That’s it, I’m buying a Chaffee!

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Source: LemmingRush

replay that’s sold me on the Chaffee as a Tier 5 Light
Send me your replays!


  1. wtf is a obj.244 tho??

  2. There was a lot of luck involved in this replay. Those enemies missing really gave him those rushes nearly for free.

  3. nice video’s shame the game play and the pathetic RNG! total screw the game

  4. I am playing my 3star Chaffee a lot more recently……

  5. But… Chaffee Races!

  6. I wasnt ready for the face reveal. Now i have to hold my hand over the screen to just hear that sweet sweet buttery voice

  7. I’ll point out there are numerous instances in this replay where he locks on without aiming directly at the enemy tank, which I believe is an illegal mod. I don’t think it majorly altered the outcome of the match, but it’s worth noting, unless there’s some other explanation.

    • I run completely vanilla, no mods at all. What you see in this replay is a combination of two factors: the first is that with the latest patch bringing in the racing event, the autoaim in the game is acting funny. It will snap on to enemies when your reticle is not on the enemy tank itself as the wheeled vehicles do normally, but to a much much smaller degree. If you would like to see proof from a second source, skill4ltu shows off this effect in one of his latest videos. In addition, there is an old replay bug that still persists where the camera position in third person is slightly different from what is shown in-game. This means that in 3rd person, the reticle will not line up with where the player was aiming while playing. These two factors together exaggerate the effect, making it appear as if I am locking the autoaim from far away.

    • @Uberrandom Fair enough. I’m always open to these things being bugs, I’ve had my fair share of replay bugs. As I say, I don’t think even if such a thing was in play that it affected the match at all, still a great game either way. I’ll take your word on it being glitches.

  8. I suck and I 2 starred that tank.

  9. Canadian streamer pick player from NHL clan. I am ok with that 🙂

  10. The only misplay was in his ammo use. He should have used AP on the P-43 in order to save the APCR for the T-150. Otherwise, that was awesome to see.

    • Unfortunately, the P43 actually has quite good armor for a tier 5 medium which means that my AP would struggle to penetrate the front of his tank unless I took the time to fully aim in the shots at his turret front. I needed to get him out of the game quick, so I stuck with the APCR. The real place where the APCR was wasted was versus the T67, M10, and AMX arty.

  11. Great vid and commentary once again. Now if they would only put that 1000 hp engine in it…

  12. I hated this thing when I first played it… it’s big, fat and has zero pen for it’s tier.

    Guess I have to retry, because I also got a hang of the Type64

  13. I’m buying coffee

  14. It’s a worse T-67.

  15. yeah no the Chaffe is bad, this guy just had a mixture of good plays and enormous luck

  16. The problem with that replay is that he didn’t save his apcr, and was firing it at spgs instead of saving them for the t-150

  17. 8 players down in less than 2 min. Thats wot in a nutshell for you

  18. I used to have all T5 light tanks, back when there was only 3 tech trees and T5 was the top tier light. Nowadays I don’t like Chaffee, altough I haven’t played it lately with a good crew (3+ skills).

  19. “…he autoams him really quickly – that’s a great job” , nah, it’s actually part of the modpack he uses and more specifically, a feature of the aimbot.. and he does it more then once in the game .. I may be wrong, but I think Im not ..

  20. I like your laid back approach, but yes how a person speaks does determine who I watch. This is in regards to your comment about not cussing as much.

  21. I used to love my Chaffee also loved my T-37 & Bulldog back when those had the 5 and 10 clips but when they made those huge changes and raised T-37 and Bulldog’s tiers I just stopped playing all lights. I’ve learned so much light tank play from watching you and another streamer/youtuber I decided to play lights again. The past 3,4 weeks I have been doing nothing but playing lights and it’s kinda like playing a new game for me. I was playing slow armored heavies and some mediums but really enjoying light play now and wanted to say Thanks!
    Also I’ll have to try Chaffee again but I really don’t like lower tier game play.

