand together “Gott mit uns”. We will stand on your side Baron.
    Greeding from Germany. Over and out :D

  209. Greetings from across the pond Baron! Keep doing what you’re doing! don’t
    worry about missing an odd day, enjoy the time with your family!

  210. I just started to subscribe too you 😉 , what time are you online on war

  211. Kacper Janowski

    Polish Rudy 102 :,)

  212. Harrison Rawlinson

    We love you baron, we understand and I’m sorry you have to go through it

  213. It’s an honour to watch your warthunder videos ???

  214. I HATE drama, but i’m really interested in your opinion on the “clear
    censorship” Gaijin has been accused of. If it matters at all, Jingles had a
    say on it and found it an outrage and have said that he “will never do a
    video of a Gaijin product ever again” (reference is his newest Mingles with
    Jingles video). And as for other people reading this, please don’t get mad
    at me as i’ve been 100% neutral in this text.

  215. Love you man and more war thunder plz tiger e

  216. Alberto Casanova Carmema

    No, YOU are AWESOME

  217. NO UR COOL!!!!

  218. The ups and downs of life ,it’s nice to know that other people have the
    same problems

  219. dude you could’ve made a good pun in the title:
    TANK you

  220. Jagd Kommandant

    Hope your family get more and more viruses

  221. I love that tank.
    Total legend.

  222. Do German tanks tank t34-85 at all???? I mean about 136 penetrates
    everywhere panthers, Tigers . Wtf , fuck this shit. And don’t tell this is
    historically accurate. While shooting from any other tank then t 34 85
    tanks like god. Fuck it

  223. You gotta do what you gotta do. I subscribe to youtubers who do it part
    time and full time. Some might only do a couple videos a month so a daily
    video to me isn’t required. One idea if you wanted to have videos incase
    you needed to take time off is what about sharing submitted replays? That
    can be done in War Thunder right? Make a few 30-minute videos of replays,
    do you commentary over them, and save them to release when you take a
    vacation of if you can’t record anything for a few days. If you’re
    interested in checking out other hobbies check out Tamiyas 1/16 tanks.
    Taigen makes some that are cheaper and ready to go also. I have a Tamiya
    King Tiger and my 1-year-old son loves it.

  224. You’re welcome Baron!

  225. That is so sweet Baron, thank YOU so much for providing an escape for us
    all. I hope you are feeling alright now and I think that it would be okay
    to miss a couple of days this week! :)

  226. Caleb Schoepske

    +BaronVonGamez I would like to thank you for sticking with it and keeping
    at doing these things and I would like to let you know that watching you on
    youtube and a select other youtubers has been a huge huge escape for me
    with every trouble ive been through. your videos to me are funny and seem
    to make me laugh when not much else can and so I don’t want you to be hurt
    about things so I would like to send you and your family the best of luck.

  227. Baron, Keep it up you funny your a good youtuber and just be your self now!
    kay! can you do that Baron? Your a good person. Just let life be free be
    your self. Tell me Baron, can you for that for me, please? im worried.

  228. Baron your the best! Keep it up! don’t tell Phly I said that

  229. Hey Baron! Hope you read this. I wish you the best for your Family! I’ve
    lost my Mum and my Grandparents to Cancer. But that’s another story.
    Currently there is a Damn bug flood in Germany. Me and my family lost
    nearly everything. 8 People died. The water is 3 meters high in our house.
    I hope that something like that does never happen to you.
    Be strong ?
    Good Day, and Greetings from ??.
    You have the Communitys support!

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