The Adventures Of Lola & Phly Ep.1 (War Thunder Tank Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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The Adventures Of Lola & Phly Ep.1 ()

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  1. first

  2. second

  3. Second

  4. The beginning lmao

  5. +PhlyDaily on a low tier tank? whats happening?

  6. dang well I got second

  7. Best girlfriend ever!

  8. hello ppl

  9. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    THX plhy!!!

  10. Wait what who ha what?! wut/1

  11. now I’m just waiting for Lola to start her own gaming channel

  12. 252 views and 36 likes … Russian bias

  13. You two are awesome

  14. Laura is way better than you

  15. Ólafur Mikaelsson


  16. is it lola or Laura?? I’m confused af right now

  17. Of course they started her off with the russians 😛 jkjk. and Good Morning
    to everyone.

  18. Never let this series die…

  19. That thumbnail is nightmare fuel?

  20. Best opening!!!

  21. Falcon Thunder A-4

    Series ?

  22. +phly daily pls pls pls do MAUS vs m22s it would b the best

  23. +phlydaily

  24. Wow

  25. This is awesome phly. If you guys continue this i’ll gladly watch all of

  26. Phlydaily… U are legendary

  27. XD best video start ever!

  28. she is better then you Phly…

  29. 69th

  30. My synposis of this video: “Laura. Lau-Laura…. L-L-Laura? Laura where you
    at? Alright Laura.” :’)

  31. plz do moar of deez!

  32. I love this!! I’d love to see Lola rise through the ranks and drive higher
    tier tanks later!

  33. jealous bro, i wish my gal wanted to play war thunder

  34. U should play the pz ll g

  35. EPISODE 2?

  36. I think Lola does best in the KV-2 😀 Not best but actualy better than you
    sometimes, maybe you can make a epic Lola KV-2 shot montage.

  37. Keep this a serys

  38. Piotr Aleksandrowicz

    is Lola your wife Phly?

  39. I got a question I wants to use free golden eagle app but I got a ps4 and I
    set the email but when it tries to send Eagles to my ps4 account even tho I
    set the email right it won’t plz help.

  40. sebastian mcguinness

    9:09 “dang you’re fast”, that’s what she says to you every night phly am I
    right 😉 wink wink

  41. More adventures or Lola & Phly. Itll be cool to see you guys rise through
    the tiers.

  42. Awesome Gameplay from the both of you, Laura’s a Helluva fast learner. :D

  43. I want more of this phly. You should also do streams together cause this is

  44. Do i see a lolaweekly youtube channel?

  45. Do i see a lolaweekly youtube channel?

  46. that thumb nail is so creepy

  47. American Heavy Combo/Animal Combo (Attempt 6)
    Play the Endangered M6A1 Buffalo and the P-61 Black Widow with the 4 1000lb
    Deliver a taste of freedom to those Krauts!

  48. You and Lola Should play more often, when you are able to Phly, keep up the
    good work

  49. I’m just saying phly she did a LOT better than you, A LOT

  50. can we get a vid every 2 weeks to see her advancements on this :P

  51. I tell you, comrade this is match made in Gulag )))

  52. 0:22 i laughed so fuckin hard )))))

  53. Put her in the Maus :D

  54. i jut loved how Phly said “oh no you guys won’t kill her”. it was like so
    sweet idk

  55. ah, the comedic value of marriage

  56. Dude this is an amazing idea for a series! Keep it up!

  57. Imagine if she unlocks the kv2

  58. Lola play up to tie3 in arcade and than ur ready fo realistic battles wth
    ply :)

  59. GhostOfRhurValley 1945

    You guys should do this from now on too funny.

  60. Moar arcade!!

  61. fucking love this man xD these sounds make it alot funnier xD

  62. This is cute

  63. Awesome vid Phly and Laura, Dude that thumbnail tho! lol


  65. better than baron

  66. The beggings that phly has been doing are so funny!

  67. carlondus Ardoin

    bring lola again on the next video

  68. women and computer games /chuckle

  69. phly you have to see this i was ridding my new tank (tiger2 SLE) and i was
    bomt and i was destroyed but i can still ridding it look:
    and sorry for me bad english i am dutch so yea
    hoop you and enjoy love your man keep it going
    ps. for the photos copy and paste on a new tap

    cya mate

  70. that face swap is scary haha

  71. Im just here for commens

    Please make that a series

  72. Victor Lezhepekov


  73. phly can you do more warthunder videos with your girlfriend pls ? :)

  74. Phly, what is the best nation for tanks? Btw great video man luv it :)

  75. when you think her sneeze was a battlecry lol

  76. ERIC95 Yakhontov

    ME KILL PhlyDaily HA HA HA

  77. Phly are you going to make a series from this?

  78. Viva españa joder!

  79. it would be cool if laura made a channel like phly.

