^^| The actual Panther Tank in WoT. Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. Probably would’ve won had you not poked on the 304 like a moron.

  2. Been grinding this one out, just elited it and had a near 3k damage Ace
    Tanker match. Not a terrible tank, fast in a straight line and a decent gun
    for sniping. Hate the huge profile coupled with lack of armor (turret is
    weak outside of mantlet and mantlet also has a huge hole behind it in the
    center area) but the health pool is nice. Wish it had a bit better traverse
    or acceleration so it could do more medium things but it’s more of a
    mid/long-range medium-TD hybrid, which I’m expecting to be the case with
    the Panthers. Always play it after my E8 and end up being too aggressive.

  3. uses gold against two Arty’s and an elc, ultimate scrub

  4. the gun and mobility on this tank is really fun

  5. Have fun in Norway Circon;)

  6. Nice game, Circon, keep it up :)

  7. was it changed in the last 2 patches? the VK3002M?

  8. About time someone played this tank. I’d love to see more games with this

  9. I dream of taking Circon out with my ELC. XD

  10. Sli is a massive pain in the ass. Every driver update you have to
    reconfigure it. Not worth it, imo

  11. why load gold for arty and elc? he had standard loaded before that.

  12. Lol the baby Panther. I really love this tank got my first and only
    radley-walters medal in it and aced it after 5 games^^ I think about
    keeping it because its a fun tank and the upgraded Panther at Tier 7 Looks
    so fucking stupid with that turret…

  13. That whole ELC bashing was fucking pathetic… He outplayed you and the
    cromwell and you can’t muster the basic decency to acknowledge a good play
    by enemy player.

  14. 1 arty and a ELC left… Let´s load APCR

  15. whoa i have entered the 350 and under club now.. number 224 woot

  16. i would use this tank if it had the tier 7 panthers armor but sacraficed
    some speed but i dont see the point of it without the armor its essentially
    a slow cromwell

  17. I really liked the baby Panther.

  18. Live now at twitch.tv/circon ! Last day before going back to norway! :D

  19. Hullo Circon Kappa

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