The 2019 War Thunder Experience

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I’ve been a little frustrated with how War Thunder has been going these past couple of months. Feels like feature creep just keeps going going while bugs that have existed in the game for as long as I can remember still exist.

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  1. Wanted to work on another “Everything wrong with” video, but bronchitis decided otherwise. I made this instead since I didn’t have to use my voice. Sorry for no stream today, I’m supposed to have Wednesdays off but was scheduled to work.

    • nothing wrong here mate except ghost shells , git gud mate and stop crying

    • Just wanted to say, thank you for all the vids you make. Also to add, your utilization of the various Halo OSTs are something I’ve always appreciated. Good luck with your work schedule!

    • I can mention at AB ground force – the rookie first hit defender mechanics…you can’t kill or make critical on first hit and this is independent from distance/bullet-armor combo/vehicle angle……beautiful design RNG miracle…………. the most stupid thing I have ever seen in a MOBA type competitive multiplayer game… it make you to rage quit after a few moment like this….

    • Now just imagine if you played British 5.7+

    • You forgot the whole naval mode

  2. Ghost shells are a problem yes, so is the P-59 being crazily agile and turning on a dime. The leo 2a5 is quite a bit stronger than it’s equals at 10.0 having most of the turret being impenatratable to pretty much everything except hellfires at this point. Or 183mm squash. The helicopters in RB don’t seem to make that much of a difference now that AA can easily obliterate them especially from far away if the pilot just hovers 6k out. If there’s no AA on your team and you’re getting attacked by them, switch. Ain’t hard. And you’ll always have good or bad teams, it’s random and you can’t change that, unless you squad up I suppose but that’s only 3 of you. Yeah there’s a lot of issues but they are at least making progress albeit slow. From what I hear, their staff numbers are not as high as a AAA game developer and thus have to allocate their time and efforts to many different things. I’m just being patient and continuing to play. I want to see the game in a better place.

  3. Italian wheeled “tanks” are the biggest shit. Change my mind

  4. Not So Melancholy

    Gaijin introduces productions model as event vehicle: Waa, why isn’t this a mainline tree vehicle.

    Gaijin introduces interesting prototype as event vehicle: Waa, this isn’t historical at all? How am I supposed to keep my immersion when I’m fighting the japanese as the russians over berlin now? Or with my Horton, Mig-15, Leopard 2, panzer 38t. But no that’s the real immersion breaker lul

    Event vehicle spam? What the fuck you think people are gonna do when they unlock a new vehicle, just sit in their hangar and stare at it?

    If you think cannon CAS is bad just wait t’ill you find out what bombs were like before their DM nerf at the start of GF. Cannons actually require a fly by giving even tanks a good chance to take them down rather than being reliant on SPAA/SAMs.

    Warthunder hasn’t been historical for years, and arguably since launch. Using that as a argument is just new players grasping for straws instead of looking at real problems in the game.

  5. I really don’t like your videos in general they sucks .
    I am not a big fan of gaijin I mean I hate how they are running the game at this moment , it is true that there’s a lot of issues that need to be fixed but you didn’t show an actual problem except ghost shells and overpowered plane which is the American p59 , I find everything else just normal the way you deal with spam is just annoying and how you are complaining about useless teammates is just weak you clearly didn’t care that much about every other nation except usa
    please if your videos are not going to present an actual solution to fix the game don’t even bother making them they’re just annoying

  6. And that’s why I take a break from this game, maybe forever.

  7. alexander hernandez

    Come join WoT!?

  8. mig19 s is better than t2.

  9. 2:05 Vort of The Boreal Valley second phase?

  10. Remember when they said ghost shells were fixed

  11. Well… good game. Right?

  12. Wtf premium t90?

    *laughs in Japanese Tank/Jet late tier player*

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 2a5 being op,dude he was heavily nerfed and people still think he is “op”?

  15. our community has died… only us who don’t give up still remain.

  16. had the fking ghost shell for like 4 times this week
    i had enough of it

  17. 1:11 spawn protection

  18. You guys cant even play the game? I cant even start it.

  19. Un usuario de youtube

    War Thunder actually sucks

  20. Gotta love that ODST music at the end. Thank you….

  21. 😮 new channel icon

  22. Oh you mean a game where if your any country but America you might as well not leave ww2 because top tier is completely fucking broken

  23. The Metal Gear Otacon/ FoxHound Unit 348

    at this point I just pretend that this is all *HISTORICALLY ACCURATE*

  24. Still unnerved with the channle picture

  25. yeah that sounds about right

  26. I’m literally at a point where I took a break because of a holiday, came back and did so badly I now have no SL and every time I try and play the game cannon CAS just decides that I shouldn’t.

  27. Come to think… WoT doesn’t seem that bad anymore

  28. I’m glad low tier is still playable

  29. Area51UFOGynaecology

    bots in naval and event vehicles instead of new vehicles made me uninstall the game

  30. u forgot wirbelwind

  31. Very funny… and sometimes true… especially the sucking rocks! So many unnecessary hickeys.

  32. Great video, and what do Gaijin do instead of fixing theese problems? LOOOOOOK F4 Phantom LOOOOOOOK,

  33. You forgot spawn camping.

  34. Forgot to mention, in the op vehicle part, the ADATS (,:

  35. Just tired from all this. I literally moved to playing WOWS again. At least you get punished for teamkills and no unexpected bullshit and broken game

  36. ghost shells and heli spam are the worst

  37. The music at the end made me insta sub

  38. Well top tier germany is probs the only br where germany is even slightly op

  39. Forgot to mention ADATS spam, anti -air- _Everything_

  40. 6.3 as Ussr or 7.0 with germany is the best lineups for me for me as a 1 team man (my favoarite tact). above it i wish for good team8s for not losing money

  41. Pe-8 cas/Strategic bombers camping space in ground RB is cancer, the 8.7 pack prems are cancer, ADATS, Tunguska, and R3 20mm are cancer, Gaijin’s refusal to space out the BRs with decompression is cancer…..

  42. U forgott the totally op ADATS… This is thing is the definition of cancer..

  43. True as hell

  44. Whiplash's Junkyard

    Grinded british tree all the way to realise that the tier 3-4 was the most fun

  45. You forgot about the otomatic in top tier OP vehicles

  46. What is the graph at the start of the video?

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