The 2019 Light Tank & Scouting Guide for World of Tanks

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Really helpful. Thanks lemming.

  2. You forgot to mention to bring repair kit for your light tanks if you have been tracked

  3. Darn, it wasn’t a sarcastic video.

  4. I one marked my AMX ELC bis killing 3 artillery and 2 other tanks, it is good advice, I didn’t know before getting my first mark of excellence on any of my tanks.

  5. Light tanks aren’t scouts lol. Wanna spot? Play a 140 cause you can peek and not get all your HP shaved off immediately. So watching your top light flying around a ridge then getting deleted is hilarious

  6. I’m gonna wait for update 1.6 to try more tactics, after team damage is removed..

  7. Killian Kruczko-Cousins

    You forgot the main tip!!! Don’t play light tanks, ever since the great class wide nerf they’re just inferior medium tanks, I mean just look at the poor British tanks, wg clearly has no idea how to design a light tank anymore, bring back my elc!!! ?

  8. playing wheeled tanks
    teammates: yuck, another clown car

    after killing all the enemy arty
    teammates: <3 <3

  9. top tier heavy top tier td and a top tier light while all of em are tie 10 xD

  10. We must also realize that the games are now only 5 minutes long not 15.

  11. One thing I dislike about scouting guides is that a lot of times people will play the T-100 and say “this is how you scout. ” Most scouts are not the T-100 lol I think it’s better to use a tier 6 ,7 or 8 light and show folks how it’s done most of the time. They will probably need to play these types of tanks long before they reach tier 10

  12. Wheeled vehicles are so op ??‍♂️

  13. No situational awareness or Recon on the T-100 LT?

    • Good question. Combined they increase your view range by 5%. I’d rather have basically any other skill than one that does 3 or 2% increase to view range.

    • LemmingRush interesting. I thought they both gave the same benefit. One does more? Wow.

    • If you watch his vids he has never been fan of viewrange. All his tanks have poor viewrange.

  14. Awesome video

  15. Denise Wesolowski

    Fantastic video as usual lemming, this along with taugrim’s light tank tactics video effectively create a nice little light tank bible, great stuff

  16. You have worse gun, worse gun, worse armor, worse view range, ect 0:35

  17. Could you cover how to compete with wheeled vehicles at lower tiers? I find that when I try to get to active or passive locations, wheeled scouts usually get me wrecked.

  18. Have you given up on Twitch?

  19. Back in my day LT’s in malinovka are suppose to head straight to the enemy base on the first minute.

  20. Thank for this Lemming, MOAR please. Meds next.

  21. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Really this video should be called “Lemming University Presents and advanced course in Light Tanks and Scouting guide 2019.”

  22. Light Tank Guide:
    1. Buy an EBR
    2. Put a good crew in it and drive around like a maniac

    • Dont worry when everyone got too tier 10 by grinding or spending free exp wargaming will nerf it and and buff a new line too hell. Just look at the fv4005 same nonsense.

    • @Victor Saprykin Can’t wait for that day. Those Wheelchair 105’s are disgusting. Press W and A and D once in a while and you good. They turn on a dime at 95 and while they do that, they can snapshot you at 500m. Much balance.

    • @EvilCouncil i don’t even how this got past the test server honestly. Well the game is broken what should we do? I have it vadim we should put cars in it.

  23. One thing that took me a while to learn was on a city map when flanking staying away from them enough that I didn’t get proxy spotted. It was hard to do sometimes when there are enemies bunched up in a area. Great video and a Lesson worth the time.

  24. Sorry for unsubscribing, but I’m done with WoT. Just finished uninstalling. Now distancing myself away from anything to do with it.

  25. Sadly, many teams don’t know what to do with the information the scout provides at the start.

  26. this is the best video you’ve made, lemmingrush

  27. good guide, thanks!

  28. spotting top tier tanks in all tier x game: check!

  29. “all report this mongo lt 100”

  30. Alternate Title: Using your teammates as cover 7:31 😀

  31. Be nice to know how these suggestions apply to schmuks in mid tier games

  32. Great timing mah dude.. i just got the ruskie t10 light and it has been suckfest for me so far .. apart from blowouts it’s probably still mostly my fault

  33. good video

  34. I scout by pressing RRR at countdown and then I go make coffee.

  35. The worst part about light tanks and fast mediums (like the Leo PT A) is that random teammates wants you to suicide to spot someone so they can get one shot off. If you don’t suicide scout (yes, I even had that in a Leo PT A) they will just shoot you.

    That’s why I don’t play lights too much anymore. Too many teammates just shoot/TK you if you don’t suicide scout for them.

    • EvilCouncilAgreed, so instead of all this negativity towards arty, light tanks and TD’s let’s group together and hammer those nasty heavies and mediums

    • @Ralph Perry Well, I will always hate arty too. Arty has no place in this game.

  36. my advice is: Do not spot for NOBODY

  37. Nice one, good tips!

  38. Nice vid boy, but you know what I played in type 64 for the first time in 6 months last week and got 1 show by KV2 from 500m that feels bad man

  39. Liberty Dankmeme

    you should get your wife to voice over some of these … could be interesting


    wheeled tanks ruin the game

  41. Remember, a part from mobility, LT’s have another strength. It’s not about spotting, which any other tank class can do, it’s about not losing cammo on the move.

  42. Edward Swarbrick

    Thank you so much! Can you please do a WZ light lank game on your main channel. Cheers

  43. im expecting a lot of salt in this video

  44. I expect a medium guide now 😀

  45. This was a very nice, succinct video that actually helped me think about what I was doing wrong and how to fix my bad habits.
    I don’t know if you play them, but an autoloader light tank guide would be pretty sweet, too.

  46. lol why was that Obj 268/4 raging at you?

  47. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Mobility or bad mobility is the reason for RU 251 being so shit. It has not good mobility. Has not good acceleration and traverses… both chassis and gun. The gun depression is trick, quite fake because you need to turn sideways to achieve it. So this simply make you slow to aprouching , if you need to get near and trap another tank simply you can’t. The tier X is not in another condition. Really all german lights are pieces of shit, in general.

  48. I stopped playing EBRs because it’s no longer the LT gameplay I like. Sold it and back to meds and heavies, and t100lt. Not having fun in ebr, too fast for me.

  49. Very helpful…thanks!

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