The 9.20 BatChat SuperTest Changes Look Terrible

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  1. “The only people who say a batchat is overpowered is people who have never played the batchat.” I totally agree. I have 2400 games in the batchat and I consider myself very good in it…often people will trash me in game or in personal messages saying autoloaders are OP and broken and I’m a bitch for playing one. Then I go and check their tank list and their autoloaders will literally be the worst DPG and win rate of any of their tier 10 tanks. I had one guy get pissed at me for killing him with my batchat and he said it’s OP and broken but he only had 1400 damage per game in the batchat and 44% wins while his other tanks had much better stats.

    In the current meta-the batchat is very difficult to play. The gun is very slow to aim and not reliable so if you are at a distance where you can consistently pen a heavy tank’s weakspot (with or without prem), you are at a distance that almost any heavy tank in the game can just snap shot you for 25-45% of your HP.

    People say the batchat should be a flanking tank but come on…this is world of corridors. The first half of the game is either sniping or brawling-both of which the batchat isn’t super good at. It takes a very skilled player to excel and do damage early game in the batchat without giving up a lot of HP. It’s only late game that the batchat has the option to flank heavy tanks but even then, with the new pen change, it’s going to struggle on the side of the type 5 and maus.

    For my first 1800 games in the batchat I ran 30-0-0 on my load out and now I run 15-15-0 just like I see you doing. Despite shooting roughly 20-60k more credits worth of prem shells per game-I do roughly the same amount of damage.

    And I agree that the batchat rarely clips out tanks. I HATE fighting object 140’s and object 907’s with my batchat because in a brawl it takes a lot of skill to hit all 5 shots quickly and even if you do…there is currently a chance to low roll and not kill the tank. But even if you shoot as fast as possible-the RU meds can usually hit you 3 times and to me-it’s not worth pushing a 907 on full health. If I track/bounce/low roll one shot I’m dead but if I succeed I still have half health. The risk is not worth the reward in the CURRENT meta. They talk about clipping tanks like it’s some wet dream but to me-it’s like the 183…yeah it can one shot tanks…but realistically it rarely happens.

  2. I uninstalled the game. I feel better now.

  3. I see that lemming is very happy about this change

  4. all they needed to do was nerf the view range of BC so LT are more prominent fr spotting, anyways with this big HD model BC was gonna suck anyways cause BC strength is its so low profile.. WG are drunk

  5. Never owned the Batchat and This is pants on head retarded. I understand how its supposed to play and how Derpy its gun is and see no reason for thece shanges whatsoever.

  6. Told you, after nerving the Artys the Cryer’s now complained on WG about the next thing annoying them..

  7. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Nerf to Bat-Chat is literally the best news since… Well, a long time. Even better than E5 nerf.

  8. I love how they call this “making the vehicle more fearful.” Maybe more fearful to play.

  9. its pretty similar to 13 57F u know that 8 rounds prem french tank . tier 7. some says its overpowerd due to the fast reload speed and 1s delay between each shell. but when u play it . its hard af. i dont have a bc yet iam at its tier 9 atm but i dont think iam gonna go to bc 25t… wg killed its play style :v

  10. Lemming Rush: You just told exactly the same what I think of these changes and especially about the frustration you get after you have spent a lot of time to grind something… You just can’t always circle a tank in order to get some side shots. I’m fed up with these changes and it will surely effect on my game play, because I’m not gonna play certain tanks any more.

  11. long grind to batchat.payed not soo good in the coming patch..can we give a bug F*** to wargaming??

  12. I get what you are saying. I have a bat chat. i dont want to see it nerfed. Was my 2nd tier 10 out of 15. When you say it’s unfair for an avg player to buy a t10 and and see their win rate increase you sound kind of elitest. I’ve worked my ass off for years in this game and still I’m a 48.5% player with a 957 wn8 that’s been stuck there for over a year. Even if I had a maus or type 5 I guarantee you I would not have a 50% win rate. Just doesn’t work like that.

    I agree with you about not changing tier 10’s though because it does take a lot of time and money to get there.

  13. The only way to win now is to stop playing their shitty game

  14. They nerfed the wrong thing about that Batchat, I get why all these people are complaining but at the moment the Batchat is the strongest or second strongest tier 10 and Is played in 90% of comp games, the only tank that might be stronger is the maus. The thing that made the batchat that good wasn’t the gun, it was its speed as it has the speed of the light tanks. What I think they should of done is buff the gun handling and aim time, but nerf the top speed.

  15. Last I read , aren’t they nerfing the Type 5 and type 4 weak points in the front, the 2 ports armor is going down making them a little more easy to pen.