  80. phly can you make more low tier tank videos

  81. +PhlyDaily what pc does laura have or laptop 😛 #laura is better than you

  82. challenge!! land a B-29a-Bn superfortress on a aircraft carrier enjoy

  83. is she your sister phly ?..your both cute playing together btw ^_^

  84. The thumbail scares me.

  85. This is gold, Phly! LOL

  86. Yass, new series!!

  87. p51 20mm and the hellcat tank

  88. Let’s keep this series going!!!!


  90. Way to go Laura 🙂 I think I would rather listen to Laura than you Phly
    hahaha just kidding

  91. I play on ps4 so the controls are harder on the PC because I’m used to play
    on ps4 I mean there is more buttons to use so it’s hard to remember

  92. Sup

  93. please don’t use her anymore

  94. Keep on doing more of these videos

  95. it be cool if you can switch between the view of u too

  96. PhlyDaily is like a mother bird, teaching his chick to phly, haha.

  97. The Rascalous Roman

    1:21 is probably what happens in their bedroom. Poor Phly.

  98. Laura is a true natural tanker…. and i truly enjoyed listning to your
    talk.. hope to get more in the future. Phly thanx dude…peace out

  99. Did she wanted to play this game or you told her if she wanted to play war

  100. phly trying desperately not to laugh at her 13:00 his voice all messed up

  101. Is that even you in the thumbnail…

  102. that thumb nail!!! I was like who are those trannys!!!, before working it
    out! ha sorry phly! lol :)

  103. +PhlyDaily CHALLANGE!!!! Kill a Maus/ Panzer VIII with the MIGHTY PO-2

  104. Aawwwww mean Phly laughing his ass off at that planecrash :P

  105. Great job Laura!
    I wonder how long will it take for her to get high tiers tanks. Keep us

  106. Phly you dirty seal clubber

  107. I’d feel just like I killed little Bambi if I killed Laura in game! It’s
    just not right.

  108. Though I do remember being at her stage, this was really painful to watch

  109. Phly tried so hard no to lose his shit when she kamikaze’d the plane lmaooo

  110. Phly just wants to have a excuse to play low tier arcade

  111. That picture is really weird

  112. I play war thunder on the PS4!!!

  113. el tanque de la miniatura es español!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  114. love to see the gals have fun with the game. she did pretty good. was funny
    when she said, “i was going to kill this guy but he’s not letting me”.

  115. ThePantheon10Gaming

    Phly The Gentleman! :)

  116. This was the best video I’ve ever watched from you.

  117. wait does the bt5 have a range finder or is that a arcade thing?

  118. First, I would like to know what battlefield I’m going to be playing on,
    then assign what tanks to use! That’s the way they showed in being done in

  119. my prophecy: she will bring balance to the bias and unite the BR

  120. Austin Guadalcazar

    She’s better looking and a better tanker. Just give up phly

  121. Such cringe!
    I can’t tell if she’s got potential….
    Mostly because I have no idea what potential looks like…

  122. I don´t know if phly is so bad at war thunder or if he is doing it because
    of Laura.

  123. This is fantastic.

  124. challenge: you and lora playing tiger II H in realistic battle with
    standard shells, no ap.

  125. Duncan Beerewout

    The moment when we all started WT as noobs…its exactly as this :P

  126. i remember when laura streamed

  127. MOAR!!!!

  128. Arriba España! The thumbnail xD

  129. heres a challenge but this time its for laura.
    equip her with the kv-2 and make her shoot a 1km target

  130. Phly is such a nice man. From 13:48 to 14:29 Phly set up gives all the
    kills to Laura

  131. The face swap, dear god phly

  132. That kamikaze tho

  133. Let her play on your account with T-10 or leo 1

  134. this is what Entak did, before his channel died. do you guys remember that?

  135. da, t-26 is superior

  136. reminds me of me teaching my wife to play

  137. you have to do this more often this is hilarious

  138. awww please do more of these with her!!! this was awesome and extremely
    entertaining to watch! :D

  139. Francisco Guerrero

    Laura kamikaze!

  140. TheJamJar's Adventures

    lol love the intro #faceplant

  141. she is only good in the kv2

  142. Dude…you made her play War Thunder in exchange for making you go to the
    ballet or something, didnt you?

  143. TheJamJar's Adventures

    man havnt seen kursk in a long time

  144. When is Laura gonna put up her dank MLG tankscope montage

  145. Sir.HanzVonPanzerlied

    “there we go, press R to repair!” “F!” “Oh right my bad, F” At least
    you know she’s always right phly

  146. Smh?

  147. whoa…

  148. the dead silence every once and a while when you ask a question is just so

  149. Shibuntai Yellowgame

    A adventure ? Let’s go Centurion !

  150. Agent_nick _5000 (AgentNick5000)

    More game play and stuff with Laura ???? it’s a great change XD

  151. SomeRandom Subscriber

    “By us” did you mean to say bias? Lol

  152. I think this is a great idea for you phly and Laura to play together!

  153. “Damn, you are fast.” That WAS what she said. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) jk, she is good
    at war thunder as a new player.

