The 100k Gold Tank, New Most Expensive Tank in World of Tanks? | Type 59 Gold Black Market 2020

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World of Tanks Black Market Auction 2020 – Special Offers, Rare Tanks, Unique Tanks, Premium Tanks for Credits, Special Styles. World of Tanks Type 59G, Golden Type 59 Black Market Offer. World of Tanks Чёрный рынок.

► Update 1.8 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/1-8-common-test/

► Official article about Black Market:

Long-awaited Black Market aka Чёрный рынок is finally back. They teased with Black Market at end of 2019, didn’t know when it arrives, but here it is now! 🙂

Well, yesterday we saw real side of the Black Market and the auction system, when WG added Type 59G, the legendary first Golden Tank in World of Tanks into Black Market with the auction system. Entry

Let’s talk about it!


  1. What was the highest bid on Type 59G? The highest I know about was 121,121 Gold. 😀
    Anyway, because we have so many things to talk about and to cover, you get a double upload today, hopefully you enjoy it!
    Stay tuned for many more episode to come! ❤?❤

  2. Well you got to get the gold somewhere to put on the type 59 haha

  3. Hold the Fuck up. At no point it got mentioned that you had to suffer your way to level 10 of the teamclash-event to get the Commander! Neither in Text nor in Video! I feel robbed of my Contributor-Commander! Bullshit!

  4. Thanks to this event and killing some sheriffs I almost have 2k gold now lol. I know what’s next Dez. A 3D skin for the Obj. 261 for 260G starting bid.

  5. You must have been pretty disappointed when you got up early today Dez :-/

  6. How can I get you as a commander?

  7. To bei honest, i bought the Orders for the T55A, I wasn’t able to do 2.5k Damage to TD’s using a Medium Tank. And I’m pretty happy they made this Offer.

  8. Im so sad because I was saving my money whole year to have enough money for this ofc I thought this would be 25k gold in black market and I woke up every morning so early but for nothing I bidded almost my all gold but I didint get it. And this is making me hate wg like they have good nice event but they dont let poor people enjoy it only rich people can enjoy it. Like why wg this whole bid thing sucks made me think of quitting the game all that stuff I saved and I get nothing.

  9. 9:12 My name Geoff

  10. they could have priced it at 200k gold and people would still buy it

  11. After New Balance update game will be dead ??

  12. Well, if you are in a top clan, and get tons of gold for clan wars, you can afford 54K gold for a fake tank and not spend any money out of your pocket.

  13. Well, WoT can not be any more ridiculous than are it’s players and the black market illustrates that very well.
    No point raging against WoT when we are the ones making wot like that ourselves. The only ones, who can make WoT decline even more are we, the players and we tend to do that in biblical dimensions:) So yeah….

  14. I would have bid 2.2 Million silver but whatever

  15. And people thought I was crazy for paying 25k last year

  16. I remember when WOT was well respected by the tank community…

  17. On SEA server I know one person who bid 143,000 gold for the Type 59G.
    Bids of 50,000 gold were not high enough to get the tank. People who bid 60,000 gold got it.

  18. 56k gold was the lower bid on NA server for Type 59G, lucky I did 57k 🙂

  19. Isnt black market suposed to cheap? Because it is getting around taxes…?

  20. I bid 75k for type 59G and i got it!!!!!

  21. I am happy to get carn Ax Chrysler k and fv 183 ?

  22. the last few events have forced me to use play time in tanks that do not complete those missions. Plus, I was stuck on heavy tank 15 so I spent all my gold to get those papers.

  23. WG:100k gold Type 59.
    Me:Nope,i can buy 10 new games instead of gold skin:):)
    Go waste money dumbs on gold skin hahahah!!!

  24. I am content with my original version of the Type 59, the Gold one I like the embossed dragon motif but that is it. Not a fan of the yellow gold color. If it was a silver color like on the Alpine Tiger I would be more interested in it. I did get the Black Schwarzpanzer 58 from the auction for 3.25 million on the NA server for my first black market purchase. Never had credits or gold for any things I wanted during the previous Black Market event.

  25. To get T55 A i only needed this 3 order. I was not able to complette 2 of the last missions, now i get it!

  26. WG is the winner…. again.. Kind of sad, I have like they have more usefull things also fx a full educatet crew .

  27. yesterday night it has been my pleasure to hit several times one of these gold tanks 🙂

  28. I didn’t even bid for the chrysler thinking that it would only rot in my garage cause I don’t see myself playing that ugly tank even though I got a lot of credits. What I want to get is a tier 8 light tank.

  29. Make 1 video about the massive massive problems we have with the east european players.. They are very fast killing Wot.. They are third world humans and therefor have less IQ wish we very easy can so on most of them playing this beautiful game. Maybe WG should change sp that not only credits but also skill to get up to tier 9 and 10.. If like that only 3-4 procent of all east europeans would play high tiers and the rest of us more worthy humans still could have fun playing team works and tactics that is impossible when the gypsys are playing

  30. The only one who wins something with the blackmarket is Wargaming. Just like the lootboxes.
    None of it adds anything usefull to the game, instead it often does the opposite.

  31. Bought with 42k gold

  32. Thank you Dez .

  33. i bought only a schwarzpz. 58 and my successful bid was 5M credits. 😀 price of type 59 was crazy. 😀 offer of today morning is a 3D style for Obj.261 (SPG)

  34. and Russia server 27k bid won the type 59g 🙁

  35. What did the Mutz cost in the end?

  36. wot milking the fools with just a gold skin. wow

  37. crazy money for a skin

  38. On Chinese server it *EARN MONEY* 2 times faster than normal premium vehicle
    On European server it *COST* 2… *ekhem…* few times more than normal premium vehicle
    WG: Perfectly balanced as all things should be

  39. World is going to sht, when so many rtrded people is wasting air.
    MFG 400€ for VIRTUAL TOY!!! stupid

  40. I came near to this gold litle chit, in the same square on the map, with my spotter who has 500m wiew range and this little bastard shoot at me fromm bush 3metters away from me and i vouldnt spot him. Once agan WG kings. Now sell a tank for 500k gold, tier 3 and make it invincible and unpenetrable, i bet u will find idiot who will pay for it. God damn wg…really go f yourself.

  41. Sounds odd that lowest bid that got type was 42k, my friend bid 45k but didn’t get it?

  42. And now there is an auction for Obj 261 3D style.
    ngl, it looks good, but seriously?

  43. I really want a gold waffentrager E100

  44. On NA it was around 53 – 55 000 gold. I was on the gen chat as the clock ticked over and I believe that was the going bid.

  45. As of yesterday evening on NA they’re selling 3 “orders” for 1500 gold. “Here guy’s, pay us money and you can skip those pesky arty missions nobody wanted.” What a joke. It’s almost insulting.

  46. If I had that much gold I would have bet 69,420 all day

  47. I think wargaming didnt even have to bother with the golden skin on the type 59, they could have just made it a normal type 59 but in the tank name list in battle instead of type 59, it just says “I paid over 150€ for this” and people would still buy it. Wasted effort on the skin. They should make Object 252U G that is the same as a regular defender, but it can only fire gold ammo, start the bidding at 50000 gold.

  48. I bought the last offer so can skip arta 15 for 260.

  49. This tank is a gold tank for the wot.. not for the player !!! .. players take just a ilusion, a painted gold tank:)).. and there are so many crazy… It is just a game..just pixels.. wtf…………

  50. Awfull colour, can you put cammo on gold tanks

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