  22. Now i know what my next tank is…

  23. Thats what happen if you fire gold to arty hahaa.. No apcr for the heavy

  24. I did play it years ago when it often face tier 8 and 9. Got the 76 mm gun and had it for 2 days before they changed the tank and it got 75 mm.. Basicly after that it was a decent scout and picked on enemy scouts and arty.. Until they switched to 2 tier MM and counted it as a tier 5 tank, the only time I made credits was when I got team killed because I never used prem ammo.

  25. snowisthebestweather

    I loved both previous versions of the Chaffee. Insanely maneuverable originally, and insanely fast in a straight line after that. Now, it’s just kinda average, except for its awful accuracy.

  26. Easy to get shots from the hill when the other teams doesn’t contest it…..

  27. The Chaffee is amazing in wot blitz as well. It would be so cool to see you play it in two different wot versions

  28. useless nowadays sluggish bad gun

  29. 3:40 “The enemy team has 9 tanks left alive”
    Score is 7-14 so either the enemy cheated and started with 16 tanks or Lemmingrush is the greatest matematician of all time.
    Awesome vid nonetheless!

  30. The real Chaffee nerf was the top speed nerf, and ammo nerf, it used to go 72kph and was awesome

  31. Bearded Rush….finally joined the beardhood. +10000

  32. The accuracy of the gun is really bad.

  33. Thanks for your commentary.
    Let me tell you that people will see you as weak because you talk with your hands and constantly swallow…
    Good luck with your channel. ?

  34. I never seen obj 244 in random gameplay

  35. Great Gig In The Sky

    unfortunately you will be playing the chaffe at it’s lowest: when it was at tier 10 the called it they mini patton, and it was true, it was such fun trolling tier 10 tds and heavies, it wasn’t op, just fun.
    when they bumped it down to tier 8 it lost some gun but it gain 70 kph max speed, so still much fun to be had but in a different way.
    now it’s just bland, after 2k battles I stopped playing it.

  36. Best light tank is t67?

  37. you are a great analyzer LR!

  38. I loved the Chaffee, I played it a few months ago and my first few games were ace tankers

  39. i LOVE the chaffee. Im not a great player but this is my most played vehicle and its the only one ive got 2 marks in. The dpm really works and it doent have awful alpha so you can take some risks and trade late game. Ive dealt over 2k damage with it before and its one of the only vehicles ive really been able to carry a few games with.

  40. I love Lemmingrush because hes never a pompous jerk in his videos or in the game.

  41. Could you make a series on how to play each map with different class.

  42. My favourite tank since the beginning of the game. In spite of massive changes, it’s always had a niche if you know what to do with it.

  43. Imperium Americanum

    This guy is the OG of WOT

  44. the light game is becoming the strong/fun game on the ANZ server as our numbers drop we get BOTS tier 5 & under… it’s good fun running around in tiers 4 & 5 killing as many as you can as fast as you can.

    We have to wait till mid to late afternoon for numbers to get high enough to play the higher tiers… it is what it is. (we can always skip over to the HK server, but then LAG is a factor). Hopefully we can get a number boost come XMAS when WOT does it’s XMAS SALE drive. I hope they give some big discounts to bring new & old players into & back into the game… it’s a good game, Tank games don’t get any better… perhaps we could have a nice war to raise interest… I joke… badly.

    FYI NUMBERS : 6am till 11am 150 players, 11am till 5pm up to 500-600 players, 5pm to 7pm anything around 700 players, 7pm till 1am around 1000-1200 players. So count your lucky starts you’re in the Northern hemisphere where the player base is so much larger.

  45. It wasnt missplay, he hadnt time to go around for decap.

  46. Stratsketch is back!!!

  47. The upspeaking – can’t do it!

  48. Spot-on, perfect analysis. Someone always types in chat that “we have to take the hill, we have to take the hill!” which is as proven in this game doesn’t always work. My guess on the 50/50 gold split is that he expects to be bottom tier most of the time and have to kill a lot of higher tier tanks. Good game though.

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