The 45TP Habicha! – Tier 7 Polish Heavy Tank

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Source: Circonflexes

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  1. Man I was close

  2. Den 45TP hab ich a !

  3. Qb thinks that this tank is not that good wat you think man?

  4. #Circonflexes What I hate about your vid’s, they’re too shoooorrrttttt !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Garbage tank
    I’d rather play the black prince
    Fuck this tank

  6. Lol when u realize you have more game knowledge than a streamer that does this for a living. Cough T150 cough…

    • Happens all the time with for example QB too, just watch streams and they don’t know everything, still they are infinitely better players than most of the playerbase 🙂

  7. ALL SOFT COVER IS BROKEN.  It’s super annoying now.  You can get either spotted through 2 rows of opaque bushes or disappear behind a leaf.

    • There are a lot of holes between bushes now + they are boosted for sure and kind of broken.
      U push triple R in a line of bushes and people have to proxi spot u in the end

  8. good tier 7 tank when is top tier its op

  9. He’s a little bit decent. Another gg circon

  10. Tank looks soo weak tho
    I mean visually. It always looks stock lmao

  11. Can’t wait ’till you get into the OP stuff

  12. This just makes me think of Dave Chappelle ‘gotcha bitch!’

  13. nice punch it has 🙂

  14. I just finished it this week. I was able to get a 1st MARK. Didn’t Aced it.

  15. T-150 has a 107mm gun, so its quite big.
    Still has less alpha than 105mm guns tier tier 7.

  16. That feel when a T-150 outspots a 45TP… T-150 Better than S tanks new meta Yayayayaya?

    • Sam Tio The T-150 was sniping from the red line, so he was likely a potato player and had binocular telescope active from his tactical kemping bush, da

  17. it’s probably better to call it just 45TP Habich, as that ‘a’ in the suffix is only there due to inflection. ‘Habicha’ means Habich’s. Habich was the designer’s surname.

  18. omg 4,5 skills perks :O

  19. Can anyone tells me what is the name of the mod to add precise statistics on how much to get a the mark of excellence ( at 8:47); Thanks !

  20. >Watches video featuring Polish Tank.
    >Immediately smells kielbasa.

  21. Would really like to see Circon play the T150 a few games, give some upvotes. Really a nice tank.

  22. Hold the fuck up that has a 122mm?! With 8.7 sec reload?!

  23. Quite smooth play Circon, good you’re back after I hope nice kind of Holliday !

  24. Commented replays – U CAN DO IT !!!

  25. T-150 is a great tank

  26. I don’t think Circon even fired 1 APCR, that’s rare!

  27. T150 uses ZiS6 gun that has 300 AP dmg

  28. P45tp ha bitch ya

  29. Shame the 28.01 doesn’t get the squeeze bore, unlike in Blitz.

  30. Good vid. Enemies handed it to you on a plate

  31. Watching Circon playing on Fishermans Bay.. Got the same side of this map lol.

  32. T-150 107mm gun I think

  33. Why not shoot through wall holes?

  34. t150 use the same gun as kv5 lol

  35. U should do some guide for bad players like me where to go on maps and how to play propperly. Ur effectiveness stuning me. In same situations i lame mostly, or just enemies never plays like urs. Great score!
    Ps. Sorry for language errors. English is not my national language.

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