  154. When she crashed at the beginning lmao

  155. Miss Phly!=)

  156. And i always play this game with my lonelyness~
    Nicely done btw XD

  157. Best video NA

  158. Adrián Galán Clemente

    hello from spain i love you videos

    saludos amigo soy de ESPAÑA y me encantan tus vídeos

  159. phly you are so polite Laura do this Laura do that then she sneezes bless
    you sweety then you return to warphly. more please if she wants too

  160. Yes phly! More is the answer I will give you.

  161. You should do this more often!! lol

  162. go as fast as you can!-Phly
    I’m going as fast as I Can! – Laura
    is this intentional or am I just seriously dirty minded cause it happened
    more than once

  163. First part killed me

  164. im confused who screen was we watching. all i saw is noobs :P

  165. new series?!
    Please for the love of god let it be a new series!!

  166. Murphy Williamson

    Why does you thumbnail BT have to be nationalist?

  167. this is going to be a good seris 🙂
    whach her be better then phly :)

  168. Couples that game together, stay together.

  169. well all I can say is that you gotta have a lot of patience when playing
    games with your GF. *sigh*

  170. Goals…..

  171. Very good apprentice Lola, congratulations, very fun games, greetings to

  172. don’t ever show a face swap again.

  173. LOL, that gun powder always make me sneeze too. This was so cool, your a
    lucky, LUCKY GUY! My generation of women just want to post selfies with
    their fake boobs to get money filled younger men to buy them into a new
    marriage. Especially if there’s Florida beach front property involved. The
    world of older single gamer guys is a cold one. Nobody my age in the female
    world would ever, ever play or even want to try, a video game, let alone
    sci fi movies or tv shows. Oh well…..I got my house, Harley, gun hobby,
    and music studio future plans. Game on Phly…and eternal happiness to you
    both. ;)

  174. GOEPT? Thats my squadron the best portuguse squadron . Nick-Daytona7

  175. I tried to introduce war thunder to a friend of mine, but when he died in
    his very first game, he left and said the game sucks.

  176. That intro was hilarious! great to see Laura playing with ya!

  177. That intro had me in tears

  178. Why isn’t Phly playing with Baron or Slick anymore?

  179. phly u a ill dude. I got mad respect for you after this episode .

  180. I was playing that tank a lot today but in realistic

  181. omg burn that thumbnail… I think Im gonna be sick..

  182. Manuel Arocho Jr

    It’s going to be amazing if this continues and they do t2 t3 and the hated
    ones t4-t5 which will be hectic for them :p

  183. Shzeanette Torres

    Girls rule lmao!!!

  184. cant what for realistic battles

  185. do more vids like this

  186. Hey, this was a pretty fun video. How neat

  187. phly what computer is she playing on?

  188. That intro made me fucking die so funny

  189. remember guys lola’s’ good games might not be phlys good games

  190. kv2 duo next time

  191. Russian bias

  192. That was very fun hahaha

  193. This reminds me of me on my first game of war thunder. Lola keep up the
    good work u r playing with one of the best.

  194. this is for entertainment for us xD

  195. did something happen between phly and baron?

  196. Just fucking marry her!!!

  197. This is gonna be an awesome series

  198. CheeseGaming101 GT

    Much better than me when I started. But if she want to be ruler in War
    Thunder she needs stronk KV 2 ze ultimate vodka dispenser and she will rule
    ze battlefield with our lord Stalin.

  199. Gabriel Mark (Gabrielol777)

    hhaha the dream x)

  200. teaching her on Russian tanks. good choice since Russian bias is a big
    thing in wt.

  201. Phly doing his part to resolve the War Thunder sausage fest issue brought
    up by IronArmenian.

  202. hahaha, this reminds me of when i was trying to teach my gf to play WoW…
    fun times XD

  203. Something very interesting happens with gamers. By playing one game, we
    learn how to experiment and almost immediately pick up the basics of all
    other games, but someone who has never played a game always has trouble
    taking those baby steps. I remember playing Halo 1 (my first game) and not
    knowing how camera and character movement worked

  204. has anyone else tried to teach a someone to play?

    I don’t know how phly has the patience

  205. its cute how much you adore your girl dude. very honourabu!

  206. How do you chage ennemys name colour please ?

  207. the animatior,the thierioest and the fact teller

    Can you play realistic with her? :)

  208. The breaking potatoes

    intro=me when xbox gets this game ??

  209. PhlyDaily + you should do more vids with laura!

  210. Hey Phly! Episode 2 you should be in a Jagdpanzer IV, it’s hell of a TD

  211. TheFirst&LastGam3r

    at least she tried

  212. let her on your other account and play 9.0 xD

  213. It’s hard to teach anyone this game. I can’t imagine teaching someone
    you’re dating.

  214. Phly can you do a video flying out the b29 please 🙂 ?

  215. this was what happend when i teached my sis to play

  216. Alexander McLucas

    phly she will be a pro like you in no time.

  217. I can’t wait to shoot you down again.

  218. The couple that kills together stays together!! Love your work guys, peace

  219. That faceswap hurts my brain thought .__. …

  220. T-26 is the perfect vehicule for a romantic trip = )

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