The Abrams Family / War Thunder

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Source: Thunder. Official channel.

We doubt that there are people watching this channel that have never heard about the legendary M1 Abrams — an American MBT that left its mark in dozens if not hundreds of combat zones. has thick armor, impressive firepower, extremely high mobility and bleeding edge digital systems. All major variants of this vehicle are present in Thunder — from early prototypes to modern that are still in use around the globe.



  1. Will there be armor packages for the abrams? It does get additional side armor with most.

  2. I have been on the M1 Abrams series tank since 1997. M1 with 105MM to the M1A1SA and M1A2 SEPv1 and V2. If the M1A2 is in the game hopefully it has the designator feature. Plus the Ammo capacity of the M1A2 is 42 Main gun rounds. the Special Heat round he was talking about is the MPAT round. Multipurpose Anti tank round….Designed specifically not only to destroy light armor but Aviation as well…all the loader had to do was toggle to tip of the round from Air to ground. the XM908 (later designated M908) is the Bunker Buster (OR = Obscuration Reducing) round. I cannot wait to grind to the thank I rode for many years. BTW, the 120mm smooth bore is the German Rheinmetal M256 gun used on the Leopard 2 Tanks

  3. When you realise the Abrams series aren’t even that good

  4. Until you implement the actual armor values

    • Mr Turner What are the actual armor values?

    • Hazardous Aprox upwards of 700mm of equivalent steel, and more on the newest version

    • Mr Turner That is more believable. The depleted uranium armor is the same except the remove a whole chunk and add in a plate of DU. Since the original armor was 400ke. I’d say max is 650ke. Doesn’t make sense to go above. Gen 2 might improve it but not a lot. Gen 3 is the same but it has higher armor integrity.

  5. The M1 has been able to pen Soviet tanks from 2000m away anywhere due to the fact they kept getting better rounds before russian armor could over come the M829 APFSDS DU round variant they were using at the time. They have the M829 A4 now but not much is known about it though considering it’s secretive nature. If only the they could model the M1A2 armor accurately but sadly it’s classified stuff so they can’t.

  6. So no changes to assignments(only four tracking and stupid requirements for masterys) and the fact you cant equip earned specialization in the same round?
    Nope wont come back. Not worth my time.

  7. Soviet Iosif Stalin tanks

  8. and I’ve killed all of them with the asu?

  9. And I thought the name abram are from the president abram Lincoln

  10. gaijn great video but um can you please fix the first 2 Abrams rounds there incorrect

  11. Can we see a buff to the m1 Abrams armor I know it’s classified but with how many weakpoints it has 500 mm on the turret wouldn’t be too bad

  12. Gaijin u want to sell more XM1s? Its not like every 5th player doesnt have it, also premiums for other countries … and then people talk about ruined balance but they participate in it.

  13. All those m1 abrams versions but they dont have a fkin simple smoke shell , yea im gonna stick to the best one normal m1 5 sec reload coz point click is for pussies

  14. Gajin mixed up the documents the t80 has the Abrams survivability and the Abrams gets one-tapped like a t72 scrap metal .

  15. give the tank to all not just xbox!!!

  16. Add the early T90 to counterbalance the Abrams

  17. “All major variations are present in War Thunder”

    Where’s the M1A2 Mobile Bridge Carrier?

  18. Sustitutos en español

  19. Goddammit Gaijin! Shaped charges are not molten! REEEE

    Also, failed to mention the XM-803 prototype between the MBT-70 and M1? Would have at least been worth bringing up

  20. OP and the ADATS is too! Other factions need a buff against this Bias… (except Germany. Germany is fine)

  21. As an egyptian i would be glad that my country would have the M1A2 but we dont we have the older version M1A1 which we locally produce and we have around 1,200 of these tanks in our army

  22. IS FAMILY!!!!!

  23. Do the soviet t series i mean tank series example: t26 to t80

  24. Or add F18 in war thunder

  25. pfffftt
    high tier is shiteee
    tier 1-3 where the fun at
    each nation get their chance

  26. Yeah go on, make more american bias cases, its not like if we have enough in game already.

  27. War thunder. I’m never heard of them

  28. Godzilla3454 Lol lol lol

    Bring the maus back but with a weaker engine and transmission and slower turret turn rate

    • Why …why not remove all American prototypes from that BR as well,why not remove helicopters from BR’s where they meet WWII stuff …

  29. Panther Fridays for displacment

    can you pleas for the love of god either lower the BR of some of the Axis nations Tanks to 9.0 ish to counter the XM-1 or increas its BR to atleast 9.3.. it is as of the only 9.0 that combines TWS, Compositarmour and a 1500hp engine with a decent gun, RoF and shell.

  30. T-90 when?

  31. Inb4 gib m833

  32. Penetrators with „DU“ … Immediate dislike for the disrespect- we don’t even have the m1a1 with its upgrade Package nor the m829a1 – and the Stock m1 still sits at 10.0 ??

  33. Homeless Mother Of Nine

    Challenger 2 with Tes and the challengers getting actual rounds that they could fire oh say the challenger 2 getting L26a1 and the challenger 1s getting L26, like they actually could fire irl considering the challenger 2s L30 cannon cant even fire standard L26

  34. fix game plz

  35. VSSR - VR Socialist Soviet Republic

    8:43 here we see the Soviet blowout panels at work, also known as the ‘turret’.

  36. **sad M2A2 sounds**

  37. 6:38 … up to 1000 m! That’s 1 m. thick plates?

  38. And now put that Br up to 9.7 with
    XM-1, Leopard A1A1 (L/44) and Type 74G.

  39. Sea vixen maybe?

  40. I disliked it because of the trauma it caused me last year

  41. nice vid like always but

    U dont have shame of showing modern tanks in a berlin wwii map? 😀 really?

  42. Would like to see ammo types for SPAA and AAA tanks for a video for new players knows what to use.

  43. Looks a lot like a finished MBT-80…

  44. 8.7 is world of XM-1 now
    Everygame 50%~60% are XM-1
    How to play in 8.7 ?

  45. Bùi Trọng Việt

    Premiums ruined the Maus…

  46. Bring back the maus

    My fellow players will PROTEST
    Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus “or else” bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus Bring back the maus !

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