The 2019 Cromwell Review

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. I’m actually on the Cromwell right now 😀

  2. This type of video is the closest we may ever get to the good old hourlong videos we used to love by our gnomelord. Now all you have to do is train yourself a british-scottish accent, an historylesson in Worldwar 2 tank combats and a strange habbit on rating tanks by their “sexyness” xD

  3. Mor low tier videooos pllz

  4. aka Palladium777, calling you out dude for another great spoof video……………….”not all crew need to be trained”………….endless tech information on tank stats………………………put in the library alongside the Grille video…………..happy new year Lemming

  5. thanks lemming – I just picked up the CromwellB and need these kind of pointers to be able to exceed in it.

  6. If you can, any of the Russian t-34-85’s mediums at tier 6, (T-34-85,M,Rudy etc) I play them often, and seem to be having a hard time getting consistent results. I would really appreciate it.

  7. HV = High Velocity

  8. Derp guns are very effective versus this tank. I play it a lot and as a result I have PTSD regarding 105 howitzers…

  9. 17:32 You didn’t spot that Comet, maybe the Hellcat did 😀

  10. Is Lemming kicked out of MAHOU yet?

  11. Whenever I play the cromwell i get a decent game for myself, but I always end out on the loosing team.

    • Lol, The type 64 is one of those tanks for me. It might be at 52% w/r but I bet I’m top of the team in exp 95% of the time. I thought I was the only one who had that funny luck.

  12. Lemming whats ur wot labs name?

  13. Cough Cough T3485M Cough

  14. what many people dont know about this tank is that you get shredded by every derp gun D:

  15. Do you have a new Mic?

  16. The Big Zoo Show - by Tanis

    Hi LemmingRush ! Thx for this review but as an expert Cromwell player (more than 10k battles combined with Crom b and Crom), i think i have to give you my opinion on your review. I almost agree with you in regards of the games you had. But the key factor with this tank is the crew. I agree with your play style because of the bad crew you have but… I wouldn’t if you had a very skilled crew (I got 8 crew skill so far ;-P). With a good crew you view range becomes more than OP and you can often out spot light tanks because of the good camo (with the camo perk) of this tank. So my advice to be usefull for the team with Cromwell if you’re bottom tier : look for assisting damages. That’s the best way to get 3 marks on this tank. Anyway I hope you’ll have fun on the battlefield with it ! And happy new year !

    • This is why my British Medium crew tends to live in my Cromwell B. The Cromwell was fun during the grind (a time of a different meta for sure), BUT taking a break from whichever Centurion I’m grinding to throw the crew into the Cromwell B made it even more fun and demonstrated just how much impact crews can have on these tanks.

    • Baron von Limbourgh

      Most people new to the tank won’t have great crews in this. It is still just a tier 6 tank and the crew gets moved over to the comet when grinding the line.
      And if people decide to keep it it will get a fresh crew again.

    • +Baron von Limbourgh not everyone. I always keep my crews in the tanks they come in. It’s a LOT cheaper that way.

    • Yeah, play style can change a LOT with better crew, and his video show how to play bad crew very well. With a good crew this tank is a autoaim-circle-of-death MONSTER, on top of being a very good versatile tank

  17. *World of Japanese Heavy Tanks*

  18. Pick a tank that you do really well in but have consistently retarded teams that throw the game no matter how hard you try… Tier 6 to 9 (if i was to suggest).

  19. Negative 8 degrees of gun depression?

  20. always train commander, 6th sense is REQUIRED…  Gun is ok.. great rate of fire, terrible aim time…  used to think this tank was the bomb, 3 marked it, ace tankered it, 7 skill crew, bond equipment, 2k+ battles, 60% win rate…  then I tried the Type 64 – holy shit, the T64 is just soooo much better…

  21. I love love love the Cromwell!!

  22. Vickers is a brand name like Browning or Colt

  23. Empires border sucks in assault mode if you are the attacking team.

  24. I’ve done over 3k dmg using my camo rating.

  25. Why haven’t you marked it, yet?

  26. Your general strategy is spray and pray? Dude…..

  27. Sadly, the T 34 85m just outperforms the cromwell and fits better with the current meta. My Cromwell B is so dusty 😀

  28. A spall liner mitigates a LOT of dmg from those HE rounds.

  29. With a 100% crew, shots are VERY accurate.

  30. I give this review 8/10 for the video quality. Very well done and edited. Would have been 10 if you didn’t drop the F bomb. LOL. Content gets a 5/10. Keep in mind, the tank gets better as your crew gets better (note the red in the right menu.). Yes, you absolutely need your driver at 100% to get the maximum out of your engine and tracks. The Crommie depends on them more than it’s armor. Radio man? Eh, I’ll agree, you don’t need that one so much. Your gun becomes more accurate, aims faster and reloads faster, your tank turns quicker and gets up to speed faster, your turret will turn faster, you’ll start penning more and more. This review was based on a substandard crew. For the purposes of making a review, you should get at least 3 skills on them then, have another go. For the purposes of grinding it out, eh, the tank’s gonna suck till your crew maxes out. I have 269 battles and 1 MoE in the Crommie. It’s an absolute BEAST when it’s fully grown.

  31. Could you do a review on best solid tanks and tank destroyers for tier 2-5?

  32. What’s ur stream schedule

  33. My most played tank when i started out watching your videos i started to manage to diversify. I have more than 1150 games in it

  34. This is way better than cherrypicked games!

    Which session stats mod are you using by the way?

  35. Really nice and relevant video for us average players, thanks!!!

  36. I liked the Cromwell but the Vk 30.01d is so much better for me. U have the speed, better gun handling,and can bounce some shots but best of all u can run circles around the enemies and piss them off and get the kills.

  37. Are you Canadian?

  38. Can anyone tell me the name of The mod he uses.

  39. Considering Cromwell’s mobility and view range – you can use it to cosplay an active scout, to certain extent, since Brits doesn’t have any l.t.’s of higher tier.

  40. 50b French heavy plz my Canadian brother!

  41. Here’s an old bottom-tier match featured on PointHairedJedi. A lot of luck perhaps…

  42. what mod you use for session stats?

  43. Lets see what can you do with t34-3 load in 5 gold 5 he an all another ap`s! 😉 This is how i drive that thing.

  44. Great video! Thanks

  45. shout out from Dublin Eire .
    Happy new year and tks for the great content last year ,
    id like to see you review the SkorpG and the T50/2

  46. GLD? on a Cromwell? if wont work unless you standing still which is not how you play a cromwell

  47. What is that wn8 mod please?

  48. Great review and tutorial, not being top tier and making the tank work regardless.

  49. please review the credit makers not just premium but non premium aswell so like high pen you can even message me and show us how you deal with tanks that cant be penned frontally like the 705a its lower plate is strong that it can bounce ap easily but premium can only pen it and anything else frontally is fuck all dont just say try not to engage it please btw if you hit the back of the 705a’s turret and the tier 9 you will ammorack it if you got enough of a caliber i managed to do it with a 130 mm

  50. The Crazy Old Coot

    VK3001D the best tier 6 Med Tank!

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