The $50 MILLION Tank in World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is excellent at making us want to buy tanks, no matter cost! Today I talk about a tank that's made $ million


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. What you neglected to mention in relation to Digital Goods is .. WoT within the EULA reserves the right to (in simple terms) “nerf” those digital goods as they see fit. So they can always reduce the value of the good you purchased and do not have to compensate you (though they often do something to make it seem like a fair value). ALSO as they keep changing and adjusting the game, the digital good you purchased can become almost useless. Imagine any tanks someone bought and then they change how Arty works or change how HE shells work or change how Gold shells work or etcetera…. Or think of the power creep that occurs. More premium thanks with more power or more armor or more “X” all to encourage more sales. So what you buy eventually becomes almost useless in the adjusted world/

    And I think this is the big thing about digital games people never think of. Lets say I take up a past time like bowling. I buy a ball and bag and other equipment to improve, and I spend time and effort practicing and learning how to bowl. And except for wear and tear on the items I bought, and the cost of perhaps renting lanes to bowl, are they going to change the rules on me and suddenly everything I bought is no longer useful? Nope. But the digital world, by design, is constantly changing. And with those changes, if you buy digital goods, they quickly (it is the digital age) become more obsolete and lose value. So sure WoT may be around another 10, 20, even more years. But how useful will the tanks bought today be in the future?

  2. Trust me, every single one of the Chinese/Taiwanese and Korean sweatfucks have one Skorpion G. There’s at least 1or 2 in each team in every single match, and 90% of the time it’s a sweaty ass loser from the above mentioned countries.

  3. out of 1 tank they made 50kk and they cant fix the bloody map rendering and tanks still shoot you when their gun is covered by the terrain when on ridge?!. WP wg wp

  4. Just because some beta fucks can’t play the game without having some sort of advantage to compensate for their autism, they spend sh!t ton of money on trash like this.

    And every single pathetic scummy money-wh0re video game company knows about it and use it to fill their pockets.

    If you pay money for this shit then you’re the reason why assh0les like EA are still in business.

    You’re the rats that are feeding the parasites.

  5. Scorpion: Shot fired!
    SU-130PM: Am I a joke to you?

    Scorpion firing again: Yes!

  6. 10:30 Where the video actually starts.

  7. What about the Su130pm?

  8. Inawana Industries

    I know you covered them in a different video, but do you think the double barrelled heavy tanks will be added to the North American console servers?

  9. What is the least profitable tier 8 premium for wargaming?

  10. I really hates Skorpion G

  11. Pay to camp. Great video. 😛

  12. The recent rulings in the U.S. on owning software have come down to whether or not there is support for the purchased product. Once there is no more support the user is free to hack and do whatever to use their purchase. I would think that people would set up servers for the game if support were to end.

  13. What about other platforms like console and tablet. Even higher i reckon

  14. 50-100 mill and they still greedy… You never talk about unbalanced teams in random battles, and short battles and how they make money to WG… You talk about WoT only in good light, about things on sandbox server you talk in bad/good light. But, you never give opinion on MM and his bad sides…

  15. WoT now a days be like 4hp arty hp? lets load a gold round just in case.

  16. Facing the Skorpion G is like facing arty: all your clever tactics and dynamic playstyle ruined by an unseen all powerful machine. I got nothing against hidden snipers, but this one is just too powerful.

  17. QB: They made 50 milion dollars on it
    WG: *laughs with pity*

    WG: Still not enough, try again

  18. Timothy Lanz Bermudez

    Do you think, he should have just wasted the 4 gold ammo and used the last HE shell so that he could have had the Fadin’s medal?

  19. Last twitch chat??

  20. As an ANZ player who owns this TD I can tell you most games have at least 2 Skorps per team. Big seller here, too.

  21. I am with WOT from the begining. Only once on 8th anniversairy they give me one day premium, couple of milions and that all!

  22. Stephen Tartenpion

    Oh, the sunny holidays of the wargamming management team !!! I send a CV !

  23. Got it from the christmas boxes 🙂

  24. hey Quickybaby, really like your content! I really like to play WOT myself but i can’t help but notice that the one sided battles (battles where one team just totally dominates) are occuring more and more on the EU server. If I can remember corretly, way more so than they used to. Now I feel these are really frustrating , both when I am on the losing site and on the winning. I wondered how this comes that these sort of battles are increasing and what could be a possible sollution for this. Are Wargimg working on a sollution for this problem that u know of?
    Thanks in advance.

  25. I received mine in a Christmas box

  26. Just to make sure, did you include the skorpion and skorpion G in the 500.000 tanks? There was a chance where we were able to exchange the G for the non G.

  27. I got the non skinned version for 50% off when they were selling them if you had the skinned version in your garage, but I only had the rental skinned version. So I couldn’t resist, 50% off is a good price for that tank.

  28. No success is free to take. I think Wargaming has done a good job so far, but as players, we certainly deserve more love from them, with the amount of money they have made. From another perspective, this also tells us that gaming is more and more becoming a way of daily entertainment for the public. That’s how those gaming companies could possibly develop so big.

  29. i got the skorpion for free in a free loot box and i hated it. it’s too slow so it’s not that easy to relocate to the other side of the battlefield – terrible hull/turret traverse and it has no chance to bounce any shots. this tank is very popular for passive players that like to sit in the rear and snipe- and this is why it IS popular since many wot players want to do nothing but sit in the rear and snipe. i kept it for around 20 matches and then traded it in for another premium tank.

  30. I really hate the Skorpion please delete

  31. If this proves anything, it proves that gaming is the most expensive entertainment industry and overpriced compared to others. In most ways thats totally fine, depends though. Definitely pushing some barriers.

  32. Bot enemies trying to cap in the replay. XD

  33. Panagiotis Constantinou

    There’s always some common factors in a guy soloing 5-6 tanks, as i noticed by watching similar clips.
    1: the enemy tds don’t guard a key position.
    2: there is always an enemy tank going afk or getting stuck somewhere.

  34. Russians don’t neccesarily have that kind of money to drop on a f2p game, so maybe thats why it has not sold so well there…

  35. Its mind boggling how many people spend their money on a bunch of pixels

  36. World of Tanks is a fantastic game. It’s a GAME, so why do some people get so serious and upset ovar minor problems.
    My advise: Just enjoy the game!

  37. I’m here wondering whether or not wg is using wot blitz as a test bed for ATGM with the release of Sheridan that actually fires ATGM. (Plus, it’s prammo). Imagine WoT with ATGM. Ugh.

  38. you think about all that cash they make for pixels… then think about how much they don’t invest into multiple maps, server lag, client management, advertising, match maker software… insert long list of complaints here. Pretty piss weak considering the pile of cash they sit upon.

  39. consider the word regardless… it is relevant.

  40. Yeah but you only hit 10% of your shots. Soft stats are abysmal.

  41. Well played but I may have ended @9:27 with the crit hit only from the T28 prototype quite unexpected 😉

  42. nearly half as many as on the EU region….THYATS CUS ITS NOT RUSSIAN…check out the rivals SU-130PM on the Russians server please QUICKY your comp aint full if those stats aint here

  43. what about the T34 in the life of WoT how many sold?????

  44. IS6???

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