  16. they better not f*cking mess with the bchat. just think of all the big players or all the big clans and stuff they will raise hell if this actually goes through

  17. I recently researched the Bat Chat and am severely disappointed with these changes. I don’t think I’ll buy it now.

  18. 48% to 55% is more like 14% and 48% to 53 is like 10% increases in win rate, which is worse.

  19. Batchat won’t be able to fight superheavies anymore, even with gold ammo? Gee, that sounds like something that Murazor, a guy who only plays heavy tanks, would want to see happen. Dude is fucking our game up so that he can live out his fantasy of playing a fat slab of steel that requires no skill besides pressing W to roll over its opponents.

  20. Tried to use a cool nickname but failed miserably

    I’m seriously considering quitting this game. After 20k+ battles and a good amount of money invested, I just don’t have time for all this bullshit anymore. Nerfing tanks that need no nerfing, buffing ones that need no buffing, and also shit like Ranked Battle mode, the new arty and whatnot.

    Also, through all the years I’ve played online games I noticed that when games are beginning to die, the companies will start making it a huge grind just to stay relevant in the game. Just like the Ranked Battle mode is right now. It makes the addicted people keep playing, to give the impression that the game is still relevant. And it lasts for years like that.

    WG never plans carefully what their next moves will be. The Ranked Battle mode was rushed, just like the “balancing” of tanks are rushed – which is why so many tanks receive megabuffs or meganerfs. It’s sad that this game became what it is now, it had so much potential to be an actually balanced F2P but it seems that the developers have no idea what they’re doing. Or maybe they have and they’re actually doing all this stuff on purpose, which is even worse.

    I might play every now and then but I think that the feeling I had when I started playing this game years ago will never come back. I wonder if they’ll start selling these Bonds, then I’ll be sure it’s happening just like in any other game that started dying before.

  21. LemmingRush, whats the best way to let Wargaming know that I feel exactly the same as you? Feck buddy I started playing this game last year and have slowly been working my way up to the BatChat as my first tier 10, I’m about 50k XP away and I’ve spent probably about 200$ on this game already, this really feelsbadman. Since I heard this news I haven’t played World of Tanks again, if they go through with this one it’ll be the straw that breaks this camel’s back. If Wargaming can just decide to nullify months & months of time + effort + money that I have put in, why am I wasting it on this game then? Do they have the right to do this to me when I supported them?? Do they have any bloody respect for their player base??? I don’t know how this all will play out, but the Batchat changes will make me delete this game for real finally..

  22. Hey.

    I think the source of your annoyance, like your examination of it begins and ends with writing.

    First, you don’t like what they wrote and that is a matter of copywriting. Copywriters are not there to tell the truth or make shockingly cogent arguments. Their squalid function is to take a set of parameters handed down from on high and translate those things into stuff that gets mentioned in concise boilerplate copy.That is the life of the copywriter. Most of them are soulless hacks and the world might be a slightly better place if a significant number of them woke one morning to discover an irresistible urge to step off a tall building.

    Couple that the idea that WG is a foreign company and it is easy to imagine their advertising department’s using non-native writers to write their English and trusting their writers to be their own editors—a way of doing things that anyone born before the internet would find ludicrous.

    A proper editor would have instantly seen that the writer wrote “fearful” meaning: “Afraid—filled with fear,” instead of “fearsome,” meaning: “inspiring fear.” Editors who cannot do have their keyboards broken over a Janitor’s knee and are left in the slums of Tijuana with a bottle of tequila where they are forced to offer oral pleasure to strangers for money if they are to have any chance of getting home again.

    Seriously, no matter where they come from, copywriters are likely the only language professionals who’ve written more than they’ve read.

  23. Dumitrescu Costin

    best speed best camo take 1 hit rape the one who shoots u then some trollish armor yeah i hope they nerf this pos to oblivion

  24. Concur the same patch that buffed the type 5 nerfed the 110e5

  25. anyone actually expect WG to come up with something smart?

  26. Why not just give it 360 alpha like 13-105 has so the clip potential would be same as 6×300.. Problem solved. No need to add shells to clip or adjust the reload etc..and of could just keep the pen as it is.. bounces like hell anyways

  27. the maus is now what they wanted the E5 to be. even the noobs can get green/blue winrates. the noobs in the E5 were hard to kill but couldnt get a 55% wr just because they played it. they did what they wanted with the maus. they tried to do this with the WTE100 but couldnt bacuse noobs can only play a tank with a shitload of armor. you, LR need to realise that WG is convinced that 55+% of their revenue comes from these noobs. even tho it probably does considering all the gold spamming mice and tp5s. They could soon switch it from the maus to f.e. the IS-4 but i dont see a reason for that as they this time finally did it right.

