That’s Why You UNINSTALL the Game #24

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Source: Steel Guru

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  1. Whats the name of the last song used in the video?

  2. 1:05 That was one hell of a shot…

  3. The main reason to uninstall the game is that it is a russian game

  4. This is 100% legit, Hungarian government can assure it’s playerbase that this is in fact real information

  5. Oh so it’s not just me, I get bad network connection all the time and I have 1Gb Internet lol

  6. *fire a horribly placed shot on M48* yeah that’s why you uninstall WT

  7. I think it’s funny how yall think 158 ping is unplayable

  8. Otto, Prince of Bismarck

    I just love consistently ghost shelling when I have a kill shot

  9. Савелко Андрій

    What the name of the song in the end?

  10. That ping because Gajin support russian aggression!

  11. 1:00
    I have no clue how people can see anything from that far
    even on max graphics the models won’t load from that far for me

  12. 2:11 story of my life in WT

  13. 159 ping is actually a low ping for me xD

  14. 2:13 T-50 straight up jumped like a dolphin

  15. godfatherofbloedniss

    god i feel every second of this video…

  16. Gerald Broflovski (Skankhunt42)

    If you were crazy enough to start this Piece of Garbage ones, you will come back for sure .

  17. cool video…
    by the way what is the song at min 2:30?

  18. Me who plays the L3/33: Pathetic

  19. Honestly just cope, but even then the game is crap because of Gaijin. Lost potential man. I still plag it all the same XD

  20. Sound ending??

  21. Everyone else: “my ping is so bad” *it’s like 300*

    Me: I must be really bad at this game *ping never goes below *800*

    Ahh Australia

  22. NoYouAreNotDreaming

    yup that is why i deleted this game and all related files…it just became too annoying…

  23. Since they fcked up even the graphics (downgrading Anti-aliasing) I quit the game and switched to my old world of tanks account never believed i would do this but here i am #GAIJIN !!!

  24. I feel sorry for people like you who have to shame players so you can feel better about yourself.

  25. Hehe, when I had WT installed I never used to play it much. To be honest although the game has well detailed historical combat vehicles it was not really fun to play. I really wish the WT team research ground vehicles historically correct aiming sights though.

  26. Los de World of tanks la pasan peor con el ping

  27. Holy fuck someone give that hamster so cocaine or something

  28. Well, seems more like skill issue to me haha 😀 And yeah, you have a bad network it seems

  29. 0:21

  30. Spawn 2 times.. get spawn killed – _ –

  31. this game describes how the Russians see the war. everything is beautiful, but nothing makes sense. just go ahead and die

  32. I cant watch these videos because the squeeky sound makes my dog go haywire, so clicking do not recommend this channel. 🙁

  33. Fabio Artos Cassone

    90% of tank players are TOTAL IDIOTS. somebody must to analyze their behaviour for some psychiatric study…

  34. i really like this game. there are points ofcourse thats really, really frustrating at times. One being the redline campercheaters that gaijin could just yeet. Other than that ive felt like an actual realistic mode would be awesome. Where actual tests of the various weapons on various tanks are replicated to properly depict and force people to adjust to how to play various tanks against other tanks. Could even represent it by as an example having fewer tanks on one team when they face vehicles from another.

  35. are you live in iran? This bad internet is only in Iran

  36. what song at 2.30 plssss

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