The AMERICAN GIANT that was KING – War Thunder T29

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Source: OddBawZ

T29 a Rank 4 American Heavy Tank at Battle Rating 7.0!

Back when this thing was 6.7 it absolutely smashed its way through ranks of 5.7 – 6.7 but now it can face cold war tanks, planes and even helicopters.

T29 still good but today I wanted to find out if it was still THAT good! 🙂


  1. If you want a less powercreeped tank why not use my link to get my cool decal! 😎 You get 3% off and I get 3% to spend on fixing my computer! 😶

  2. I play war thunder to have that ACDC solo to hit at just the right time to unlock me a core memory

  3. I wondered why I’ve been seeing t29’s everywhere. There was an odd video on it. Also Odd please play the Chinese copy noodle object 120 the PTZ89. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone cover it yet

  4. The Wandering Pharaoh

    As a German main when I see that tank I just go the other way

  5. T 29 could totally be put back at 6.7 change my mind

  6. Yea the transition from WW2 era tanks to cold-war era, can be painful with some nations (match-making vise). One of the reason I still haven’t unlocked anything after T26E1, and went for the M60s and the light tree! (Yes I know I’m almost at a dead-end, but if the rest of US top tier is as disapointing as the “free Abrams” and their helis; grinding it not gonna be a top priority)
    Tough i must say that my experience with the AMX-13/90 was sooooo bad (for me) after a few games (sluggish for a light tank + the 90mm HEATFS does no damage, lack of improvements), that I just kept using the old “BatChat” with my 7.7 AMX-30s (tough the Char 25t is now 7.3 too anyway), and lets don’t even talk of the Foch, from the rank 5 options. And what SPAA?

  7. Strv 74 is cursed

  8. I’d actually like this thing coming back down to 6.7

    and this is coming from someone who mainly plays germany and ussr and has no interest playing USA.

  9. I very much remember the release of the T-29 (being on the same update as the Diesel tiger, I preordered both and used to play both up to when I stopped playing last year). I vividly remember so many people raging at the addition of the T-29 (to be fair I could understand that but the US at the time had no good 6.0-6.7 premiums aside from the rocket pershing, which was way too expensive). But I’ve always loved this tank since I discovered it back in my early world of tanks days. Regardless of the power creep its still a powerhouse at 7.0 and the large amount of 50 cals is still the bane of revenge bombers at least in my hands.


  11. This would be the T34 too if they didn’t give it the absolute minimum armor it carried.

    Oh, didn’t you know? Most T34s have more than twice the armor they do in game. Only a few, including the prototype which appears to be the one they chose for the in-game model, had the 100 mm armor they have in game. That and the turret has only about a third of the armor any irl model had with even the prototype having up to 300 mm in some areas.

  12. Imagine the airforce is after you and God is blowing those bombs off course?

  13. Thanks for the video

  14. I wish you used realistic gunsights, pulling off shots are much more satisfying when you do so.

  15. just whenyouthought

    Hey OddBawZ a question for you;

    Do you support this position at 8:30 ???

  16. After a few years of playing FAKE FUNDER I deleted the game due to constant uptiers of up to 2.0BR and constant bullshit not being able to kill tnaks that I could sneeze at to kill but you mentioned a red trianle at 25:25. I replayed it time after time and couoldn’t psot the red trianlge, where do is show up??

  17. Dude.

  18. i have 0 eagle bro

  19. Just some History Buff

    I bought this thing to shotgun through Rank IV. I hated it at first until I finally figured out how to use it (knowing weakspots helps too). It’s a fantastic tank, just has a big head lol

  20. Saw this beast IRL while training at Fort Knox, although it had T29E3 turret. She was parked next to the wee lil T 95.

  21. Idk about spawning half way up a hill odd i was spawned out of bounds the other day ahaha.

  22. Yo odd bawz. How would you rate the sla. 16 tiger II? I’ve debated buying it once i enter that BR with Germany

  23. 25:25 what red triangle is he referring to?

  24. Gotta love the revenge suicide bombing by the T-54 match one.

  25. I read the thumbnail was giant among us tank

  26. Day 120 of asking Oddbawz to play the M56 Scorpion, it’s underrated compared to its other 6.7 counterparts that people use over it


    “he’s doing something funny, leave him alone dude”

  28. wym little red triangle

  29. can we get a video on the t25 even tho its a freaking bad tank

  30. Odd, tell me your secret to identifying a single pixel of a tank, completely covered in foliage and other cover, knowing it’s exactly 1,684 meters away, and identifying it to be the French version of a t-34

  31. ☠ Sign OF Death ☠

    in fact I never saw anyone’s playing likes your playing war thunder. thanks for your experience in this game (excuse my English I am Arabic native)

  32. Load 33 t13 shells only that will store the shells on the floor making them harder and to hit and that means you won’t get one spotted by tigers especially since where the shells will be stored has loads of armor
    making this tank even harder to kill

  33. Thanks odd

  34. This was great. That flank in the Third game was EPIC

  35. Odd, you should do a video on the m56. I just unlocked it recently and have almost gotten 3 nukes with it.

  36. Great vid! Could you do the EBR (1954)? I’d like to see if it’s still good since it jumped in BR

  37. Famous last words: “was that bomb for me?”

  38. That pairing is my favorite pairing, I’ve spent countless hours here blasting people.

  39. I’ve played the t-29 so much I have made almost 10mil SL in it. I’ve learned it’s ins and outs and how to kill almost any vehicle it faces, gotta love the overly confident is-6s that rush me thinking I can’t kill them then I punch through the mgs on the mantlet.

  40. I honestly have no trouble nuking in this thing. My favorite tank by far

  41. 12:13 That bomb bounced off of his .50 cal

  42. Bought this a week or so ago, great lineup with the T34 and T26e1-1. Surprisingly not alot of people know where to hit them. Ive gotten 6-7 kills on a few occasions and thats alot for me!

  43. T29 and T32 should still be 6.7 they are good matches for german 6.7’s the tiger 2 H is basically a superiorly armored T29 with a better reload and similar pen. it literally does not make sense.

  44. Imma Disappointment

    It needs to go back down to 6.7, there are plenty of heatfs shells at that br, my logic is this. You don’t bring an answer to an armor problem, it’s your fault. I bring an armor deletor in my line up for this reason only.
    Edit: it also needs to go back down to 6.7 because the same tank with more armor and a bigger gun is 6.7, i feel they only bumped this one up in br because it’s premium and has a faster reload

  45. facing this thing in my 5.7 Tiger H1 and 5.7 Panther D back in the day was probably one of the worst gaming experiences i’ve had lmaoo

  46. What’s hilarious about this tank is the fact the 122 can punch through the ufp at 500ms with the B round

  47. A2D needs it’s own video!

  48. I always have a good time in this tank. But the moment an is3 shows up I panic, try to hit his barrel. Miss, and then die

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