  28. Oh great, medium tank nerfs. Can’t wait to my beloved 113 gets a nerf ha ha he he hue hue! It’s only a matter of time, WG will nerf LTs MTs then HTs and last but not gonna be very far from nerfs are TDs! Ha ha he he hue hue! Then they’ll buff Russian tanks and buff arty because it’s the most logical thing to do!

  29. cealera alexandru

    Cry me a river :))))) u people every time u cry 😛

  30. the real med t10 need a buff its the m48 (better armor or better top speed)

  31. Chimonakimi WoT-Console

    Come play console, they won’t change shit, we still have the Waffle, and the Death Star actually recently received a buff.

  32. lemming are u some kind child rapist nigga u sound weird as shit

  33. Use to be a WOT addict, but I have been clean now for 40 days.

    Sooo glad i quit the game.

  34. only people who hasn’t play the mouse or t110i5 say that they should be nurfed

  35. =( all that investment into this game since beta….sigh… things are really turning me off to continue the game…

  36. Herr Schicklgruber

    This is the same supertest that buffs the 140, because it’s so weak right? At least they nerf some Maus armor – the hull floor from 250 mm to 50. So when a Maus flips on to it’s side it’s totally balanced.

  37. Rip t110e5 now sucks thhx wg

  38. The AMX 30 B gets nerfed to… grinding that tank is also a waste of time now…

  39. Very good comments on tier X nerfs. I have just stopped using gold to convert XP to get to tier X because WG will just nerf the tank when I get it making me feel literally robbed.

  40. I heard that they are nerfing the maus and type 5 heavy. I’m quite happy hearing even though maus has had a special place in my heart for like 4 years. I just hope they don’t over nerf it and make it worse than it was before the unneccesary nerf. I’m not sure about the changes but if I could make change to the type 5 heavy I would take out the “derp” gun as it makes playing against it stupid as it’s nearly impossible to not get hit hard even with the maus. Also I think they should make the cupola and some part of the frontal hull weaker as it’s now impossible to pen it with normal rounds of most of the tanks that are tier 9 and only tier 9 with a good chance to pen the front are tds and as tds usually play better from far range the penetration is going to drop and then they can’t do shit about it. Also most of the tier 10 are also unable to pen it. I just looked it up and suprise only tds with good chance to pen it

  41. At sometimes your commentary sounds kinda stupid… You clearly haven’t seen that the type 5 and maus are getting nerfed

  42. absolutely agree, lemming! My first thoughts were the same as yours, even though I don’t have the bat chat. When I play my E5 or Amx 50b or Cent AX, I don’t consider a Bat Chat that is more than 200m away a real treat for me. Even at close range and with reduced HP I am 70-80% sure I’ll survive.
    Edit: Yesterday I met QB with my Cent AX in Ranked, as he was trying to get his chevrons in the Bat Chat. He was on the enemy team. He fired the entire clip at me, but only 2 shells hit

  43. Ofc, cause fck WG. That’s why I stoped playing this game. You invest money to get a tank, then they nerf it. I was expecting WG to nerf Maus tbh, but ofc they have to nerf the BatChat cause its “OP”, Maus is perfectly “balanced”.

  44. Just saw the video and got reminded I didn’t update the article 😉 But just to let you know, those aren’t “my words”, they were the information I got from translating a massive article in Russian. Bound to make mistakes, but some information wasn’t clear.

  45. Nicola Signorelli

    I really appreciate your content LR keep on and have a nice day!

  46. I have spent over a year trying to get a B-C and I’ve finally researched it, if they bring this out I won’t buy it, I’m currently waiting so I don’t waste money

  47. I haven’t played the batchat, I think it’s OP, beacause only unicums play it.

  48. WG need to watch your videos! You are the realest youtuber out there. done.

  49. Batchat is overpowered as hell….i am a fan of your game but this thing is right and it is isnt very hard to play….Its a medium with a speed of a light and damage potential more than anything on the battle field in a clip if loaded….if you hit 4 our of 5 shells you dish out 1600k damage and then run away…get a single hit or 2 at most maybe ….and then come back again and finish off the crippled tank….Yes the pen is an issue but only on premium ammo…7mm on standard ammo isnt going to make a huge difference….

  50. i needed 10k xp for the wt auf e100 and then the removed it so all my progress was for nothing grille is sucking hard in my opinion.

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