The American Doom Mortar

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Source: Spookston

American M728 Combat Engineering Vehicle was recently added to War Thunder. It is, essentially, a US counterpart to the Centurion Mk.5 AVRE, though overall I would say it's worse. The CEV's armor is much worse and all it gets in return is a negligible increase to mobility. Gaijin could make it reload a bit faster to make it more competitive, and it'd be historically accurate too.

Check the channel “About” section for the link to the creator of my profile picture.

Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Makin' A Sweep, Search and Destroy, Fight For Peace, Comanche Down
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: )

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The American Doom Mortar


  1. Amx 10rc, please

  2. As a proud spaghetti main, using HESH in the T106 is identical to playing slot machines. Sometimes I kill effortlessly, other times it takes all 10 rounds to kill a medium tank.

  3. You got shot through a cargo container, about a year or two ago I somehow shot an enemy through a solid building using HEATFS. I know it sounds like bs but it happened somehow.

  4. It would be entertaining if you compiled a video of all the times the snail has glitched out on you

  5. I practiced loading and unloading the Training HEP round in a training vehicle for the engineers training at Ft. Belvoir back in 1972. I was a generator Mechanic Instructor with full access to the training vehicles. M48A3 was another I practiced in. The M123A1 HEP round has 35 pounds of Comp. A3 half again more than a standard 20-pound demo charge and is almost pure RDX with a desensitizer for safety in use.

  6. Whats going on with the penetration stats for buildings? Some tanks seem able to shoot thru certain buildings still, others are now just solid, immortal walls. It is super annoying now.

  7. It’d be really neat to see a “Everything wrong with GTA’s tanks / AFVs”, GTA has two tanks, a bunch of LAVs and an APC with a BTR turret

  8. spookston has a mental breakdown

  9. hey spookie !
    interested in some more suffering ? (yes)
    i recommend you try the japanese I go ko ( 21 mm of pen at point blank says it all)

  10. The Chancellor Getaran

    The Obj 120 with HE might be a fun thing to try, the HE is broken on that thing.

  11. AVRE is much more fun in Arcade mode. Lol super easy to aim.

  12. 5:39 this is what youve signed up for, tanker! ANOTHER OIL LAND!

  13. The issue is that during the HE nerf they also categorized HESHso it also got a massive nerf to damage, penetration and post pen damage

  14. Tiger II armor irl: Literally peels off when hit by a 126 mm HE round
    Tiger II armor in WT: Blocks 165 mm HESH from the 60s.

  15. Ironically that 15 mm halftrack aa you killed is insanely fun to play down at its br. The rounds are super fast and you will eat aircraft and light tanks with its high velocity rounds

  16. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    this is also the tank that got several children killed in Waco back in 1993, which they used to pour Tear Gas (allegedly) into the house, killing 25 children and two pregnant women, one having twins, so 28 kids in total, 3 of them not even being born.
    yes, i am typing this for a reason, and no it is not for clout or anything of the sorts. it’s my personal way to say “Fuck the ATF”

  17. Where did you found the Epic Thunder sound mod? i cant find it anywhere even on War Thunder Live

  18. i think the tiger shot you through the large gap below the container … not through the container

  19. Gaijin knows how you like to shitpost in videos see decided to just deep fry the game textures so that you had one less bit to edit in.

  20. This looks like the basemodel for the standard Ravenfield tank

  21. What about a video covering the British Super high explosive with extra charges round? SHEESH, would have been a great round.

  22. i see that you stil didnt make a video on the VT1-2

  23. Bro the rage comic guy spitting out his cereal made me literally laugh out loud. I hate it here

  24. What AVRE I only know Artillery
    Next Type75 plz u will be fun with her xD

  25. VVizard VVeed reference???

  26. 5:40 M728 becoming uncanny confirmed.

  27. Your editor was on point with the dog memes

  28. Why are you fighting Tanks at Soup!?

  29. I loved the memes and your montage style. Subscribe!

  30. Petraileos mhn to klhseis

    Hello you can try the BA-11 rank 1 ussr premium

  31. What sound mod you using and that gun sight I want

  32. i love the cnc generals background music

  33. Can you do a video on the Swedish premium leopard 1a5 N0

  34. @Spookston at 5:37 when your gfx did that its because of the shadows setting. Just change your shadows to any other setting and it will fix it.

  35. i had the same bug with this black and white s***

  36. I’m 2 minutes in, and I can’t help but notice that with every time some weird Gaijin “magic” happened, was when Spookston was firing at a Russian vehicle or a Russian based vehicle like that Chinese thing. Like somehow the shell works fine on any other vehicle just not on Russian vehicles… (after watching the entire video, it’s either Russian or German lol)

  37. you must rest my padawan the snail is consuming you

  38. man i wish i have 21 million sl

  39. That Gettysburg reference was amazing, +1 rep

  40. American Doom mortar? More like mood mortar

  41. Spookston: Shoot at a german tank with besh
    The game: To the shadow realm you go !

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