The 100% Reason Why You Lose To Russia (War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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  1. Love how you say the future generation will have lame usernames, because my username is, and I’m cringing saying this, memer4life9000. Yeah, I know it’s awful, I’m shriveling in my seat saying it.

  2. 10:30
    I see no god up here.


  3. “The 100% Reason Why You Lose To Russia ”

    First Battel: lose

  4. I haven’t played WT in several months till today. Updated and started the China tree. Low tier is so much fun . Wish they had more low tier derpy tanks and AA .across all the nations . Good vid .

  5. Actually you lose to the KV-1 those are the real threat

  6. yes. but lag is alworst than that.

  7. You’re right you did take all the good usernames.

  8. 0:35,
    when phly say 9, Hitler in the background say Nien!

  9. Phly I really enjoy your videos. Especially War Thunder. Dude you’re funny! I’ve been in a lot of pain lately and I appreciate the content you provide, to get my mind off my pain. 🙂

  10. Could you Do a challenger 2 vid?

  11. can you plz phly the G91 .YS #1

  12. way more entertaining than all that hightier bs

  13. Now put backups on all of them.

  14. Wait its not 9 its 10

  15. Bruh, you bout to be dad; as patience will as you say be GONE

  16. This is like one of those cases where flat-earthers fund a study to prove that Earth is flat but end up proving that it’s a sphere and they are wrong.
    Phly made a click-baity title that was supposed to show why russians win, but ended up showing how easily they are killed and how bad their shells perform.

    “Oh T-34 of the hill, what is thine wisdom?”

    T-34 of the hill: “the constant complaints about alleged but factually non-existant russian bias from an obviously russophobe community, has over the years put enough pressure on the developers to a degree where the Soviets have become arguably the weakest, least competitive nation on any BR.”

    *spoiler: you can’t. the game speaks for itself, as well as my 7 year experience in it.

  17. Oh T-34 of the hill. Bestow upon me your wisdom…

    should i avoid high tier as others say? Or do I embrace the grind, madness and pain?

  18. Nein T-35 lol
    Also Dallor play vs Phly daily

  19. Please play the p108a series 2 tank hunting in tank rb this almost might be loving the unloved I’ve only seen one video on your channel about it #38

  20. lucas spaceprogram

    Phly pls play the bat-chat and get 14 kills ?

  21. Guys is horten ho229 undetctable by radar???

  22. thekillerdrummerKD

    Phly: there should be a puma here
    Puma: pulls a John Cena right in front of the A marker. ?

  23. Pause at 5:45, is it just me, or is that a face on that gazebo? A face wearing shades or something.

  24. There’s 7 variants of Abrams from 9.0-10.3
    America is unbeatable.

  25. Not only Nvidia behave like that. Radeons time to time do that after this patch.

  26. Eastern Front: *exists*

    Germans: And they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming

  27. товарищ Stalin's 108th guards tank division

    Finally, i’ve been waiting for this type of video for such a long time and its finally here

  28. Except on Xbox Phly, you can only get 1/4 of those premium T-34’s. And it is the 57.

  29. I’m scared about phly Channel going down

  30. Phly pronounces Chi-To like Cheeto

  31. Give Warthunder some time and the Abrams will have the same Syndrome.

  32. There’s an Italian TD at 3.7 which can tank the 76.2 from t-34s forever but as soon as a single 57 shows up you’re instant killed

  33. I felt your pain at 7:07 phly ?

  34. So you can rush B to your enemy.

  35. hi phly can you try the finnish pyörenmyrsky plane

  36. Phly be careful. Youtube is a dangerous place now. Accounts are getting banned for no good reason. Many of Markiplier’s sub accounts got terminated. Be careful in ur videos.

  37. Tr1umph Productions

    am i the only one that feels like playing russia at 3.7 to 4.3 is so painful?

  38. Attempt47 play the type 94 spaa

  39. Meem4lyfe OR Mista

    Oh T-34 of the hill, why is my Australian ping so high? (Great vid btw Phly, keep on regretting life choices in war thunder my guy!)

  40. Hasbro killed me to sell new toys

    10:12 Oh great t-34 of the mountain what is your wisdom

  41. PHLY I’ve been missing benny!

  42. GayDaily lol

  43. That photo at preview background depicts knocked out T-34 in 17th of January, 1944, the whole crew died apart the driver: he continued driving towards enemy positions and wrecked 3 AT-guns using tracks and killed 30 enemies with machinegun. He will later die on 29th of July, 1944 in Latvia

  44. Oh great T-34 of the mountian, will I ever find love for the communist agenda?

  45. you see komrade, quantilitly over quality makes Stalin a happy soviet

  46. And they don’t stop comin’ , and they don’t stop comin’ […]

  47. Btw


  48. With shakey do you mean like choppy? Even with 100+ fps then yes ive experienced that

  49. 12:39 T-34 in the lake, colorized

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