The Abominable Snow Kitty – War Thunder Tanks

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. yes baron love ur vids

  2. Because of Baron, I love War Thunder

  3. Henrik Bloch Helmers


  4. eyyyy

  5. Remember baron to much sugar gets u horny ?

  6. I didn’t even know that war thunder was a game before i watched one of his


  8. hi slick

  9. hello baron!

  10. these fucking big tobacco ads are so annoying

  11. bro ur channel support politics? lol so many political adds

  12. Play Red Orchestra

  13. good to see WAWA is spreading down in FL now too…

  14. Leopard=not enough armor
    Maus= too much armor

    Soviet tanks= perfect balance between both

    gaijin says is balanced

  15. Its so funny to see people are crying in the forums that the leo is too op
    lol… I think most of them never even played it.
    Lets sum up: it has one of the most advanced engines ingame, it’s very
    light because it has no armor. Yet its not more maneuverable than a T54
    which weights way more and has a worse engine… hmm… the gun of the T54
    isn’t that worse either, in fact it’s good enough to kill anything ingame.
    And the argument which fucks me most is “you dont need any Armor in T5″….
    people who thinks like this never even tried the leo. it’s so frustrating
    getting oneshotted by t44s or zsus.
    And if you are no premium customer and don’t wanna farm like 6 month for
    heatfs, you need to use apds which is bullshit af. so often ive shot
    russian tanks in the side, critting the ammorack, but nothing happened.
    they just turn they turret slowly and oneshot me.
    lets not talk about the RNG with the apds, you’ll almost bounce like 50% of
    your shells.
    So armor doesn’t matter? try to kill a IS4 with apds in a cqb combat
    Also what’s the point of having no armor when even a T10 outspeeds you?…
    “there’s no anti-german-bias… ”
    yeah right…

  16. u wot m8? u wanna get shived m8?

  17. german 7.7 and 6.7 = struggle bus right now plez nerft nerf is4m, t10m and
    the later mod 49 and 51 t 54

  18. +BaronVonGamez well you should have shot the weakspot right where that
    little bulge in the upper plate of the hull is

    anyone knows thats the is4 weakspot

    come on did you buy all of this with GE or did you actually grind?

  19. Hey you are white too – Slick 2K15

  20. the obvious American

    baron you should try out armored warfare

  21. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    they added ai at guns into the game on some maps, They also added ai anti

  22. aaaaaaand arcade…

  23. Uncle Sam wants YOU to race in M22!

  24. you looked right at the T-54 at the end of the video :P


  26. Does someone know why I can’t play Armored Warfare? Every time I start a
    battle I get thrown back in the Garage and the tank is in the battle

  27. How would i know if someone is a PlayStation 4 player in War Thunder?

  28. baron you were making so many mistakes when driving the maus it hurt for
    example you could have easily killed that IS-4M in one shot if you had HE

  29. See how useless German tanks are in WT xD its just ridiculous.

  30. 7:50 then imagine you shoot at a heavy bomber like a b-29 or something like
    that with you little 12 mm machine gun that can’t damage shit then he drops
    a 1.000 kg bomb on you, your bullets hit the bomb in mid-air, the bomb
    explodes and completely shreds the bomber… EPIC

  31. “We’re slowly creeping up” Baron says while speeding away in his leopard at
    42 km

  32. u should play a b17 e late in sim the definition of overpowered

  33. Baron, what recording/editing software do you use?

  34. Bounces panther 2 t-54s like om nom nom

  35. baron sucks in playing war thunder

  36. Those Edge shaving foam commercials are fucking annoying

  37. BaronVonRekt

  38. “Fuck everythiiiiiiing”

  39. BOHICA!!!

  40. god dammit baron,
    shoot the driver hatch on is4m

  41. they killed my dream with the tiger :(

  42. Damn baron, must be so much fun being you. Wish I could one day be like
    you, but it’ll never happen ;-;

  43. DeadFrontierBySeba17

    baron at 9min shots at that angle and his suprised hes not pening lol…
    baron plez l2p

  44. When I saw that Maus, I was like “Yeah! Leopard and Maus! Cat squad! Wait,
    a mouse isn’t a cat…”

  45. this game is aids somedays..

  46. Baron if you want to kill an IS4M from the front without HEATFS or APDS you
    need to shoot at the driver optics. There is a small hole in the 140mm
    front armor, right behind the optics (120mm not sloped aromored when I
    remember it correctly). Through this hole you can even kill it with an
    8.8cm gun (tried it out, not only in a testdrive).

  47. I don’t know why you complain about your gun you just don’t realize the
    great rate of fire

  48. this hole vid you got killed by russian tanks no other nation

  49. WHAT ARE THOSEdo the tiger 2 10.5

  50. Chemistry´s the best!

    how do you know someone is a ps4 player?

  51. always shoot the bigger threat to your tank baron…if you had saved the
    shot on the panther and instead shot the T54 you could have lived

  52. u neve hve fun in this gme unless u use russi cuz its so “equl”

  53. Lol and some guys in gaijin’s boards have the nerve to claim the is4 is
    very easy to kill from the front. And even say the new br compression is

  54. AUCH MEIN GOTT, it’s so fluffy!

  55. request towing if in slow tank

  56. #baronrages

  57. And some people have the audacity to say Russians aren’t overpowered lol…

  58. Baron has played so much arcade that he cannot shoot a tank straight
    without arcade help

  59. what about shadow play for recording?

  60. Baron is a Fucking Idiot in this situations!

  61. every shot must be a dice roll, so even a shot that is an instant kill can
    roll 01 and bounce. I’m SURE

  62. That m4 made my day

  63. Shout out to WaWa!

  64. This just comes to show how broken WT’s BR system is, and how prevalent the
    Russian Bias is.

  65. Didn’t gaijin put out a fix for those who abused the low vid settings in
    one of their last updates?

  66. The moment you realised that those rounds don’t kill SHIT anymore.

  67. Baron. You have been playing this game for how many years? And you still
    don’t understand the point of the game?

    To die in glorious battle against the Soviets.

  68. Morgoth’s unholy sphincter Slick is an idiot.

  69. Meerkat Von Meerkat

    Do people dislike the ps4 players that play the pc games like what thunder
    black light retribution and planetside?

  70. gaijin should add nukes only accessible from a russian tank

  71. T54, now supporting top secret see through camouflage armor system
    prototype made by glorious mother land!

  72. I think they should add a tank in the game that is purely a derp tank, like
    say making a top Tier tank that does has say a 37mm gun but drives super

  73. Play the russian tier2 premium SMK. 2 turrets.

  74. war thunder has turned to shit

  75. now it Baron talking like crazy and Slick is calm. :/

    Hahahaha awesome ending to that game.

  77. t-10 m

  78. Custom battle idea: Cat and Maus. Hellcats and Mauses, brawl to the death
    starting at long range.

  79. Loved the bit when you Arty’d the doughnut on finland to flush that dude
    out, priceless

  80. 7:30 OMG that Jumbo 76 r3kt a M103!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH OH OH! O MY GOD!
    MLG PRO SKILLZ 420/420 IGnN

  81. its painful to watch you can one shot everything with HEATFS youcant even
    kill a t54 disgusting gameplay

  82. “FUCK EVERYTHINGGGGGG” hahaha, this KILLED me Baron!

  83. Shouldn’t they just remove planes from these battles? They always just try
    and Ram kill someone.

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